Once again - Overpopulation

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While politicians all argue amongst themselves for power, who is right and who is wrong to rule their respective countries, who said this and that, poking their noses in countries whereby it truly does not belong, selling arms to countries to raise funding, exploiting their respective populations through money and law, continuing to withhold important information about the problems of earth, allowing the continued exploitation of earth's natural resources and not fulfilling their responsibility to the well-being of their respective countries.

While the populations of countries are either starving and living a life of true misery, living in human waste, taking all forms of drugs that destroy the human brain and body, have their heads immersed in iphones - ipads - computers - laptops - televisions - entertainment, worrying about how much money and wealth they can accumulate, living a life of carelessness and not taking responsibility for themselves, trusting in a non existent god of any name, trusting what a book with no factual evidence what so ever tells them to do along with preachers.

While the earth human being is so caught up in delusions, religion, politics, power, entertainment and a life of carelessness the earth it self has and continues to be damaged, in some cases beyond repair or for 1000's of years. This damage the earth human being has to bare full and sole responsibility for with the insane, illogical, unnatural, not inline with the laws of Creation and the spiritual teaching overpopulation. On December 31, 2010 (midnight) the Plejaren counted accurately the precise number of human beings alive on earth at that moment in time. The number was a staggering 8'102'716'701 human beings. At he end of 2013 the Plejaren population count for the number of earth human beings was 8'424'738'019. In only 3 years the human population has risen by 322'021'318 human beings. That is roughly 107'340'439 human beings per year. In another 3 years if this continues there will be roughly 8'746'759'337 human beings the earth has to provide oxygen, food, fresh water and land for. The earth already cannot truly sustain the human population now. With over a billion human beings on earth starving, the destruction of the environment to make way for more housing and industry, the depletion of the natural forests to provide ever more demand for wood to be used as furniture and housing, the destruction of coastlines, the ever more pollution dumped into the atmosphere and oceans and land fill, the radiation of the earth through more nuclear power plants, the destruction of the weather systems, floods and droughts, the cramming of human beings into mega cities, the disturbance of the tectonic plates through mining for minerals and the ever more decreasing health of the human being.

On November 2nd, 2013 Ptaah told Eduard Meier that from the year 2013 worldwide storms will start to increase in number and intensity. Already before 2013 the earth human has bare witness to flooding, storms some of which have been record braking in wind speed and rainfall and unbalanced weather. In 2013 when I was last at Figu in Switzerland I was told that the weather system on earth is now damaged and that it will take up to 1 million years to naturally repair and balance again. This is through the pollution of the atmosphere and destruction of the natural land at the hands of billions of human beings.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 481" dated 14th October 2009

