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Billy Meier And The Visitations From The Plejaren

For The Survival and Teaching Of Humanity


The information on this website is so fundamental to Earth Humanity and our survival. Every Man, Woman and Child should read these writings and transcripts which are from Billy Meier's contacts and communications from the Plejaren. Here you will find the truth about Humanity, Creation, Jmmanuel (wrongly named Jesus Christ), why religions are wrong and should not be followed due to false teachings, the true purpose of our lives, Earth history and much more.

There is a lot of fear and fear mongering on Earth regards to UFO's and Visitors from other Planets in our Universe. Of course there should be concern about any visitors from another Planet but as you will see from reading the information on this site there is nothing to fear from these groups of Human Visitors from Space. You will be opened up to a variety of different knowledge and wisdom. Some of the information is very harsh and to the point. But after some understanding of the information you might understand why the truth has to be presented and put across to Earth Humans in this way.

There is an overwhelming amount of knowledge in the teaching about who we as Humans are and where we came from and what the real meaning for our lives are and indeed all life in the Universe. There are also many warnings and problems discussed and presented to us Humans of Earth about our actions and what is happening to our Planet because of our actions. Also there is very harsh words about what will happen and what still could happen if we as a Human race do not change our actions and thinking globally.

We are in a time of great problems on Earth that needs to be tackle by everyone. In the teaching you will find powerful knowledge, wisdom and advise that we all can use to benefit ourselves, others and the Planet we live on. So I hope you study and learn from the knowledge, wisdom, love and understandings of Billy Meier's teaching and from our Human friends from other Planets. FIGU is the official Organization of Billy Meier and was founded by him to get the teaching and the knowledge, wisdom to all Humans on Earth. 



Peace Symbol

This is the original Peace Symbol and the following is an explanation to describe the meanings within the Peace Symbol:

- The rectangle represents the grounding/fundamental block of peace which holds together and bears the tree of peace and life.
- The black and white square represents the symbol of life and peace.
- The seven „feathers“on top are the seven consciousness forms.
- The 2 x 3 „feathers“ below represent spiritual vibrations.
- The two wheels represent the universe and Creation and are connected.