A Word From Me

Symbol   Geist

Human Being of Earth, do not be afraid of the truth, to seek the truth and be knowing in the truth. The truth about oneself and life, existence and the meaning of life is not to be feared but rather to be searched for and understood. Human Beings with your consciousness, thoughts, feelings and actions should daily strive for what is right in accordance with the natural laws of Creation. You are an animal in the wilderness searching for the reason for your own existence, the reason why you live and what must be done. You have been lied to, manipulated and falsely lead by those who knowingly and unknowingly have created false teachings which serve only to enslave your consciousness and hide you away from your own realisation of the truth of oneself and the Creation. It is true that many Human Being who dwell on Earth today have been, in former reincarnations of your own Spirit-form and consciousness block, participants of the false teachings, the spreading and endorsing. However now the Earth Human is owed no more time for the false teachings which have since the time of the destruction of Atlantis and Mu and in further times when the Lyrians first came to Earth and caused much havoc, degeneracy and de-evolution, when Human Beings from the universe visited Earth and claimed themselves to be god and creator which some of you in former reincarnations claimed yourselves through your natural low evolution and understanding of reality.

Do not be afraid to stand before other Human Beings who force their beliefs and ideologies upon you which cause confusion within your own thoughts and feelings. Be always knowing in the truth of Creation and one's own consciousness and Spirit-form that every single Human Being that ever lived and ever will live will have. If you know the truth of Creation, however little or great your understanding, do not then turn away from the truth to lead a live of untruth enslaved by false teachings through fear or fear of seeming different from those around you. You hold the responsibilities of your own lives. your own thoughts, feelings and actions and you should strive daily to hold yourself to the truth of Creation and your own existence. Do not force your knowledge and understand of the truth of Creation onto those amongst you who follow false teachings and ideologies as this causes confusion in their own consciousness, thoughts, feelings and actions. Human Beings must themselves through their own thoughts, feelings and actions and further through their own experiences and cognitions find and understand the truth. Those who make the truth available through means of writings have placed the truth there for you to learn and understand but it is you yourself who must bring yourself to understand, think and come to the realisation of the truth.

Human Being of Earth the time for you to change for the better and for the good has never before been more urgent. However it is up to you to change for the better and for the good as your lives, your future and your planet and how the future is created is solely dependent upon how you think, feel and act. Indeed life changing events happen which are of cosmic origin from a meteor strike to a volcanic eruption. These events are as a rule unchangeable however through your mass overpopulation events have been set in motion which you are solely to blame for. Through wars, overpopulation, nuclear weapons, radioactive power stations, the use of radio waves, fossil fuels, chemicals and so on including your own fluidal forces you have caused effects on the Earth which are witnessing daily for those with open eyes and those who have not lost their senses. It is solely up to the Human Beings of Earth to change to the better and good and turn away from greed, power hunger and self agrandinisation and solely up to you Human Beings to turn towards the betterment for all life on Earth and to cause the effect of a peaceful harmonious future for future Human Beings which you will be part of in your future reincarnations of your own Spirit-form and new consciousness block.

Never before on Earth has there been an urgency for Human Beings to change their thoughts, feelings and actions and to change from being separated from each other through prejudice, race, wealth, social status and the knowing and unknowing of the truth of Creation. The time is now to ask oneself, to search within oneself and to ask each other is this how we want our future to be because daily you are creating your future. There is no present, only the past and future. Daily, hourly, minutely and secondly your are creating the past and moving into the future and creating the future through the Creational law of cause and effect. If you create war within the past this effects the future as one example. If you cut down all your trees you create a very unpleasant future.

So I ask you. Do you want a future which brings to you in future reincarnations love, peace freedom and harmony whereby all Human Beings are treated equal as equal to oneself within the Creation, whereby no wars are waged for profit, religious false teaching, resources, power or do you want to continue to live a life of falseness, unknowing and hardship?

No god, ET, savoir is going to come and solve our problems. It is solely up to each Human Being on Earth.


Stephen Moore