... But now a question regarding the oxygen collapse, respectively, the atmospheric collapse, on the planet Akart, of which you spoke on February 3rd of this year in the 476th official contact conversation. What must I understand “oxygen collapse” and “atmospheric collapse” to mean?
An oxygen collapse, respectively, an atmospheric collapse, arises as a result of a massive over-impregnation of the atmosphere by the molecule CO2, which enters the atmosphere, as well as the oceans and other bodies of water, as well as the soil of the Earth, and radically alters the climate. An oxygen and atmospheric collapse would be evoked by a massive excess of CO2, which means a bad fate for the entire Earth humanity. It would evoke a threatening catastrophe consisting of the destruction of life itself. This is caused by the incessantly growing overpopulation, through which constantly more monstrous amounts of CO2 are produced and, with that, not only the air is impregnated, but actually everything up to the highest heights of the mountains and the deepest depths of the oceans is impregnated. The molecule already exists in dangerous amounts everywhere on the entire Earth and unfolds its dangerousness which does not only express itself in the destructive manner, being climate change, with all the natural catastrophes which more and more take the upper hand, which always demand more and more human lives and cause destruction which cannot again be repaired in a practical amount of time. And actually, all of that is founded singly and alone in the overpopulation of the Earth humans, who senselessly multiply like noxious vermin and thereby also produce more damaging material of all kinds, and CO2, and thereby impregnate the atmosphere and reduce the oxygen content - this, along with all other destructive machinations like the logging and clearing of the rainforests - the green lungs of the Earth - and, bound to that, the creation of infertile desert areas. Naturally the Earth has always contained the molecule CO2, but the CO2 content has drastically risen through the irrational pushing ahead of the overpopulation which constantly burns more fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum and gas, principally through the internal combustion engines of road and marine vehicles, work machinery, and aircraft engines, as well as through nonsensical kinds of motor sports. In addition to that is still the enormous overproduction of animals, which are bred as means of nourishment for the humans and which exhale, and release from the colon, horrendous amounts of methane and other gasses. But also, due to the thawing of the permafrost, enormous amounts of all kinds of dangerous gasses are released which enter the air. Further, it is also the Earth human himself who puts CO2 in the air through his exhalation, and indeed already in dangerous amounts, as a result of the monstrous overpopulation. Every year, in this way, the Earth human is to blame that millions of tonnes of dangerous materials are produced, along with other poisons, and are blown into the air, and that increases as the incessantly growing overpopulation increases. And actually today Earth humanity stands on the brink of the serious threat that everything is leading to a collapse, as was the case with Akart. And if a stop, in a rational way, is not finally ordered to the overpopulation then it all increases more and more, and faster, whereby, finally, nothing more can be saved. If, therefore, the CO2 content continues rising unabated, then the catastrophe is no longer avoidable. And a rapid reduction can, singly and alone, only come about through the prevention of overpopulation, because actually only in that way does all the nonsensical production of CO2 also rapidly decrease. But if that is given no heed then the oxygen content and the atmosphere of the Earth would be so overburdened by CO2 that a collapse would unavoidably result. And if the concentration of the molecules climbs in this manner then the respiration of all relevant life forms on the Earth would be so impaired that it would no longer be possible for them to take up sufficient oxygen. When inhaled, the CO2 concentration already becomes deadly for Earth humans, and for the other actual oxygen-breathers, when it only amounts to eight percent.
That will naturally not be made public by the scientists and by the governments; quite the contrary. They will hold useless climate conferences and make decisions which are even more senseless, as, for example, that within a certain period of years the CO2 output is to be reduced by such and such a percent. Truly, this is completely nonsensical fussing and posturing because, even if that which is decided were to be achieved, the entire thing is not even a drop on a hot stone. This is because, already in the time between the resolution and its realisation, hundreds of millions more human beings will populate the Earth and produce still more filth and CO2 than the quantity that was decided upon. Therefore, the entire climate conference is counter-productive and idiotic because the only correct solution would be one from conferences concerned with the reduction of the overpopulation, at which resolutions, which are effective worldwide, for the radical decimation of the overpopulation, would be made and carried out and certainly by means of a worldwide, regulated control of births. This would thereby have to be such that many more completely natural cases of death come about than the number of births.

That would be the real and humane solution, which could be carried out in a simple manner and would also guarantee that all evils and catastrophes evoked by the human beings of the Earth can be reduced and that the worst could still be prevented.

You have already taught that to the Earth human beings since your youth, in that you sent your explanatory writings to those in positions of responsibility on the Earth and to all the media. Unfortunately, however, up to today none of your efforts have borne valuable fruit. On the contrary; you have now been attacked and reviled up to the current time, while, since time immemorial, others with rank and name are built up as stars although they simply only reveal that which you have taught for decades, about which you have warned and which now is being frighteningly borne out, as a result of climate change. This corresponds to an incomparable disgrace, because it would only have been fair if your predictions had thereby been mentioned.
You should not agitate yourself on account of that, because I do not belong to the world of rank and name. But it must be said that when these people with rank and name are built up as stars, as you say, it is actually good that they do something, even if their wisdom has not grown from their own knowledge. But unfortunately these rank and name people are too late with their deeds, because climate change can no longer be halted. There would probably still be something to save, respectively, the worst could still be prevented, if humanity finally became more sensible and stopped the overpopulation, which is indeed firstly and lastly the true reason why everything is going off course in regards to the climate and also in other ways.
When I consider all the warnings and predictions which you have written and spread worldwide, which, however, brought no success at all and did not bring the Earth human beings to a change towards what is reasonable, there is not much hope, or none at all, that the correct thing will be done, and a worldwide regulated birth stoppage will be arranged


Ptaah spells it out and one does not need to be a scientist, politician or any special qualifications to truly understand what Ptaah has said. If each earth human being used their own power of thinking then this information is self evident. However the earth human being truly does not know how to think in a logical way. This will only change in around 800 years when the earth human being or that perhaps could be what is left of the earth human beings truly starts to take the spiritual teaching, brought to earth once again in our current times (books OM, Goblet of Truth and the many other books from Eduard Meier and Figu), seriously.

