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There is over whelming information, warnings and prophesies in the Billy Meier contact case regarding the overpopulation of Earth by Humans. On this page I am going to look into the facts from Billy Meier and the Plejaren information to find out and understand possibly why we have a overpopulation problem and the effects of having to many Humans on Earth, or any other Planet, is having and going to have on our future. Also I am going to look into any possible solutions that are offered to us to in regard to stopping the overpopulation of Earth.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 444" dated February, 23rd 2007

Billy Billy
The natural predetermined mass of population in regard to the planet Earth amounts to 529,000,000. Das natürlich vorgegebene Mass der Bevölkerung in bezug auf den Planeten Erde beläuft sich auf 529 Millionen.
Today, however, over 7,500,000,000 humans already exist on the Earth, therefore an excess of around 7,000,000,000, because, according to your calculations, the terrestrial calculations of the population, which only speak of somewhat more than 6,000,000,000, are not correct. Heute existieren auf der Erde jedoch bereits über 7,5 Milliarden Menschen, also ein Übermass von rund 7 Milliarden, denn gemäss euren Zählungen stimmen die irdischen Bevölkerungszählungen nicht, die nur von etwas mehr als 6 Milliarden sprechen.
However, this mass of humanity means that, in every regard, ever more means are required for humanity's daily requirement and for the obtaining of energy than nature, and the planet, with its resources and the atmosphere, is able to cope with. Diese Masse Menschheit bedeutet aber, dass in jeder Beziehung immer mehr Mittel für den menschheitlich täglichen Bedarf und für die Energiegewinnung erforderlich sind, als die Natur und der Planet mit seinen Ressourcen und der Atmosphäre zu verkraften vermag.

English translation of "Contact Report 444" can be found HERE

First of here we have Billy talking with Enjana (Plejaren Woman) about the population of Humans on Earth. From Billy, there are about 7,500,000,000 Humans currently on Earth at the time of 2007. Billy here says that the number 6,000,000,000 of Humans commonly assumed by Earth sources is not correct. The calculation for the total safe amount of Earth Humans for Earth is 529,000,000. So we are currently 7,000,000,000 over the total safe amount here on Earth. Also here we read that with this huge amount of Humans on Earth the Earth cannot cope with Human activities for sustaining Human life.


Excerpt from "Overpopulation Bomb" by Billy Meier

The world's population will double and triple very rapidly unless the insanely uncontrolled procreation of children is stopped very soon. Undeniably, all social, political, economic, natural, environmental, climatic and ecological problems on Earth can be traced back to the population explosion, respectively overpopulation. From the population explosion to the collapse of the ecology, and the immediate future of our planet Earth.

Full article can be found HERE

From the article "Overpopulation Bomb" written by Billy Meier we clearly see that all the problems and up coming problems on Earth are due to over population. The population will increase in double and triple terms.

So overpopulation is a factor in the rest of the pages under this section Earth. I will go into these factors on the relevant pages so you will see mentioned on those pages overpopulation.


Excerpt from "Overpopulation Bomb" by Billy Meier

By 1926, in a world of 2 billion inhabitants, humankind observed a doubling of its population – after only 116 years. By 1960 the human population had already reached 3 billion, and by 1977 it was 4 billion. Therefore, it took just 51 years for the next doubling of the population. Ten years later, in 1987, the Earth's population totaled 5.1 billion; and by February 1995, after only a mere eight years – believe it or not – the number climbed to 6 billion. This figure is approximately 300 million higher than the incorrect worldwide statistics indicate. Clearly then, homo sapiens took several million years, about 4.5 million years beginning with the first human being, to reach the population mark of 1 billion, and then it took a mere 185 years to reach a number of human beings on Earth six times that large.

Here is a explanation by Billy of how Humans have multiplied on Earth. In the full article there is earlier explanations but I am just going to focus on this excerpt and to summarize what Billy has said here, the following:

1926 - 2 Billion Humans
1960 - 3 Billion Humans
1977 - 4 Billion Humans
1987 - 5.1 Billion Humans
1995 - 6 Billion Humans


4.5 million years beginning with the first human being, to reach the population mark of 1 billion, and then it took a mere 185 years to reach a number of human beings on Earth six times that large.

Since 1995 to 2007 the Human population has risen to over 7,500,000,000 (facts from first excerpt "Contact Report 444"). So in 12 years the Humans on Earth have increased in numbers by over 1,500,000,000.




Graph from Earth source www.census.gov which is almost accurate to Billy's and the Plejaren calculations. As said by Billy Earth sources are incorrect and we can see here that they are under in the estimation of the number of Humans on Earth. Full article can be found HERE


Development of Population Growth on Earth
PeriodFirst YearLast YearGrowth/Total
1-500 102,465,703 198,847,080 96,381,377
501-1000 198,847,080 293,408,074 94,560,994
1001-1300 293,408,074 374,079,611 80,671,537
1301-1500 374,079,611 406,100,043 32,020,432
1501-1600 406,100,043 463,618,432 57,518,389
1601-1700 463,618,432 536,718,004 73,099,572
1701-1800 536,718,004 892,333,410 355,615,406
1801-1900 892,333,410 1,660,990,034 768,656,624
1901-1905 1,660,990,034 1,689,987,973 28,997,939
1906-1910 1,689,987,973 1,810,900,001 120,912,028
1911-1915 1,810,900,001 1,844,760,039 33,860,038
1916-1920 1,844,760,039 1,912,000,432 67,240,393
1921-1925 1,912,000,432 2,008,401,932 96,401,500
1926-1930 2,008,401,932 2,207,034,890 198,632,958
1931-1935 2,207,034,890 2,350,481,002 143,446,112
1936-1940 2,350,481,002 2,400,389,101 49,908,099
1941-1945 2,400,389,101 2,550,108,498 149,719,397
1946-1950 2,550,108,498 2,600,047,000 49,938,502
1951-1955 2,600,047,000 2,784,382,444 184,335,444
1956-1960 2,784,382,444 3,050,382,081 265,999,637
1961-1963 3,050,382,081 3,250,798,000 200,415,919
1964-1966 3,250,798,000 3,500,100,000 249,302,000
1967-1969 3,500,100,000 3,700,641,801 200,541,801
1970-1972 3,700,641,801 3,783,847,320 83,205,519
1973-1975 3,783,847,320 3,889,992,910 106,145,590
1976-1978 3,889,992,910 4,090,799,983 200,807,073
1979-1981 4,090,799,983 4,604,031,892 513,231,909
1982-1984 4,604,031,892 4,800,411,000 196,379,108
1985-1987 4,800,411,000 5,149,979,380 349,568,380
1988-1990 5,149,979,380 5,367,887,093 217,907,713
1991-1993 5,367,887,093 5,876,884,097 508,997,004
1994-1996 5,876,884,097 6,204,008,014 327,123,917
1997-1999 6,204,008,014 6,634,101,302 430,093,288
2000-2002 6,634,101,302 6,905,000,109 270,898,807
2003-2005 6,905,000,109 7,503,846,002 598,845,893


This is a FIGU growth Chart, which can be found at the bottom of this page in the list of links. It clearly shows the uncontrolled Human population growth in the last 100 years. During 2003-2005 the population climbed by 598,845,893 from 6,905,000,109 to 7,503,846,002. At the time of writing this website its 2009 so the population of Earth could well be bordering 8,000,000,000 Humans.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 249" Monday, June 13th, 1994

Okay - forget the question. I have another one about overpopulation: Isn't it conceivable that life itself is beginning to fight back because of the rising and spreading overpopulation, and that life will increasingly generate more epidemics and diseases to combat the escalating overpopulation? Isn't it true that the excessive proliferation by human beings makes their bodies and organs, as well as their entire immune system increasingly more vulnerable, feeble and deficient. The same even holds true for Man's consciousness. It follows then that allergies must grow in variety and frequency, with world pollution also playing a major role. Human beings are ever more lackadaisical and feeble in their responsibility, which extends all the way to total irresponsibility. This manifests itself also in the fact that criminals of all types are judged more falsely humane and are given more lenient punishment - they are often even allowed to go free. The thinking about and the search for the meaning of life is increasingly influenced by sectarian and religious idiots, abetting the expansion of sectarian fanaticism and total alienation to the world around us, etc., etc. Must this not result in nature and life ultimately raising a counterattack, that is, through epidemics and catastrophes of the elements, so that human beings are eradicated by the hundreds, possibly even billions? I still can remember that Quetzal and Semjase also spoke of something similar that once took place on other planets in former times.
That is correct: When humans on a planet proliferate excessively, nature and life autonomously interfere, which leads to the forced curbing of surplus life forms. Such a curbing and elimination of excess life forms, in this case human beings, ensues first and foremost through epidemics. However, the same thing also happens because life forms, human beings once again, become frail, if not to say incapable of living, due to their bodies, organs and immune system becoming then too weak.
Furthermore, nature and life also retaliate against excesses in human beings through catastrophes by way of the elements of nature, and other things.

