Time Here and Time in the Beyond

Symbol   Geist

Within the information, the spiritual teaching, passed onto us from Eduard Meier and the Plejaren it is given that the time between each reincarnation of the Spirit-form is 1.52 x the material life just had in years. This figure of 1.52 is determined by the distance of the Earth from the Sun. Therefore when a Human Being is procreated on Earth and lives life to 100 years, when they die, their Spirit-form will not reincarnate for another 152 years. However there exists a problem on Earth regarding the Spirit-forms reincarnation time which is explained further on in this document.

The following is the calculations

Material Life (years) Spirit-form in the Beyond Areas (years)
5 7.60
10 15.20
15 22.80
20 30.40
25 38.00
30 45.60
35 53.20
40 60.80
45 68.40
50 76.00
55 83.60
60 91.20
65 98.80
70 106.40
75 114.00
80 121.60
85 129.20
90 136.80
95 144.40
100 152.00
105 159.60
110 167.20
115 174.80
120 182.40
125 190.00
130 197.60
135 205.20
140 212.80
145 220.40
150 228.00
200 304.00
300 456.00
400 608.00
500 760.00
600 912.00
700 1064.00
800 1216.00
900 1368.00
1000 1520.00

When the Human Being dies the Spirit-form leaves the Brain and travels into the bounderies of the planet it had its last reincarnation. This is refered to as the beyond. The Earth has a reincarnation time of 1.52 x the material life just had in years. This law of Creation has been broken due to the rapid growth of Human Beings on Earth. This means simply that Spirit-forms are returning into a material Human Being earlier than what is needed to stay in the beyond areas. Whilst the Spirit-form is in the beyond areas the Spirit-form along with its own Overall Consciousness Block reprograms the Material Consciousness Block. This reprogramming is interupted due to overpopulation on Earth and Spirit-forms, along with the Material consciousness block, reincarnates into a new Human Being whereby the material consciousness block is not ready, fully reprogrammed from use within a material Human Body. From this many problems arise from learning difficulties, anger and aggression, mental health and schizophrenia and more.

With a human population of half a million to a billion on Planet Earth the law of Creation regarding reincarnation times is adhered to. However in our current times where the human population is still increasing beyond 8 billion the reincarnation times and the law of Creation is broken and become unbalanced. Overpopulation not only effects the material world but also, and irresponsibly, the spiritual.

The Earth Human truly does not know what damage they cause themselves through their irresposibility, ignorance and careless breading.

By Stephen Moore - 23/07/2012