Briefly, the Laws of Creation

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When the Earth Human Being thinks of laws, it is in the frame work of rules set down by politicians, company bosses, teachers and other persons. These laws serve only to control a group of persons in order to keep a society or group of persons under control, to gain money in the form of fines, to separate those human beings who murder, rape, steal and cause other acts of insane, degenerate and inappropriate behaviour. These man made laws generally serve a good purpose, however these laws which are created by the Earth Human are also corrupted and misused to serve those who have agendas. Those who make the laws on some occasions consider themselves above the laws they create and do not follow them.

The Laws of Creation can in no way, one iota, be compared to the laws Human Beings create as the Laws of Creation stand in the highest values. Nothing would exist without the Laws of Creation, as the Laws of Creation pertaining to the Material Belt, pertain to existence. From the universe itself down to the smallest microbial life form would not exist without the Laws of Creation. Indeed the Human Being himself would not exist. These Laws will never change, not even for the Human Being, until the current and first awake cycle of our Creation is no more. The Creation is still expanding and will retract, collapse after 311,040,000,000,000 (earth years). Currently the Laws of Creation have maintained the Material Belt for around 46,000,000,000,000 (earth years).

The Laws of Creation can be placed into two categories – Laws of Creation pertaining to nature and the Laws of Creation pertaining to the fine spiritual. The fine spiritual has nothing to do with any religious, paranormal and other ideologies and beliefs that the Human Being on Earth wrongly assumes exists. The fine spiritual is the Laws of Creation pertaining to the non-coarse material, for example the countless Spirit-forms, the overall consciousness block, the storage banks, the pure  spirit levels and the Laws that exist so that the Creation itself exists. The laws of Creation pertaining to nature can be seen every second of every day. You can look at yourself and know that you would not exist without the Laws of Creation.  Indeed everything around you would not exist. To gain some idea of the Law of Creation one can look at chemistry and how elements react in the same way under the same experiments, given the same conditions of that experiment.

One of the Laws of Creation is the law of cause and effect. Every effect only happens from a cause. Simply, if you throw a stone in a pond you get ripples. The cause is the stone hitting the surface of the water, the effect is wave moving and spanning out from the impact area of the stone. Therefore, nothing is random within Creation as every effect was cause by something. The laws of Creation work in the same way, however in much higher values, through chemistry, physics, the fine spiritual and the coarse material. The earth human being still does not know all the levels of the Atom, that is there are 7 levels to the Atom.

Level 7 - is the atom (by Earth terms) itself.  The atom is not only made of coarse particulate material but also of finer material and energies.  This is the coarsest of the seven levels.

Level 6 - is that of the so-called "elementary particles" which is a misnomer since they are not elementary in the construction of atoms.  These particles include neutrons, protons, and electrons.  The neutrons and protons are collectively called "nucleons" because they are the constituents of atomic nuclei.  Unlike the electron, nucleons interact by the strong nuclear force and also through gravitational interaction.  The electron however does not "feel" the attraction of gravity but does interact with nucleons via the electroweak nuclear force.

Level 5 - is the quark level.  Each nucleon does consist of 3 quarks each in various combinations.

Level 4 - not described.

Level 3 - not described.

Level 2 - is the level of the true primary molecule.  The word "molecule" here is used to mean a conglomeration of "true atoms" into a unit.  There are 49 true atoms in a primary molecule.

Level 1 - is the finest of the seven levels in the synthesis of matter.  It is the first level in which the fine spiritual has become coarse material matter/energy in its finest form.  This level consists of one type of particle plus its mirror form since it is stated that this level like all others has a mirror particle for every particle type that exists.

In addition to these levels, there is a finer type of energy that passes through all material and all space and this is a different level than the 7 mentioned above.

The Law of Creation pertaining to the creation of the coarse material is, on the one hand, cause and effect and on the other hand, not random, further the fine spiritual is of a higher evolution than the coarse material which is created from it. The Creation in its current evolution cycle has 7 belts existing of different evolution levels. The material belt, our universe, is the only belt that has the lowest form of spiritual energy within Creation, namely coarse material. The Atom is the construct that is the cause and the effect, which the material is created. Thus the whole material belt is formed out of cause and effect, through the Laws of Creation. Your body, the cells, your thinking, your material consciousness block, your Spirit-form and your development in the Womb could not exist without the creation of the Atom through the Laws of Creation, cause and effect. Thus, without the Creation nothing would exist. The same Laws of Creation exist for the Flora and Fauna which exist through the creation of coarse material through the fine spiritual of the Creation. Further, Planets and Stars are created through the same Laws of Creation. The Creation itself created the material belt and no god, tin god or higher Being exists above the Creation. There exists no god or tin god within the Creation itself. Only the Earth Human places an imaginary force, power, entity (god) above the Creation and assumes power to them as creators of the universe. The Earth Human worships this imaginary god and places a god above the Creation, thus through their own irrational thinking they force themselves further and further away from the truth, from reality and from their own evolution and understanding and knowledge.

By Stephen Moore - 19/03/2019