English translation of "Contact Report 249" can be found HERE

Ok, here we have Billy and Ptaah discussing overpopulation and its affect on Human health. We read here that our bodies become weaker feeble and deficient. Nature retaliates on a Planet that is overpopulated with any life form. Here on Earth it is us that is the problem and Nature first tries to curb the surplus Humans by ways of diseases etc. Nature also retaliates through natural disasters and other elements. So from here we can understand that not only are we harming our own bodies through overpopulation the Earth but also nature, with its intelligence, will strike back at the overpopulated Humans.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 249" Monday, June 13th, 1994

Thanks again. What do you think of this: Because of overpopulation, which is rampant on Earth now, there also exists rampant cruelty to animals that is especially caused by animal factories, animal transports and animal slaughters. In these factories the animals are brutally force-fed and kept under conditions that defy description. Just as with the transportation of animals, they suffer unbelievable torment, injuries and a horrible death, and their psyche is completely destroyed. Some people actually reject the idea that animals possess a psyche, although the opposite is the case. Even in the slaughtering process animals must suffer the pains of hell. This occurs daily to countless millions of animals such as pigs, chickens, geese, rabbits, various types of cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, turkeys and camels; indeed, even to crocodiles, turtles, birds, ostriches, kangaroos, fish and crustaceans, etc., etc. The steadily escalating human overpopulation continues to increase the need for animal meat products that will continue to escalate ad infinitum. The oceans will be depleted of fish and one species after another will become extinct. Arable land will be increasingly destroyed, therefore, and forests cut down and razed as well; the environment and nature will be destroyed while the Earth's resources will be totally exploited; faunal life will be abused, mistreated, tortured and annihilated. This is a unequaled, monstrous condition. One could wheep thinking about what will happen. And all this is the result of the criminal increase in earthlings' procreation, and the fostering of their terrestrial population to the point where suffering, misery and excesses of every type generate screaming contempt against humanity and life.
Of course, your every word is correct and, naturally, I agree with your opinions, for they are based on actual facts.


Billy explains the cruelty and barbarity towards animals that are ever increasingly slaughtered for food, namely meat. This cruelty destroys the psyche of these animals and before they are slaughtered they go through torment, injuries and horrible death. Also to this animals are brutally force fed and are kept under horrible conditions. The oceans will be depleted of fish and one species after another will become extinct. This is all due to the growing need for food to feed the growing overpopulation of Humans on Earth. Also destruction of of the environment, forest and the exploitation of Earth resources. Truly illogical and a total disregard for all life and the Planet we live on.


Excerpt from goveg.com "Cruelty to Animals: Mechanized Madness"

The factory farming system of modern agriculture strives to maximize output while minimizing costs. Cows, calves, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and other animals are kept in small cages, in jam-packed sheds, or on filthy feedlots, often with so little space that they can't even turn around or lie down comfortably. They are deprived of exercise so that all their bodies' energy goes toward producing flesh, eggs, or milk for human consumption. The giant corporations that run most factory farms have found that they can make more money by cramming animals into tiny spaces, even though many of the animals get sick and some die. Industry journal National Hog Farmer explains, "Crowding Pigs Pays," and egg-industry expert Bernard Rollins writes that "chickens are cheap; cages are expensive."
They are fed drugs to fatten them faster and to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them, and they are genetically altered to grow faster or to produce much more milk or eggs than they would naturally. Many animals become crippled under their own weight and die within inches of water and food.

Full article can be found HERE

From goveg.com this excerpt, though possibly bias, explains some of what our more know farm animals go through every day just to support the demand for food. Also they are feed drugs to fatten them up and genetically altered to grow faster and produce more eggs and milk.


Excerpt from hsus.org "An HSUS Report: The Welfare of Animals in the Meat, Egg, and Dairy Industries"

The Pigs
Pigs are intelligent, highly social animals, yet factory farmers treat the more than 100 million pigs slaughtered annually in the United States as meat- or piglet-producing units.
Sows (female pigs) suffer through rapid cycles of impregnation, giving birth, and nursing, all while intensively confined. During their four-month pregnancies, an estimated 60 to 70 percent are kept are kept in stalls—individual metal "gestation crates" 2 feet wide—so small the animals can't even turn around. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service reported in "Settling Doubts About Livestock Stress," an article in its March 2005 issue of Agricultural Research, "Confining pregnant sows in stalls is a major well-being issue. It curtails movement and social interaction and fails to provide dirt or hay to satisfy their instincts to use their snouts to root for food." Despite this understanding about the welfare issues of gestation crates, their use is still the standard practice of the U.S. pork industry although they have been banned in other countries.
Right before giving birth, the sows are moved into equally restrictive "farrowing crates," stalls designed to separate mother pig from her nursing piglets and so small she can only stand up and lie down. After the piglets are weaned prematurely, the cycle begins again for the mother pig, who averages 2.1 to 2.5 litters each year. Once they can no longer reproduce efficiently, the sows are sent to slaughter.
Meat" pigs undergo painful mutilations—including castration and tail docking—without anesthesia. For six months, they are confined in filthy sheds or pens until they reach the average market weight of 266 pounds. As with birds, the pigs are not given food, water, or protection from extreme heat or cold while on the trucks transporting them to slaughter.

Full article can be found HERE

This excerpt from HSUS describes how Pigs are factory bread for meat. The female pigs are used for reproduction and are kept in small cages, which are not even big enough for them to turn round. The female pigs are used only for reproducing and when they cannot reproduce anymore they are slaughtered. The young that are produced are taken away from the mothers straight away and are mostly born prematurely. Here is it estimated that 100 million Pigs are slaughter every year in the US. I can not imagine the number of Pigs that are slaughtered every year globally. This type of factory farming is cheap and produces vast amount of meat for Human food. But it is so cruel and depriving of the animals birth given right to freedom and a normal life before death (Slaughter).


Excerpt from us.figu.org "A Crusade Against Overpopulation" by Billy Meier

(An extensive and threatening topic nobody dares to address)
Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates.
The Earth's population is plagued by famines, energy shortages, epidemics, environmental pollution, degeneration, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of waste materials, racial hatred, food shortages, destruction of rain forests, the "greenhouse effect", pollution of lakes, streams and oceans, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive emissions, chemical pollution of water, air, plants, food, human beings and animals. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, oppression, hatred of one's fellowman, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, annihilation of animal species, war, violence, torture and capital punishment, general mismanagement, water contamination, eradication of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, lack of logic, false humanitarianism, lack of housing, increased traffic, destruction of arable land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of nature, the collapse of solid waste removal, and the lack of living space, among others. In spite of the many efforts, mankind's problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to population increases.

Full article can be found HERE

Billy here tells it like it truly is. All the things Billy has mentioned here will become worst as the population of Humans rises. Looking at some of the things here we can clear see in our everyday lives that they are getting worse. Famines - mainly in third world countries but also in developed countries as in homelessness and elderly people. Epidemics - Bird Flu, Flu, Tuberculosis, Cancer, HIV (AIDS), Cholera, Dengue Fever, Measles and the list goes on. Drug Addiction. War. Lack of Health Care. This is to name a few everyday areas we can see the affects of overpopulation.

I am going to look at some areas in the excerpt from Billy Meier's "A Crusade Against Overpopulation" from Earth sources to see if any information is know.

Energy Shortages
Environmental Pollution
Dictatorship and Slavery
Food Shortages
Destruction of Rain Forests
The "greenhouse effect"
Pollution of Lakes, Streams and Oceans
Chemical Pollution of Water
Eradication of Plant Species
Destruction of Arable Land


Famines ....

Excerpts from edwardgoldsmith.com "Man made Famines"

Natural factors cause crop failures, but humans cause famines
In the past they were short term events, confined to restricted geographical areas and taking the lives of limited numbers of people.
future famines will last for extended periods of time; cover broad geographical areas; encompassing many nations; and will involve tens of millions.

Full Article can be found HERE

The above excerpts are from a book "The Geography of Famine", by William A. Dando. Arnold, London, 1980. The author has studied Famines and has come to the conclusion that in the future Famines will be much worse in regard to the amount of Humans affected and the sized area affected. This is logical if the Human population is to rise without limits.

Excerpts for nytimes.com "For Causes of Famine, Look to Overpopulation" Published: Thursday, January 28, 1993

The causes of famine in China, India and Bangladesh were directly related to natural disasters such as flood or drought and exacerbated by too many people competing for too few resources.
As a soil scientist, population and public health professional who has lived and worked in Asia and North Africa for most of the last 30 years, I assure you that famine will continue to control population growth so long as populations in Africa double every 18 to 23 years and in Asia every 23 to 32 years. ROBERT W. GILLESPIE President, Population Communication Pasadena, Calif., Jan. 19, 1993

Full Article can be found HERE

Here is part of a letter sent to the Editor of The New York Times on January 19th 1993 by the President of Population Communication, Robert W. Gillespies. In this letter he states, according to his estimates, Famines will continue to control populations as long as populations in Africa double every 18 to 23 years and in Asia every 23 to 32 years. These figure may or may not be accurate. But as we have seen from the facts on this page from FIGU the population is still rising globally. Weather or not Robert W. Gillespies figures are accurate the populations in Africa are still increasing. Thus more Famines or increasing magnitude.

