Contact Persons




Sfath was Billy's first contact and a teacher for him. An Ischwisch (JHWH) and a old man, over 900 years old. He was a Plejaren and died in 1953. Billy had his first contact with Sfath in 1942 when Billy was 5 years old.



Asket - (DAL Universe)


Asket was Billy's second contact and his second teacher. A young woman from the Akon system in the DAL Universe. Asket took up contact with Billy after Sfath died in 1953. Billy together with Asket made many trips into the past and into the future and also at the then, present time, for Billy to learn many things as part of his teaching before his mission. Contacts stopped with Asket in 1964. Billy has since then has had some contact with her since 1964.





Semjase was Billy's third contact and at this time was the start of his mission. A young Plejaren women about 344 years old. She was married for only 7 years when her Husband had an accident in a space craft and died. Semjase was very knowledgeable and had overwhelming knowledge about Earth and Earth history. Contacts started with Billy in 1975 and stopped in 1977 after a accident with Billy at a contact on Earth. Returning to Earth from Erra in 1978. The contacts stopped in 1981 due to other assignments until 1984. In late 1984 was the last time Billy and Semjase had contact due to Semjase suffering a collapse as a result of her injuries from the accident with Billy in 1977. Semjase now lives with Asket's people in the DAL Universe and will stay there for about 70 years while she recovers and relearns telepathy as well as many other things.




Quetzal is a Plejaren man and also a Ischwisch (JHWH). In 2007 Quetzal was 376 years old. Contacts started in 1975 till 1986 but Billy still has some contact with Quetzal. He is a very knowledgeable man in regard technology and has invented many things for Billy and FIGU to help with the mission . Quetzal was commander of Plejaren stations on Earth.





Ptaah is a Plejaren man aged 775 years old. He is a Ischwisch (JHWH) and is Earth' s and Erra's king of wisdom. He is here as our over looker, helper and guide. In Earths history he would of been called God as primitive Humans looked up to these Ischwisch (JHWH) as Gods. Ptaah started his contacts with Billy in 1975 and the contacts are still going on up till today. Ptaah is commander of the Plejaren space fleet.

Sfath is the father of Ptaah. Ptaah is the father of Semjase. Asket is the niece of Ptaah





Florena is a young Plejaren woman who started contacts with Billy in 1995. At that time she was 163 years old. Her name Florena means "one that is blooming". Some of Florena's tasks when contacting Billy is to ask questions and undertake research on behalf of Ptaah when Ptaah is un able to contact Billy himself.


Other Plejaren Contacts


Pleija - 1976 - 2002 Isados - 1977 - 2002
Rala - 1976 - 2002 Elektra - 1982 - 2002
Zafenatpaneach - 1999 - today Enjana - 2000 - today
Sudor - 2001 - today Fetanika - 2001 -today
Taneta - 2001 - today Tanissa - 2001 - today
Nefratisa - 2001 - today Gaudon - 2001 - today
Queda - 2001 - today Inobea - 2001 - today
Melchora - 2002 Urlana - 2002 - 2005
Jaspan - 2002 Najdesha - 2005
Cladena-Aikarina - 2005 Susanka - 2006
Tauron - 1999 - today


Cladena-Aikarina was, at the time, a 11 year old girl who won a competition on Erra. The competition was to describe Billy's mission in one sentence. The winning sentence was "The Silent Revolution Of Truth". The prize was a trip to Earth to meet Billy.



Other Contacts


Nera (DAL Universe) - 1975 Menara (Vega System) - 1976 - 2002, 2005
Alena (Lyra System) - 1977 - 2002, 2005 Asina (Cygnus System) - 1977, 2000
Sana (Nol System) - 1983, 2002 Ektol (Nol System) - 1983, 2002
Lumia (Nol System) - 1983, 2002, 2005 Ters (Nol System) - 1983, 2002
Solar (Vega System) - 1983, 2002, 2005 Taljda (Lyra System) - 1983 -2002, 2005
Zeltan (Nol System) - 1985 Samjang (Lyra System) - 1999 - today
Sugam (Coma Galaxy) - 2006