America, NATO, Ukraine and Russia

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I will no doubt be branded, labelled and judge as unpopular, a conspiracy theorist and even a traitor to the west when one reads what I have to say. However, the truth is the truth whether a human being recognises it, knows it and accepts it. Therefore, being popular and being a person who follows the general norm of what one is forced to think is of no interest to me.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the result of America and NATO. Through NATO America is, as it always has been, striving for world domination whereby one of their main targets is the destruction of Russia. The American government and the American shadow government are manipulating NATO who blindly and ignorantly follows like sheep unknowing what America’s agenda truly is. On the 2/2/1990 America and NATO nations promised Russia there will be no expansion of NATO to western borders of Russia. This promise/agreement has since been broken with the influence of America, through NATO, influencing Ukrainian politics and political leaders with payments to members of Ukraine’s politicians to favour the west to bring about a Ukraine that further and further moves towards the west. This covert agenda is known by Russia and now has come to a head. It would of be easier for America and NATO nations to sit down at the table with Russia and come to an agreement and make assurances on the future security of Russia. However this was not going to happen as this would put America’s agenda into a stalemate.

The war between Russia and Ukraine was started by American manipulation and is exactly what America wanted. Russia fell for it and invaded Ukraine which was an illogical, degenerate move from Russia. War is never an answer to a political problem and never truly solves anything. Innocent human beings who have nothing to do with the world powers and their childish disputes, greed for power, greed for land and insanity suffer, at the hands of mad men who promote war and carry out orders, acts of violence. In Ukraine now the political leaders, along with America and NATO nations promote Russia and Russian leaders to be the bad guys, the aggressors, guilty of all that is taking place and must be sanctioned and stopped through bankrupting Russia. These sanctions serve those in power who can hold the wealth of Russian business men at the expense of the Russian population who are made to suffer, bringing the country into a third world state, furthering America’s agenda towards Russia, further propping up America’s economy which has already collapsed and is being propped up by borrowing vast amounts of money from other countries.

Even now the Ukrainian political leaders are howling towards America and NATO states, one of which is the use of a no fly zone above Ukraine, which would be the start of a 4th world war and has as high risk of becoming a nuclear war. There have been 3 world wars in the past 500 years as follows.

World War 1 - 1756 to 1763 started by America

World War 2 - 1914 to 1918 started by Serbia and Austria-Hungary

World War 3 – 1939 to 1945 started by Germany

Through the media in the west we are continually hammered with anti Russia propaganda whereby Russia is to be hated and feared. At the time of writing this Russian media stations are now banned in the west, giving the only source of information to most human beings the media stations of the west. Before this and the war in Ukraine, Russia was for the most part speaking the truth about America and NATO regarding their broken promise, agreement and NATO’s expansion. There is no doubt there is propaganda on all sides and is ramped up by news reporters and the supporters for war, murder and destruction. Through the media the Ukrainian politicians are promoted as heroes, however their guilt of their involvement with America through payments and support is hidden along with America’s agenda, through NATO, of the wanted destruction of Russia, whereby Russia is now the world’s most hated country. Russia truly has the right and must resist from this agenda and attack from America and NATO to preserve Russia and its people. However war is not the answer and is playing into the hands of America and NATO and only furthers Ukraine to becoming a member of NATO.

There must be a buffer of neutral countries between NATO in Europe and Russia. This will bring about a future where no further conflicts can come about from America’s agenda for world domination and the destruction of Russia. To avert a 4th world war, which can result in a nuclear war, all heads of state must come to their senses and resolve this conflict in a logical, positive and lasting way without lies and deceit towards each other.

If human beings who are not in positions of power can learn to love one another and live in peace with each other regardless of their race, skin colour, language they speak and where they are born then the question must be “why can’t the human beings in positions of power do the same?”. Prove to their respective populations that they truly are wise and trustworthy leaders with the interests and well being of their respective populations at the foremost of importance.


Stephen Moore - 05.03.2022