.... Famines based on the facts is true.


Energy Shortages ....

Excerpt from allafrica.com "Energy And Overpopulation - Man's Biggest Challenges" dated 26 August 2008

Affordable and sustainable energy can allow us to maintain a fair standard of living for the whole of mankind, and thus allow us to focus on preserving our natural environment, biodiversity and even world peace. Massive population growth is the main reason for the exorbitant energy demand. The birth rate must be regulated, otherwise it will lead to further degradation of the environment and a worsening of problems in society, foiling all our other efforts.
The Kyoto agreement has only succeeded in transferring industry and jobs to those countries which care little about environmental problems. Agreements like this are also dangerous because they give a false sense of security. New post-Kyoto agreements must channel emissions trading funds to the development of new solar technology and commit to curb population growth.

Full Article can be found HERE

Dr Antti Roine, writes in this article that massive population growth is the main reason for the exorbitant energy demand. Dr Antti Roine here truthfully acknowledges the truth. Interesting he mentions that the Birth rate must be regulated which is exactly what Billy Meier, the Plejaren and FIGU have explained us to do and how to go about doing it (Explained further down on this page). Dr Antti Roine also recognizes the fact that as the Human population continues to grow the environment will degrade.

Dr Antti Roine puts forward that future Kyoto agreements must channel more funds into developing new solar technology and curbing Human population growth. Something that is desperately needed here on Earth. If this is done then our dependancy on Fossil fuels and the exploitation of Earth is reduced. If the Human population is reduced through future Kyoto agreements, maybe not to the sustainable number of 529,000,000, it would be a start which could be built and worked on to become 100% affective.

More information on the Kyoto Agreement can be found HERE

Excerpt from overpopulation.org "If we don't halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity - and will leave a ravaged world."

U.S. energy consumption increased by about 34% from 1973 to 2007. Over this same period, per capita energy consumption decreased by 6.4%. The reason for the increase in energy consumption is due to the 43.1% increase in the U.S. population
Between 1974 and 2007 legal immigration accounted for 31.5% of the U.S. population increase; adding illegal immigration and the children born to the immigrants after their arrival, the share of population growth attributable to immigration is still higher. During this period, the entire 44.7% increase in residential energy use was entirely a factor of population growth.

Full Article can be found HERE

The Federation For American Immigration Reform produced a document called Immigration, Energy and the Environment. Above is a excerpt from that document which is posted on overpopulation.org. The excerpt here speaks for itself.

The full document Immigration, Energy and the Environment can be found HERE

.... Energy Shortages based on the facts is true.


Epidemics ....

Excerpt from scivee.tv "The Dynamic Bacterial Cell: Part 2: Escalating Infectious Disease Threat" - Video

Many antibiotics, which we have taken fore granted since the 1950's, are now becoming ineffective because bacteria have developed ways of acquiring resistance. The development of new antibiotics is lagging behind the loss of the old ones in this race to combat infectious disease. Simultaneously, there is an increase in infectious diseases around the world due to over population, globalization and urbanization. This results in a lethal combination of emerging diseases and loss of effective antibiotics.
The world is now a global village, there is a loss of control of national borders, there are significant populations of aging and immuno-compromised people, there are drastic changes in global ecology, and migration pathways of animal and insect vectors are changing due to urbanization and global warming.

Full Article can be found HERE
A PDF document for this video can be found HERE

Here is a excerpt from the Description to the video "The Dynamic Bacterial Cell: Part 2: Escalating Infectious Disease Threat". I cannot verify that this is the actual description for the video but to me it sounds like it is the original description of the video. I will use the description and let you view and listen to the video yourselves. In the description we read that many bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. Also there is a increase in infectious diseases around the world due to over population. Therefore the more the Human population on Earth increases the more diseases will occur and due to the close interaction of mass people (Cities etc) the more the disease will spread among Humans. This logically will create more epidemics and due to the fact that bacteria are now becoming resistant to antibiotics the Epidemics will be more frequent and affect more Humans. Also mentioned here is aging and immuno-compromised people in significant populations.

In the excerpt on this page above of contact report "Contact Report 249" (first excerpt below the FIGU growth chart) Billy and Ptaah discuss these types of things. The follow are quotes from the above excerpt of "Contact Report 249":

.... Isn't it conceivable that life itself is beginning to fight back because of the rising and spreading overpopulation, and that life will increasingly generate more epidemics and diseases to combat the escalating overpopulation?
.... Isn't it true that the excessive proliferation by human beings makes their bodies and organs, as well as their entire immune system increasingly more vulnerable, feeble and deficient.
That is correct: When humans on a planet proliferate excessively, nature and life autonomously interfere, which leads to the forced curbing of surplus life forms. Such a curbing and elimination of excess life forms, in this case human beings, ensues first and foremost through epidemics. However, the same thing also happens because life forms, human beings once again, become frail, if not to say incapable of living, due to their bodies, organs and immune system becoming then too weak.

The date of Billy's 249th contact with Ptaah is Monday, June 13th, 1994. We can understand that in 1994 Nature had already started to rise up against the Earth Human, respectively overpopulation through epidemics and diseases. Also the Human immune system is becoming feeble and deficient. This is backed up in the description above to the video. More information is available in the video so please watch it.

.... Epidemics based on the facts is true.


Environmental Pollution ....

Excerpt from tropical-rainforest-animals.com "Environmental Pollution, Its Sources and Effects"

Fossil Fuel Sources of Environmental Pollution -
Power-generating plants
Petroleum refineries
Petrochemical plants
Production and distribution of fossil fuels
Other manufacturing facilities
Road transport (motor vehicles)
Shipping industry
Other (Non-Fossil Fuel) Sources of Environmental Pollution -
Among other pollution sources, agriculture (livestock farming) is worth mentioning as the largest generator of ammonia emissions resulting in air pollution. Chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers are also widely used in agriculture, which may lead water pollution and soil contamination as well.
Trading activities may be another source of pollution.
For example, it's been recently noted that packaging of products sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets is far too excessive and generates large quantities of solid waste that ends up either in landfills or municipal incinerators leading to soil contamination and air pollution.
Residential sector is another significant source of pollution generating solid municipal waste that may end up in landfills or incinerators leading to soil contamination and air pollution
There is no doubt that excessive levels of pollution are causing a lot of damage to human & animal health, plants & trees (including tropical rainforests) as well as the wider environment.
All types of environmental pollution – air, water and soil pollution – have an impact on the living environment.
The effects in living organisms may range from mild discomfort to serious diseases such as cancer to physical deformities.

Full Article can be found HERE

As the Human population increases the above mentioned sources of pollution also increases. This is fact and logic. The demand grows every day, week, month all the time Earth Humans continue to overpopulate Earth. For example, Transport - Today the roads in developed countries are congested with Cars, Vans, Lorries (Trucks), Buses. Almost every household has at least 1 car. Industry transports their goods and also their Raw Materials using Lorries (Trucks). As the Human Population grows (out of control) more Cars are driven on the roads, more industry produces more goods and needs more Raw Materials to keep up with demand. Therefore transport becomes more and more excessive and polluting. Also to this the waste for industry producing goods rises. The more demand and production the more industrial waste is also produced, which is dumped into the environment by ways of Rivers, Land and Sea's.

Aircraft and the Shipping industry also have to keep up with demand. Many goods are transported across the globe by large container Ships and also Tankers. Aircraft are used for the transportation of goods and also people. The tourist industry allows 1000's of Humans to travel to all parts of the Earth. The amount of fossil fuel burnt and the pollution produced high up in our atmosphere is enormous. As the population grows and many more Humans travel on Aircraft the more pollution is created.

The waste from packaging of products sold in supermarkets increases as the Human population increases. Recycling becomes overwhelmed along with Landfill sites. More food and products produced increases the amount of waste from housing and industry. More arable land, forests, and natural fields are destroyed for the use on landfill site.