This being true the earth human being must now finally start to understand part of the damage overpopulation is doing not only to the earth but ultimately themselves and all life on earth.

The following are satellite photos taken of various parts of earth, past and present, showing the true extent of urban sprawl. The destruction of the environment to make way for expanding towns and cities. Images and information from http://www.citylab.com


Tokyo - 1989 and 2011


These false-color images of Tokyo show a very dense city becoming even more so. The green areas represent open or vegetated space, while the pinks and purples represent urbanized areas. Tokyo prefecture grew from a population of about 11.4 million in 1970 to more than 13 million in 2010. The metropolitan area grew by about 7 million people over that time, and now stands at nearly 37 million.


Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - 1986 and 2006


In 2006, Ouagadougou was home to about 1.4 million, more than doubling its 1998 population of 690,000. Along with this growth has come a rapid spreading of the city's reaches. Again, the pink and purple tones show urbanized areas, and the expansion of the city between 1986 and 2006 is extensive in all directions.


Las Vegas - 1984 and 2011


There are two very stark things happening in this animation: the rapid development of Las Vegas into the desert and the dramatic reduction of water in the nearby Lake Mead* reservoir. The connection between the two should be obvious.


Tehran - 1985 and 2009


In 1986, Tehran's population was about 6 million. By 2009 it had grown to more than 10 million, and the city has spread out to accommodate this growth.


Chandler, Arizona - 1985 and 2011


The biggest of the suburban cities to develop in between Phoenix and Tucson, Chandler has seen explosive growth over the past few decades. The population was less than 50,000 until the early 1980s, but has since shot up to more than 230,000 as of the 2010 Census.


Istanbul - 1975 and 2011


As Istanbul goes from blood red to grayish-beige in these images, the population grows from about 2.5 million in 1975 to 13 million in 2011.


Ontario, California - 1985 and 2010


This southern California city has seen massive growth in recent decades. As can be seen in the lower left corner of these images, warehouse space has spread widely around the city's airport over the past quarter-century.


Dubai - 2000 and 2010

One of the best examples of the instant megacity, Dubai has changed dramatically since oil was discovered there in the 1960s. The change over just the past decade has been incredible.


Santiago, Chile - 1985 and 2010


In the early 1980s, Santiago's population was around 4 million. By 2010 it had reached nearly 5.8 million.


Pearl River Delta, China - 1973 and 2003


The starkest transition from rural to urban has taken place over just 30 years in the Pearl River Delta in southeastern China. Virtually overnight, megacities like Guangzhou and Dongguan have developed, and each now boast more than 12 and 8 million residents respectively.


When looking at the photos above 2 assumed statements that are given to the public are nonsense. Firstly, China's one child policy, clearly is not worth the paper it is printed on. Secondly, only third would countries are responsible for overpopulation, clearly the evidence shows that all countries including the USA are increasing in their population, thus city sizes. Thus destroying natural land and the habitats, home lands of animal and plant species. All this expansion increases pollution and the demand for energy from fossil fuels and radioactive power plants. Truly if the population was at a reasonable level of around 529 million there would be no demand or need to built radioactive power stations that leak radiation more times then is publicly admitted or burn tons upon tons of fossil fuels to feed the demand.

2003 was the tipping point whereby the catastrophes from the law of cause and effect and the overpopulation could be stopped. Now, 2014 and 8.4 billion human beings on earth and rising, the many future catastrophes can no longer be avoided. Perhaps if the human being of earth finally comes to his senses and leaves behind all the crap of politics that want ever more increasing human beings to become tax payers, the religions that tell human beings to go fourth and multiply to create ever more religious god believers into their cults and the mass human population that continues to breed like fungus on a slice of bread, then some of the future problem and catastrophes could be avoided or lessened. The question is will the human beings of earth finally become wise human beings and take responsibility for their lives and the planet they live on? and reduce the human being numbers through a world wide birth control consisting of 7 years total no births, 1 year of regulated births, then 7 years of no births and continue in this manner until the human being numbers naturally through natural death comes to a reasonable 529 million humans beings?

Stephen Moore 29/06/2014