Human To Human Values

Symbol   Geist

On planet Earth there is so much chaos, angst, hate, hurt, anger, manipulation, exploitation, greed, jealousy and force towards fellow human beings. This is clear for anyone who truly understands that a human being must be master, ruler and god of his own life, thoughts, feelings and actions and has freewill. In all countries, all peoples of different race and culture, human to human values have gone into the abyss. These values have been replaced with greed for wealth and power over fellow human beings and a lack of knowing what it means to be a human being.

To be a better human being first starts with the human being himself. His thoughts, feelings and actions. This requires that the human being does not create the incorrect thoughts, which then leads to the incorrect feelings and actions. A human being must also not let power corrupt their thinking, feelings and actions and further let their ego be given incorrect thoughts which then arises that the human being thinks he is better or above other human beings and deserves to rule over them, exploit or treat them any less than what they truly are, equals and fellow human beings. Social status, job position, wealth or power truly does not give a human being the upper hand or the high ground over another human being. A human being must be treated as a human being and be respected. The correct thinking is something that has to be learnt and worked on. A human being must know his thoughts and understand what is the correct thinking in line with reality, Creation , the Laws of Creation and that which is neutral-positive. The human Spirit-form is absolutely neutral and each human being is born neutral throughout the Spirit-forms reincarnations. Once a human being takes responsibility for his thoughts it is possible to start to build up/ build upon consciousness forms. Everything a human being learns is a consciousness form, from truly love, peace, harmony, freedom, empathy, trust, loyalty, forgiveness, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and so on. To become truly fully knowledgeable, wise and fulfill the learning of each consciousness form does not happen during one reincarnation. For each human being this can take any number of reincarnations and is dependent on how much the human being learns and works on the values.

Each human being must work on their thoughts, their thinking and learn from mistakes and to understand why a thought is incorrect or correct by using cause and effect, contemplation and meditation but also trial and error, forward think of consequences. If the human being learns to pay attention to their own thoughts, the impulses which your thinking receives from your own sub-consciousness within your material consciousness block, then the correct thinking will be made more precisely.

Human to human values are consciousness forms and must also be worked on and developed. Human beings will, within any interpersonal relationship, have disagreements, difference of opinions and different ways. If the correct human to human values are used then a harmonious respect and understand of the fellow human being can arise. From this the correct feelings of love, peace, freedom and harmony toward fellow human beings are possible whereby the actions of war, hate, indifference, fighting, chaos, angst, hate, hurt, anger, manipulation, exploitation, greed, jealousy and force and so on can be avoided. Feelings and the actions that arise from them are the result of the human beings thinking. Therefore the development of each human being's consciousness forms are the upmost importance. Everything that the human being thinks, feels and undertakes through their actions is solely the responsibility of the human being himself. The human being created first the thought and no other human beings are responsible for it.

Each human being is responsible for their consciousness related evolution which must be work upon in each reincarnation into a human body. Even when the Spirit-form and overall consciousness block has consciously evolved to the point of not needing to reincarnate into a human body there is still the need to work further to become ready to merge back with the Creation. This is the purpose of human beings lives, the purpose of reincarnation of the Spirit-form and material consciousness block. No human being, further no Spirit-form will ever merge back with the Creation until the learning and the consciousness forms, knowledge and wisdom have been developed and learned to perfection. Human to human values are just as important for the human being as food, water and oxygen. Without human to human values the human being destroys himself through the negative thoughts, feelings and actions, which is unfortunately the order of the day throughout the many populations on earth today.


Stephen Moore