Excerpts from dtic "Environmental Pollution and Control"

Solid Wastes Pollution and Control
Pollution by solid wastes including garbage, scrap, junked automobiles, spoil, sludge, containers; Disposal methods such as composting, injection wells, incineration, and sanitary landfills; Mining wastes; Materials separation, processing and recovery; Recycling; Biological, ecological and socio-economic effects.
Radiation Pollution and Control
Pollution of the environment by particle and electromagnetic radiation from electric fields, magnetic fields or natural and man made sources including neutrons, x-rays, ultraviolet radiation, microwaves, alpha particles; Sampling and analytical techniques; Radioactive fallout; Biological ecological and socio-economic effects. Includes controlled disposal of radioactive wastes from nuclear reactors

Full Article can be found HERE

In this excerpt all of the Solid Wastes increase as the Human population increases. Thus causing more and more pollution and destruction of Nature. A truly criminal act against our Planet, our home. The radiation pollution is our use of technology which involves radiation. For example nuclear reactors for electricity. Radioactive waste is produced from Nuclear reactors. Also to this radioactive leakages. The more cities and industry grows the more demand for electricity grows. Thus new Nuclear Power Stations are needed. All the above pollutants are destroying the environment and is gets worse all the time Human population grows on Earth.

.... Environmental Pollutionbased on the facts is true.


Terrorism ....

Excerpts from redandblack.com "Fornos: Population growth, terrorism linked" Issue date: 11/16/01

Overpopulation and terrorism are closely linked, said Werner Fornos, president of the nation's Population Institute, who will speak about that connection this afternoon.
There are 6.1 billion people in the world today," he said. "In the last year, global population increased by 80 million people. Ninety-seven percent of that growth took place in developing nations
They may become disillusioned easily, and if they know that they're being denied access to a better part of the world with a higher standard of living, they'll strive one way or the other to achieve it. They have nothing to fear -- not even the loss of their own lives. That's why they follow these fanatical leaders

Full Article can be found HERE

Werner Fornos, president of the nation's Population Institute in 2001, talked about the a link between population growth and terrorism. He mentions here that some people who are denied a better standard of living will turn towards terrorism. My own understanding on this is that fanatical leaders promise their followers a better life and that they have to fight to get it. But as populations grow on Earth many areas are overpopulated and cannot sustain any more people. Also some areas of the world are being exploited for their resources which is leaving their country in poverty and starvation as the rich powerful countries exploit them in order to sustain the growing population in their countries. So many more people in poorer countries will turn to terrorism and fighting and follow fanatical leaders.

.... While searching on the internet for information on any links to terrorism and Overpopulation I did not find much. This does not mean that there is not a link. Possibly no one has the will to stand up and talk about it openly.


Dictatorship and Slavery ....

Excerpt from groups.google.com "TAMIL AND SINHALESE WORKERS MUST UNITE TO END RAJAPAKSE DICTATORSHIP" dated Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Rajapakse dictatorship in Sri Lanka, which is backed with British finance and arms, and British big business investment, is continuing with its dictatorship over both the Tamil people and the Sinhalese workers.
There are now hundreds of thousands of Tamils in internment (concentration) camps in the north of the island, living in the foulest conditions possible, with an absolute minimum of food and medical treatment in camps that are susceptible to flooding
As well, there are thousands of political prisoners, both Tamil and Sinhalese, being held without trial in Rajapakse's jails, including journalists who have had the courage to speak out against his regime and its oppression of the Sri Lankan people.
The latest journalist to be jailed, after another rigged trial in the High Court, is JS Tissainayagam. He was found guilty under the regime's notorious 'anti-terror' laws of 'causing communal disharmony'.

Full Article can be found HERE

Ok here is a news article posted on Google. In the article it mentions British finance and arms and big business investment are holding hundreds of thousands of Tamils and Sinhalese people in concentration camps in Sri Lanka. My own opinion is this is richer more developed countries exploiting overpopulated poorer countries. A dictatorship of Sri Lanka holding people in world war 2 style concentration camps with the minimum of food and medical treatment. As the population grows in Sri Lanka more Humans will be forced under the British dictatorship. Using the "Anti-Terror" law they can accuse anyone of acts of terror and imprison them using rigged court trials. Corruption and a complete disregard for Human life and freewill.

Excerpts from ihscslnews.org "Child Slave Labor in China" dated May 2005

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that of the 250 million children between the ages of five and fourteen work in developing countries, 61 percent are in Asia. Although we live in an extremely modern age, there is, in fact, child slave labor present in China. Some of these children work in sweatshops. A sweatshop is a workplace where workers are subjected to extreme exploitation, including the lack of a living wages or benefits, poor and dangerous working conditions, and harsh and unnecessary discipline, such as verbal and physical abuse.
Most China-watchers conclude that child labor is increasing, particularly in areas around Hong Kong. This deduction is based on a high dropout rate from school and the hasty expansion of foreign investment in export-oriented enterprises. There is indeed increasing evidence that school children are part of the required workforce. Also, an official from the Chinese Ministry of Labor confessed that the employment of children was extremely serious in China. Although no specific Chinese industry is identifiable as a significant violator of child labor regulations, they involve a range of export industries including garments and textiles, fireworks, and toys

Full Article can be found HERE

Child slave labor has been mentioned in the news and newspapers of at least western countries. From the article here there was a estimated 61% of 250 million children between the ages of five and fourteen working in slave labor in Asia. As the population in Asia climbs the amount of children forced into slave labor climbs. Also to this the amount of goods produced in Asia for shipping to foreign countries increases as the population increase in foreign countries.

.... Dictatorship and Slavery based on the facts is true.


Food Shortages ....

Excerpt from financialpost.com "Forget oil, the new global crisis is food"

A new crisis is emerging, a global food catastrophe that will reach further and be more crippling than anything the world has ever seen. The credit crunch and the reverberations of soaring oil prices around the world will pale in comparison to what is about to transpire, Donald Coxe, global portfolio strategist at BMO Financial Group said at the Empire Club's 14th annual investment outlook in Toronto on Thursday.
"It's not a matter of if, but when," he warned investors. "It's going to hit this year hard."
Mr. Coxe said the sharp rise in raw food prices in the past year will intensify in the next few years amid increased demand for meat and dairy products from the growing middle classes of countries such as China and India as well as heavy demand from the biofuels industry.
"The greatest challenge to the world is not US$100 oil; it's getting enough food so that the new middle class can eat the way our middle class does, and that means we've got to expand food output dramatically," he said.

Full article can be found HERE

From am article posted on the Financial Post website we here Donald Coxe of BMO Financial Group talking about the up coming food shortage. He says "It's not a matter of if, but when". So it is known that there is a problem and it is going to get worse. Mentioned here also is the increased demand for meat and dairy products. Here Donald Coxe says that "The greatest challenge to the world is not US$100 oil; it's getting enough food" and "that means we've got to expand food output dramatically". So we can see that the brutality of animals and the demand for food is going to increase as overpopulation increases globally.

Its interesting that overpopulation is not mentioned here as the biggest cause of food shortages.

Excerpt from marketoracle.co.uk "Experts: Global Food Shortages Could ‘Continue for Decades' "

For the first time, we are seeing the emergence of a global agricultural market driven by the growing demand for grains and a scarcity of supply. Wheat inventories, for example, have reached a 30-year low. In one year inventories in the European Union have plummeted from 14 million to one million tons. The fact is that arable land cannot be increased at will. Over the past three decades, the amount of arable land worldwide has stagnated at about 1.5 billion hectares (3.7 billion acres).

Full article can be found HERE

From this article we read that the Wheat inventories of the European Union have, in one year, gone from 14 million tons to 1 million tons. Truly a problem for the future. We read also here that Arable land as stagnated world wide. I will look into this in the section below "Destruction of Arable Land". Again no mention of overpopulation as being the problem here.

.... Food Shortages based on the facts is true.


Destruction of Rain Forests ....

Excerpt from rain-tree.com "The Disappearing Rainforests"

We are losing Earth's greatest biological treasures just as we are beginning to appreciate their true value. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.
One and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries
Rainforests are being destroyed because the value of rainforest land is perceived as only the value of its timber by short-sighted governments, multi-national logging companies, and land owners.
Nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century due to rainforest deforestation.
Experts estimates that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year. As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide come from plant-derived sources. While 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients, less that 1% of these tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists.

Full article can be found HERE

This excerpt from rain-tree.com explains that Fain Forests once covered 14% of Earth's land surfaces. There is no mention of the year of this 14%. However, now the Rain Forests cover only 6% of Earth's land surfaces. That is less then half. In 40 years time the rest of the Rain Forests could be completely destroyed. According to this excerpt one and a half acres of Rain Forest are destroyed every second. Its mentioned here also that "Nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century" and "we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation". I will look into this in the section below "Eradication of Plant Species".

Excerpt from mongabay.com "A WORLD Imperiled: FORCES BEHIND FOREST LOSS"

However, these precious systems are among the most threatened on the planet. Although the precise area is debated, each day at least 80,000 acres (32,300 ha) of forest disappear from Earth. At least another 80,000 acres (32,300 ha) of forest are degraded. Along with them, the planet loses as many as several hundred species to extinction, the vast majority of which have never been documented by science. As these forests fall, more carbon is added to the atmosphere, climactic conditions are further altered, and more topsoil is lost to erosion.
Despite increased awareness of the importance of these forests, deforestation rates have not slowed. Analysis of figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) shows that tropical deforestation rates increased 8.5 percent from 2000-2005 when compared with the 1990s, while loss of primary forests may have expanded by 25 percent over the same period. Nigeria and Vietnam's rate of primary forest loss has doubled since the 1990s, while Peru's rate has tripled.

Full article can be found HERE

Here we have more figures on the amount of Rain Forest being destroyed on Earth. 80,000 acres every day and a further 80,000 acres are degraded . Deforestation increased 8.5% in the years 2000-2005 compared to the 1990s. So we see that the destruction of Rain Forests is not being stopped or even decreased.

Excerpt from en.wikipedia.org "Deforestation"

Deforestation is the logging or burning of trees in forested areas. There are several reasons for doing so: trees or derived charcoal can be sold as a commodity and are used by humans while cleared land is used as pasture, plantations of commodities and human settlement. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation, has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. Also deforested regions often degrade into wasteland.
Disregard or unawareness of intrinsic value, and lack of ascribed value, lax forest management and environmental law allow deforestation to occur on such a large scale. In many countries, deforestation is an ongoing issue which is causing extinction, changes to climatic conditions, desertification and displacement of indigenous people.
Aside from a general agreement that deforestation occurs to increase the economic value of the land there is no agreement on what causes deforestation. Logging may be a direct source of deforestation in some areas and have no effect or be at worst an indirect source in others due to logging roads enabling easier access for farmers wanting to clear the forest: experts do not agree on whether logging is an important contributor to global deforestation and some believe that logging makes considerable contribution to reducing deforestation because in developing countries logging reserves are far larger than nature reserves . Similarly there is no consensus on whether poverty is important in deforestation. Some argue that poor people are more likely to clear forest because they have no alternatives, others that the poor lack the ability to pay for the materials and labour needed to clear forest.. Claims that that population growth drives deforestation is weak and based on flawed data. with population increase due to high fertility rates being a primary driver of tropical deforestation in only 8% of cases. The FAO states that the global deforestation rate is unrelated to human population growth rate, rather it is the result of lack of technological advancement and inefficient governance. There are many causes at the root of deforestation, such as the corruption and inequitable distribution of wealth and power, population growth and overpopulation, and urbanization. Globalization is often viewed as a driver of deforestation.

Full article can be found HERE

Lots of information here from en.wikipedia.org. First of we read that cleared land is used as pasture, plantations of commodities, and Human settlement. Logically as the Human population grows the more land is needed. Mentioned here that often deforested regions degrade in to waste land. Thus creating deserts and land that has no more usefulness.

Overpopulation is mentioned here as a factor to deforestation. "The FAO states that the global deforestation rate is unrelated to human population growth rate, rather it is the result of lack of technological advancement and inefficient governance. There are many causes at the root of deforestation, such as the corruption and inequitable distribution of wealth and power, population growth and overpopulation, and urbanization. Globalization is often viewed as a driver of deforestation." So it is known that overpopulation is a main cause as well as the greed of companies that profit from logging. Of course these companies do not admit that overpopulation and their own greed for wealth is a problem of deforestation.

Clearly we see here from the facts that overpopulation is a cause of deforestation and the destruction of Earth's Rain Forests. More land is needed for food, houses and farming as the Human population continues to grow. The destruction of Earth's Rain Forests also contributes to more CO2 in our atmosphere. Plants and Trees breath CO2 and produce O2 (Oxygen). Humans and animals breath O2 and exhale CO2. If we continue to destroy Trees on Earth there will not be enough O2 for Humans and animals to breath. Thus mass dying of Humans and animals will result. This on top of the growing overpopulation of Humans is a disaster building up and waiting to happen.

.... Destruction of Rain Forests based on the facts is true.


The "greenhouse effect" ....

Excerpts from wikipedia.org "Greenhouse effect"

The greenhouse effect is the heating of the surface of a planet or moon due to the presence of an atmosphere containing gases that absorb and emit infrared radiation. Thus, greenhouse gases trap heat within the surface-troposphere system. This mechanism is fundamentally different from that of an actual greenhouse, which works by isolating warm air inside the structure so that heat is not lost by convection. The greenhouse effect was discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824, first reliably experimented on by John Tyndall in 1858, and first reported quantitatively by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.
In the absence of the greenhouse effect and an atmosphere, the Earth's average surface temperature of 14 °C (57 °F) could be as low as −18 °C (−0.4 °F), the black body temperature of the Earth. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW), a recent warming of the Earth's lower atmosphere, is believed to be the result of an "enhanced greenhouse effect" mainly due to human-produced increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases.
Carbon dioxide is the human-produced greenhouse gas that contributes most of radiative forcing from human activity. CO2 is produced by fossil fuel burning and other human activities such as cement production and tropical deforestation. Measurements of CO2 from the Mauna Loa observatory show that concentrations have increased from about 313 ppm in 1960 to about 383 ppm in 2009. The current observed amount of CO2 exceeds the geological record maxima (~300 ppm) from ice core data. The effect of combustion-produced carbon dioxide on the global climate, a special case of the greenhouse effect first described in 1896 by Svante Arrhenius, has also been called the Callendar effect.
Because it is a greenhouse gas, elevated CO2 levels will contribute to additional absorption and emission of thermal infrared in the atmosphere, which could contribute to net warming. In fact, according to Assessment Reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations".
Over the past 800,000 years, ice core data shows unambiguously that carbon dioxide has varied from values as low as 180 parts per million (ppm) to the pre-industrial level of 270ppm. Certain paleoclimatologists consider variations in carbon dioxide to be a fundamental factor in controlling climate variations over this time scale

Full article can be found HERE

From Wikipedia we can have a understanding on what the "Greenhouse Effect" is. Briefly, the "Greenhouse Effect" is the warming up of a planet or moon through gases in the atmosphere (Natural or non-natural). These gases isolate heat from a Sun and trap them within the atmosphere. This is a natural process and is naturally balanced. On Earth we are producing to much of a natural "Greenhouse" gas, CO2. From the information in the excerpt above in 1960 it was estimated that the level of CO2 in Earth atmosphere was 300 ppm. Since then it has increased to 383 ppm. Many factors increase CO2 levels. These include burning of fossil fuels, reduction of trees and plants and more waste produced. Thus logically as the Human population on Earth rises and our exploitation of the environment increase and our use of fossil fuel burning machines increases so does the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere increases. This results in a heating up of the atmosphere by the entrapment of solar heat from the Sun.

The balance of "Greenhouse" gases in our atmosphere has been tilted by Human actions and activities and we continue to push the balance towards ever more heating of the Earth. This is of course not to our advantage. In the excerpt above there is information on the amount of CO2 levels on Earth going back to around 800,000 years. Taken from ice core data, the highest count of CO2 within the last 800,000 years was 270 ppm and the lowest was 180 ppm. This is the balanced levels of CO2 in our atmosphere without Human interference.

Excerpts from Wikipedia.org "Global warming"

Human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, leading to increased radiative forcing from CO2, methane, tropospheric ozone, CFCs and nitrous oxide. The concentrations of CO2 and methane have increased by 36% and 148% respectively since the mid-1700s. These levels are considerably higher than at any time during the last 650,000 years, the period for which reliable data has been extracted from ice cores. Less direct geological evidence indicates that CO2 values this high were last seen approximately 20 million years ago. Fossil fuel burning has produced about three-quarters of the increase in CO2 from human activity over the past 20 years. Most of the rest is due to land-use change, particularly deforestation.
CO2 concentrations are continuing to rise due to burning of fossil fuels and land-use change. The future rate of rise will depend on uncertain economic, sociological, technological, and natural developments. Accordingly, the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios gives a wide range of future CO2 scenarios, ranging from 541 to 970 ppm by the year 2100. Fossil fuel reserves are sufficient to reach these levels and continue emissions past 2100 if coal, tar sands or methane clathrates are extensively exploited

Full article can be found HERE

"Human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere" a true statement. The information here is slightly different from the information in the above excerpt "Greenhouse effect" in regards to the figures given. However the same overall information is the same. The increasing CO2 in our atmosphere due to Human actions. This will continue to increase the more we overpopulate the Earth.

.... The "greenhouse effect" based on the facts is true.


Pollution of Lakes, Streams and Oceans ....

Excerpts from waterencyclopedia.com "Pollution of the Ocean by Sewage, Nutrients, and Chemicals"

Coastal waters receive a variety of land-based water pollutants, ranging from petroleum wastes to pesticides to excess sediments. Marine waters also receive wastes directly from offshore activities, such as ocean-based dumping (e.g., from ships and offshore oil and gas operations).
One pollutant in the ocean is sewage. Human sewage largely consists of excrement from toilet-flushing; wastewater from bathing, laundry, and dishwashing; and animal and vegetable matter from food preparation that is disposed through an in-sink garbage disposal. Because coasts are densely populated, the amount of sewage reaching seas and oceans is of particular concern because some substances it contains can harm ecosystems and pose a significant public health threat. In addition to the nutrients which can cause over enrichment of receiving water bodies, sewage carries an array of potentially disease-causing microbes known as pathogens.
Sewage originates primarily from domestic, commercial, and industrial sources. In many developed countries, these wastes typically are delivered either to on-site septic systems or to centralized sewage treatment facilities. In both methods, sewage is treated before being discharged, either underground (in the case of septic tanks) or to receiving surface-water bodies (in the case of sewage treatment plants), typically a stream, river, or coastal outlet.
Although sewage treatment facilities are designed to accommodate and treat sewage from their service area, partly treated or even untreated sewage sometimes is discharged. Causative factors include decayed infrastructure; facility malfunctions; or heavy rainfall events which overwhelm systems using combined sewers and stormwater drains (known as combined sewer overflows). In unsewered areas, improperly designed or malfunctioning septic tanks can contaminate groundwater and surface water, including coastal waters. In some developed regions (e.g., Halifax Harbor in Nova Scotia, Canada), raw sewage continues to pour into harbors, bays, and coastal waters. In developing countries with no on-site or centralized sanitation facilities, no opportunity exists for any type of treatment, and human wastes go directly into surface waters, including the coastal ocean

Full article can be found HERE

Excerpts from legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com "Water Pollution"

Without healthy water for drinking, cooking, fishing, and farming, the human race would perish. Clean water is also necessary for recreational interests such as swimming, boating, and water skiing. Yet, when Congress began assessing national water quality during the early 1970s, it found that much of the country's groundwater and surface water was contaminated or severely compromised. Studies revealed that the nation's three primary sources of water pollution—industry, agriculture, and municipalities—had been regularly discharging harmful materials into water supplies throughout the country over a number of years.
These harmful materials included organic wastes, sediments, minerals, nutrients, thermal pollutants, toxic chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Organic wastes are produced by animals and humans, and include such things as fecal matter, crop debris, yard clippings, food wastes, rubber, plastic, wood, and disposable diapers. Such wastes require oxygen to decompose. When they are dumped into streams and lakes and begin to break down, they can deprive aquatic life of the oxygen it needs to survive.
Sediments may be deposited into lakes and streams through soil erosion caused by the clearing, excavating, grading, transporting, and filling of land. Minerals, such as iron, copper, chromium, platinum, nickel, zinc, and tin, can be discharged into streams and lakes as a result of various mining activities. Excessive levels of sediments and minerals in water can inhibit the penetration of sunlight, which reduces the production of photosynthetic organisms

Full article can be found HERE

The above 2 excerpt contain a lot of information on what and how Human activities are polluting and destroying life in River's and Ocean's which has a knock on affect to Human health. The excerpts speak for themselves. All the pollution and destroying of life continues and increases the more we overpopulate the Earth. A true crime against our home planet.

.... Pollution of Lakes, Streams and Oceans based on the facts is true.


Chemical Pollution of Water....

Excerpt from en.wikipedia.org "Water pollution"

Chemical and other contaminants
Contaminants may include organic and inorganic substances.
Organic water pollutants include:
- Detergents
- Disinfection by-products found in chemically disinfected drinking water, such as chloroform
- Food processing waste, which can include oxygen-demanding substances, fats and grease
- Insecticides and herbicides, a huge range of organohalides and other chemical compounds
- Petroleum hydrocarbons, including fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuels, and fuel oil) and lubricants (motor oil), and fuel combustion byproducts, from stormwater runoff
- Tree and brush debris from logging operations
- Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as industrial solvents, from improper storage. Chlorinated solvents, which are dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs), may fall to the bottom of reservoirs, since they don't mix well with water and are denser.
- Various chemical compounds found in personal hygiene and cosmetic products.
Inorganic water pollutants include:
- Acidity caused by industrial discharges (especially sulfur dioxide from power plants)
- Ammonia from food processing waste
- Chemical waste as industrial by-products
- Fertilizers containing nutrients--nitrates and phosphates--which are found in stormwater runoff from agriculture, as well as commercial and residential use.
- Heavy metals from motor vehicles (via urban stormwater runoff) and acid mine drainage
- Silt (sediment) in runoff from construction sites, logging, slash and burn practices or land clearing sites

Full article can be found HERE

From en.wikipedia.org we have a list of verious Chemical contaminants found in verious water systems. For example we read that "Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as industrial solvents, from improper storage. Chlorinated solvents, which are dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs), may fall to the bottom of reservoirs, since they don't mix well with water and are denser." So the drinking water we get from our taps before it is processed my be contaminated by industrial solvents and Chlorinated solvents. If our drinking water is not cleaned and processed properly we could well be drinking these Chemicals.

Ammonia from food processing is also found in water. If we process more food due to the growth of the Human population then we will be polluting water more and more. This is true for "Food processing waste, which can include oxygen-demanding substances, fats and grease." Also Silt from logging etc, pollutes water and the more we destroy forests for space the more we pollute water.

What is interesting here is that all these kinds of Chemical pollutants in water are there at the hands of Humans. Human activity is to blame for the pollution and the more demand for products, such as food, cosmetics, motor vehicles, petroleum and so on, as the Human population grows the more the polluting activities of Humans grows.

Excerpt from environmental-expert.com "Increased amphibian mortality due to agri-chemical pollution"

Global decline in frog populations is thought to indicate environmental damage caused by human activity. In particular, the use of agri-chemicals has been linked to an increase in infectious diseases in amphibians. A link has now been found between a parasitic infection and localised interaction between phosphate fertilisers and herbicides.
Leopard frogs from wetlands in Minnesota, USA, were examined for infection by trematode larvae, a parasitic flatworm. Trematode infections can cause deformities, kidney damage and mortality in amphibians. The researchers also sampled 'melanomacrophage' liver cells, involved in immune responses to infection, which may be biomarkers for water pollution. Statistical techniques revealed whether these correlated with any of 240 possible contributory factors.

Full article can be found HERE

Fertilizers and Herbicides we spray of food crops and fields are not only polluting water, from rain run off, but are also harming animal species. From this excerpt there has been found a link between Fertilizers and Herbicides and the decline in Frog populations and other amphibious animals that live in water and on land. Our need for more food as the Human population grows will increase the number of fields needed for crops. Thus more and more Fertilizers and Herbicides will be sprayed on the crops to yield more food. This in turn affects animal life in water. So overpopulation is damaging water systems.

.... Chemical Pollution of Water based on the facts is true


Eradication of Plant Species ....

This ties in with deforestation and the destruction of Rain Forests as well as other Human activities.

Excerpt from thaindian.com "Over half of Chinas species could be extinct by end of 21st century"

Many plants, such as rice and soybeans, are staple food crops around the world. Others are familiar ornamentals such as lilacs, magnolias, forsythia, many kinds of roses, and rhododendrons.
But this crucial flora is threatened by a swelling Chinese population and higher rates of pollution, according to Raven.
Add to that fact is that over the next 20 years, Chinas metropolises are expected to add another 250 million people, a growth which would threaten to eat up more farmland and further pollute the air, rivers, and streams.

Full article can be found HERE

China, one of the world overpopulated countries is expected, according to this article, to rise in Humans at about 250 million in the next 20 years. This means more space is needed for city development and expansion and farming. Thus more wild fields and woodlands will be destroyed and Plant species will be destroyed and become extinct.

Excerpt from aboutmyplanet.com "Endangered Species and What We Can Do"

Another reason for species decline is habitat destruction via city development and logging. Habitat depletion is by far the greatest cause of extinction. Conservatively, we are destroying tropical rainforests at a rate of 17 million hectares per year and losing 75 billion tons of topsoil annually from the world's agricultural crop lands. In Brazil alone, rainforest loss is now 5 million acres a year, about seven football fields a minute.
Land is being taken from wildlife in order to erect more condominiums and shopping malls. Cities are constantly expanding to incorporate more people and businesses. Few efforts, if any, are made to relocate the animals or to reconstruct their habitat elsewhere. Logging is occurring throughout the world to supply home building, paper, fuel, and other products. Rivers are being damaged, as are the forests that are left barren and lifeless. Sure, trees are being replanted by those who care about preserving the environment, but by too few people to make up for the loss.

Full article can be found HERE

From this excerpt from a article by Sherry Obenauer, she explians and acknowledges one of the big main reasons for Plant Eradication. Here she says "Another reason for species decline is habitat destruction via city development and logging. Habitat depletion is by far the greatest cause of extinction." So as the population of Humans grows so does cities and the loss of Plant species. Also "Land is being taken from wildlife in order to erect more condominiums and shopping malls. Cities are constantly expanding to incorporate more people and businesses."

.... Eradication of Plant Species based on the facts is true


Destruction of Arable Land ....

This area ties in with the above sections. Just to gain a bit more information, the following:

Excerpt from wikinvest.com

Reduction in Arable Land
The amount of arable land worldwide is dwindling. The population boom has cut the amount of arable land per person in half over the past 50 years. Brazil, China, and India are three of the five most populous countries and are trying to meet the growing demand for food, fuel, and feed for livestock. Brazil, China, and India each have just 7%, 15%, and 49% of arable farmland, respectively, and with their respective populations on the rise, these countries need to make the most of the arable land they have. In addition, weather factors such as temperature, rain, floods, droughts, and hurricanes destroy arable land for a particular crop season and many times the land is unusable for a few seasons. A bad crop season for any reason decreases the demand for POT's fertilizers and nutrients.

Full article can be found HERE

Brazil has 7% Arable land, China has 15% and India 49%. This Arable land will continue to become less and less, Weather factors also destroys Arable land so with the continued overpopulation the future does not look good for these countries mentioned here.

Excerpts from dieoff.org "FOOD, LAND, POPULATION and the U.S. ECONOMY"

Drs. Pimentel and Giampietro have concluded that U.S. population growth is a primary cause of these harsh potential outcomes. The study explains that the United States is the fastest-growing industrialized country in the world, now increasing by approximately three million people per year. This population growth rata is equivalent to adding 58,000 people per week or a city the size of Washington, D.C. to our country every year. The overall growth rate of the U.S. population has escalated in large part because of the unprecedented number of immigrants that have been allowed to come into the United States and their disproportionately higher birth rates compared to the native-born. About half of U.S. population growth is currently the result of immigration.
Land: On-going soil erosion and expanding urbanization contribute to the continuous loss of cropland in the U.S. Annually, more than two million acres of prime cropland are lost to erosion, salinization, and waterlogging. In addition, more than one million acres are removed from cultivation as America's limited arable land is Overwhelmed by the demands of urbanization, transportation networks, and industry. As a result of arable land shortages, U.S. meat consumption may be reduced.

Full article can be found HERE

Here we have a article that addresses the real problem of overpopulation. It states here that from a study that the population growth in America is adding 58,000 people per week. Also half the population growth of America, according to this study is a result of immigration.

One million acres of American's Arable land is removed for urbanization, transportation networks and industry. As the population of America rises to does the land lost. This is the same all over the world. The more each countries population grows the more Arable land is needed and also more Arable land is taken for Cities etc. A no win situation.

.... Destruction of Arable Land based on the facts is true.


Clearly we see from the facts from Billy Meier which are backed up with facts from Earth sources that a Human overpopulation is present on Earth and is climbing rapidly. The Earth is populated by over 7,500,000,000 Humans and from the Plejaren the calculated safe number of Humans for Earth is 529,000,000. This safe number is the amount of Humans that the Earth can cope with. All Humans need food, shelter, water, clothing, O2 (Oxygen) etc. With a number of Humans on Earth at 529,000,000 the Earth could easily sustain Humans and the animal kingdom and plant kingdom. As well as this Humans will not be destroying vast amounts of Rain Forests and other land for food, cities, wood products as well as other things. We could comfortable live within a balance with Nature and our Planet. Also we would have no need to mass produce farm animals for food or treat any animal poorly. Including water species that are being killed due to our over pollution of water from our growing industries, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Silt from deforestation and pollution from Human waste as well as other things. Also Humans could live in harmony and love with there fellow Humans as there will be no fighting for land, food etc etc. Humans should live in accordance to the natural laws of Creation but now all the laws have been broken by Humans.

The Human overpopulation of Earth is also the root cause of many other events on Earth which are now building up. These include Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Floods, Mega Storms, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion to name a few. These are all investigated on the pages under Earth on this site. The following on this page is a look into how long back in the Billy Meier case have we been warned about overpopulation and what Billy and the Plejaren have done to try and get Humanity on Earth to wake up and act responsibly and be responsible for our actions, thoughts and feelings on Earth and towards Earth.

Excerpt from FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 "Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (July 5th, 1951)"

2. In other contact conversations, aspects of depravity through criminality, wrongdoing and prostitution, and so forth, were also addressed whereby, again and again, it would be pointed out that the starting point, respectively, the root cause of all negative events, leads solely back to overpopulation and to the irresponsibility and the selfishness and high-handedness of Earth humans. 2. In anderen Kontaktgesprächen wurden auch die Aspekte der Verkommenheit durch Kriminalität, Verbrechen und Prostitution usw. angesprochen, wobei immer wieder darauf hingewiesen wurde, dass der springende Punkt resp. die Ursachen aller negativen Geschehen einzig und allein auf die Überbevölkerung und auf die Verantwortungslosigkeit, Selbstsucht und Selbstherrlichkeit der Erdenmenschen zurückzuführen sind.
3. Thereby, as has always been said so urgently, the responsible ones of the authorities and governments are the main guilty ones because they are the decisive powers who should avoid everything evil and lead the world as well as its mankind into a better future. 3. Dabei, so wurde stets eindringlich gesagt, sind die Verantwortlichen der Behörden und Regierungen die Hauptschuldigen, weil diese die massgebenden Kräfte sind, um alles Übel zu vermeiden und die Welt sowie deren Menschheit in eine bessere Zukunft zu führen.
4. However, since time immemorial, exactly these have done nothing of value, because their sense was always only directed to power and their own profit - and that has remained so up until today. 4. Doch dergleichen haben sie seit alters her nichts Wertvolles getan, weil ihr Sinn stets nur auf Macht und eigenen Profit ausgerichtet war - und das ist so geblieben bis heute.
5. Now, in the 373rd official contact conversation, the discussion came about that "Billy" (BEAM), at the age of 14 years, already wrote a long letter to the responsible ones of the world and sent 3000 copies (with help of his teacher Gustav Lehmann) to all the governments of Earth as well as to decisive organizations, newspapers, journals and schools, etc., without ever having received an answer or without something being undertaken from what was written. 5. Nun, im 373. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch kam die Rede darauf, dass "Billy" (BEAM) schon im Alter von 14 Jahren einen langen Brief an die Verantwortlichen der Welt verfasst und diesen 3000fach vervielfältigt (mit Hilfe seines Lehrers Gustav Lehmann) und an alle Regierungen der Erde sowie an massgebende Organisationen, Zeitungen, Journale und Schulen usw. gesandt hat, ohne dass er jedoch jemals Antwort darauf erhielt oder dass etwas von den Angeschriebenen unternommen wurde.
6. "Billy" Eduard A. Meier wrote and formulated his letter in accordance with prophetic and predicting statements and explanations that had been presented to him by his fatherly friend Sfath. 6. "Billy" Eduard A. Meier verfasste und formulierte sein Schreiben gemäss prophetischen und voraussagenden Angaben und Erklärungen, die ihm sein väterlicher Freund Sfath erklärend unterbreitete.

English translation of FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 can be found HERE

Ok, from FIGU Special Bulletin No. 16 we have an explanation about a letter Billy wrote when he was 14 years old in 1951. We read here in the explanation (line2) ".... the root cause of all negative events, leads solely back to overpopulation and to the irresponsibility and the selfishness and high-handedness of Earth humans." Overpopulation here is said to be the root cause of all negative events and it is the Human of Earth who are the sole cause of overpopulation. In line 3 we read that Governments and authorities are the main guilty ones because they are the decisive powers who should avoid everything evil and lead the world as well as its mankind into a better future. If we look at the world we live in today and how it is managed by the Governments and responsible people then this has not happened and they do not lead mankind to a better future. They are only interested in power, and their own profit.

Line 5 tells the reader that 3000 copies of the letter Billy wrote was sent to all the Governments of the world as well as newspapers, schools etc and not one reply was ever received back from the letter. Also nothing was undertaken from what was in the letter. This was in 1951. 50 Years ago. If we look back up on this page at the Figu "Development of Population Growth on Earth" chart we see in 1951 the population of Earth Humans was 2,600,047,000 which at the time could of easily be curbed and a population control put in place globally. By the fault of the Governments etc in 1951 onwards up till the present day nothing has been done to warn people about the growing overpopulation problem on Earth and nothing has been done to stop the growing overpopulation on Earth.

Excerpt from FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 "Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (July 5th, 1951)"

20. Not only wars, terror, destruction and annihilation with thousand-fold deaths and hundreds of thousands of murdered people will mark the future but also a monstrous overpopulation will be to blame as all natural laws will get thrown out of kilter. 20. Nicht nur Kriege, Terror, Zerstörung und Vernichtung mit tausendfältigen Toden und Hunderttausenden von Ermordeten werden die Zukunft zeichnen, sondern auch eine ungeheure Überbevölkerung, durch deren Schuld alle Naturgesetze aus den Fugen geraten werden.
21. Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged. 21. Alle Unwetter werden sich durch die Schuld des Menschen mehren und immer gewaltigere Formen annehmen, so die Hagelwetter, die Schneestürme und Regenfluten, wie aber auch die Ozonschicht sehr gefährlich geschädigt wird.
22. Monstrous deluges will belong ever more to the order of the day, because through the overpopulation, the forest wetlands and swampy plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the people because they can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas. 22. Ungeheure Überschwemmungen werden je länger je mehr zur Tagesordnung gehören, denn durch die Überbevölkerung werden die Auenwälder und Auenebenen zu Wohngeländen umfunktioniert, wodurch die wilden Wasser der Regenfluten ihren Weg in die Häuser der Menschen suchen, weil sie nicht mehr in unbewohnte Auengebiete entweichen können.

In this excerpt is part of the letter Billy wrote. We clearly read here in Billy's letter about the overpopulation. So the Governments as well as newspapers and schools etc had been told and warned by Billy and Sfath (Plejaren man) of what will happen because of the overpopulation of Earth by Humans. As we understand from the facts on this page so far these events due to overpopulation have come true.

Excerpt from FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 "Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (July 5th, 1951)"

28. Yet were that not enough, because through the continually growing overpopulation that already in 50 years will have increased to over six billion, as is predicted, many monstrous and insoluble problems will become apparent. 28. Doch nicht genug damit, denn durch die stetig wachsende Überbevölkerung, die schon in 50 Jahren auf über sechs Milliarden angewachsen sein wird, wie vorausgesagt ist, werden viele ungeheure und unlösbare Probleme in Erscheinung treten.
29. Famines will increase, while old illnesses, believed to be eradicated, will return. 29. Hungersnöte werden sich steigern, während alte und ausgerottet geglaubte Krankheiten wiederkehren werden.
30. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble. 30. Durch den Massentourismus aus den Industriestaaten werden diese mit Wirtschaftsflüchtlingen aus aller Welt ebenso überschwemmt, wie auch ein ungeheures Asylantenproblem zur Unlösbarkeit werden wird.
31. And it is predicted that, at the end of the eighties, the boom will collapse, and monstrous and unprecedented unemployment will break out, whereby criminality due to unemployment will climb as well as through criminal gangs from the so-called third world countries who will spread out into the industrialized countries and will not shy away from murder in the pursuit of their atrocities. 31. Und es ist vorausgesagt, dass Ende der Achtzigerjahre die Hochkonjunktur zusammenbrechen und weltweit eine ungeheure und noch nie dagewesene Arbeitslosigkeit ausbrechen wird, wodurch die Kriminalität durch Arbeitslose ebenso steigt, wie auch durch kriminelle Banden aus den sogenannten Drittweltländern, die sich in den Industriestaaten ausbreiten und selbst vor Mord nicht zurückschrecken werden, wenn sie ihren Untaten nachgehen.
32. Also national debts will climb into immeasurability, as well as terrorist extremism and neonazism, etc. 32. Auch Staatsverschuldungen steigen ins Unermessliche, wie auch terroristischer Extremismus und das Neonaziwesen usw.

Billy continues in his letter and prophesizes future events and problems that will be caused by overpopulation if overpopulation is aloud to continue without proper action taken to stop it. The prophases here are mass tourism, economic refugees, asylum seekers, unprecedented unemployment at the end of the eighties and national debts. Terrorist Extremism and Neonazism is also prophesized.

Looking at how Human life is on various parts of Earth we can clearly see these things Billy prophesized due to overpopulation has come true. In 1951 these things were not a problem but now in the beginning of the third millennium we are witnessing all of these problems.

Excerpt from FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 "Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (July 5th, 1951)"

47. If the world and its humanity are thus ruined, then it is the Earth human himself who is the originator, whereby he creates the real cause of it by propelling his overpopulation into ever increasing numbers. 47. Wenn so die Welt und ihre Menschheit zugrundegerichtet wird, dann ist der Mensch der Erde selbst der Urheber dafür, wobei er die wirkliche Ursache dadurch schafft, dass er seine Überbevölkerung in immer höhere Zahlen treibt.
48. Therefore it will not be an imaginary god of some religion or sect who determines the impending monstrous problems and excesses, but solely the human being of Earth, who, in his delusion, believes himself to be the highest and mightiest creature in the universe - far higher than this can ever be for Creation. 48. Also wird es nicht ein imaginärer Gott irgendeiner Religion oder Sekte sein, der die kommenden ungeheuren Probleme und Auswüchse bestimmt, sondern einzig und allein der Mensch der Erde, der sich in seinem Wahn als höchstes und gewaltigstes Wesen im Universum glaubt - weit höher, als dies die Schöpfung jemals sein kann.
49. Through the guilt of the human being, through his overpopulation, through his megalomania, through his unreasonableness and high-handedness, he challenges all the powers of nature, that, together with the Earth, revolt, and defend themselves against the degenerating machinations of the Earth human. 49. Durch die Schuld des Menschen, durch seine Überbevölkerung, durch seinen Grössenwahn, durch seine Unvernunft und Selbstherrlichkeit fordert er alle Kräfte der Natur heraus, die sich zusammen mit der Erde aufbäumt und sich gegen die ausartenden Machenschaften des Erdenmenschen wehrt.
50. Thus, the natural forces on Earth, together with Earth itself, overflow, because the human disturbs and destroys the entire natural flow of the elements and life. 50. Also überborden die Naturgewalten auf der Erde, zusammen mit dieser selbst, weil der Mensch den gesamten natürlichen Gang der Elemente und des Lebens stört und zerstört.
51. I have all that to say, because it is the prophetic and, at the same time, the predicting truth. 51. Das alles habe ich zu sagen, denn es ist die prophetische und zugleich voraussagende Wahrheit.

Billy continues to warn Earth Humans of the consequences of overpopulation and that the Earth natural flow will be disturbed by the overpopulation of Humans. Thus the Earth will rise up against the Earth Human and his madness.

So we was warned and told in 1951 about the near future of Earth and Humans if we aloud the continuing of Human overpopulation and the Governments and other peoples and groups who received this letter from Billy did nothing to change the problems that have come about since 1951. So we can see that the Human of Earth does not listen and take heed of the words of the Prophets and thus plunders blindly towards his own self destruction and destruction of the Planet he lives on, Earth. That is not to say that the Earth will end and also Human life because Billy and the Plejaren have given Humans of Earth prophesies and predictions that show Humans continue to live far into the future until our Sun dies. But this path to the future is not going to be easy and not going to be peaceful.

So what information and advice has been given us to help stop the overpopulation of Earth and the still ever increasing problems of future time due to Human overpopulation?

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In Conclusion

From the facts given to us Humans of Earth from the Plejaren and Billy Meier it is clear that the Earth is overpopulated with Humans. The safe amount of Humans that the Earth can cope with and naturally sustain in equilibrium is 529,000,000. Currently there is over 7,500,000,000 Humans on Earth. This overpopulation of Humans is bringing about numerous problems on Earth from destruction of Rain Forests for wood, land and profit to the poisoning of water and food shortages. There are many more problems which the overpopulation of Earth is causing which are laid out in the other pages under Earth on this site.

Due to the amount of food needed to sustain over 7,500,000,000 Humans we are destroying vast amounts of land due to over cultivation and Fertilizers and Herbicides. Also to this the barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals is rampant throughout the various countries of Earth. Animals are treated like reproduction machines and live their lives in total misery and neglect. Given Drugs to fasten their growth which intern may cause ill health among Humans.

We was warned in 1951 by Billy Meier with the help of Sfath in a letter Billy wrote. From this letter nothing fruitful ever came about and no answer or follow up to Billy's letter was ever received. Even today not much has happened in regard to Billy's letter and the present day Politicians and other authorities are fully aware of Billy Meier, Plejaren visitors and all aspects of the Billy Meier information. So now we still have the irresponsible Humans in positions of power refusing to take heed of the overpopulation problem and listen to the words of the Prophets and of the wise.

Given to the people of Earth is a plan to curb the population growth and to ensure future sustainable numbers of Humans on Earth. 7 year global total birth stop followed by a 1 year controlled birth period. Then another 7 year global total birth stop followed by a controlled birth system which would keep the Human population at a sustainable equilibrium with Earth. This must take affect immediately. To note on this never have I read in the Billy Meier material or from FIGU or the Plejaren that we should or need to kill anyone. There is no mention of mass killing to bring down the Human population on Earth. Of coarse if there was any mass killing of Humans it would go against the natural laws of Creation and the Human Commandment "6. You shall not kill in depravity."

So we have been given the root cause, overpopulation, and a answer to solve the root cause, Birth Rate Check. It is up to us the Humans of Earth to solve this problem we have created by ourselves. Naturally some of the guilt lies solely with the powers of Earth for not informing the mass people of the problem and not taking measures to stop it. From my own point of view we have to wake up and look around to only see what we are doing to our Planet and each other to see we have serious problems. The answer to these problems have been given to us by Billy Meier with the help of the Plejaren through FIGU.