Incarnation and Reincarnation of the Spirit-form

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Important Note: This document is intended to give a basic idea into the reality of the Human Being's/Spirit-form's incarnation and reincarnation process. It must be said that I am not qualified to teach the Spiritual Teaching as I do not possess enough of the required knowledge on this subject, also I do not have contact with the pure spirit realms or am I a herald or prophet. This document is written from my own understanding from the framework of the Spiritual Teaching as proclaimed by the 6 heralds/prophets that lived here on earth and the current 7th herald/prophet from the Spirit-form lineage of Nokodemion and also from the Plejaren and my visits to figu in Switzerland. Therefore to fully understand the Spiritual Teaching one must study directly the texts and documents written and published from Eduard Meier and the Plejaren and also figu.

The subject of incarnation and reincarnation is not widely known or spoken about on Earth. Billions of Earth Humans create thoughts of belief and ideologies of magical places where the Human Spirit-form goes to after death. It is incomprehensible to billions of Earth Humans that more then one material life on a planet is possible, indeed a reality. The truth of reincarnation has been kept hidden by religious doctrines, beliefs and ideologies of a heaven, hell, other magical places and so fourth. These religious doctrines, beliefs and ideologies do not even attempt to explain where the Human Spirit-form originated from, how the Spirit-form was created, where the Spirit-form is inside the Human Body and what is the purpose of the Human Spirit-form. One could think that within religious doctrines, beliefs and ideologies, something important as the Human Spirit-form would have a more closer, deeper explanation and understanding. However the Human Being that allows himself/herself to be submissive to religious doctrines, beliefs and ideologies is truly kept in the dark about the truth of the Human Spirit-form and reincarnation, which is replaced with a promise of a magical land which the Human Spirit-form will enter after death if the Human Being obeys the rules set down by religious false teachings.

Human Beings that follow and Human Beings that do not follow religious false teachings, doctrines, beliefs and ideologies are not all bad Human Beings who live their lives without love, respect, decency, and a life of good. However there is need for the Earth Human to understand and have knowledge of the truth of the Human Spirit-form and the process of reincarnation. This knowledge makes it possible for the Earth Human Being to turn away from thoughts of a magical place after death and to turn towards the truth of Creation and the purpose of human life. Truly if the Earth Human being had knowledge of reincarnation and accepted the fact that the planet you degenerate through your thoughts, feelings and actions in one material life is the planet you are reincarnated on in the next material life then a change in thinking is more possible towards the preservation of life and the planet as no one would have the ignorant, short sighted thoughts of "When that happens I will not be around", "You only live once, make the most of it" and "Who cares, I will be dead soon" and so on. Truly, Earth Human Beings will reincarnate onto Earth again within new Human Bodies.

The Creation, the spiritual energy we exist in, which was created out of an idea from a Ur-Creation has created the Human Spirit-form. The Creation is truly the creator of your Spirit-form and your Spirit-form is a fragment of the Creation. Your Spirit-form belongs to Creation as Creation created and set forth your Spirit-form on a path of spiritual/consciousness related evolution. Our Creation is around 46,000,000,000,000 years old (calculated in Earth years) in which Human Spirit-forms have been incarnating and reincarnating within the Material Universe (belt 4) onto planets. The Creation created all Spirit-forms at the being of the expansion period of our Creations first and current awake cycle. This is comparable to the male Human Being who throughout his life will create billions of sperm. Most will never get to fertilize an egg within the female's womb. This is the same for the created Spirit-forms in regard that not all of the Spirit-forms created by the Creation will ever enter into the reincarnation cycle, thus will never evolve. The Spirit-form that reincarnates into Human Beings is a conscious-evolutionary Spirit-form where as the Spirit-forms that reincarnate into animals and so forth are Instinct Spirit-forms and are not capable of perfecting themselves to perfection like the conscious-evolutionary Spirit-forms that reincarnate into Human Beings. The beginning of the incarnation of Spirit-forms Creation created originally 40,353,607 different races. Every race constitutes many millions of OMEDAM Spirit-forms. This creation of Human Beings took its time as life had to develop from single cell organisms. From this the development from Amino Acids and other cell life became available from comets and meteorites which then mixed with other cell life which made it possible for primate life forms to evolve to exist as Human Beings. It must be said that primate life forms does not mean that Human Beings evolved from Apes and Monkeys which is wrongly assumed here on Earth. Primate life forms simply means prime animals in there first development. Within the original 40,353, 607 different races created by Creation there was 343 skin colours.

When a Spirit-form has its incarnation, a Spirit-form has only one incarnation which is the first incarnation, it creates its own Overall Consciousness Block. The Overall Consciousness Block is a storage bank that stores knowledge and wisdom which is learnt from the Spirit-forms reincarnation life times. The Overall Consciousness Block is made up of spiritual energy in the form of vibrations. Once the Overall Consciousness Block has been created by the Spirit-form a Material Consciousness Block is created. The Material Consciousness Block is the only part of the Overall Consciousness Block which is capable of entering into a Human Being. The following is a basic diagram of the Material Consciousness Block.

When a Human Being dies the Spirit-form leaves the body along with the Material Consciousness Block. The Material Consciousness Block is emptied and all knowledge and wisdom is transferred to the Overall Consciousness Block. What is not needed from the current life that has just been lived is dissolved and discarded. This happens very quickly, however the time it takes for the next reincarnation is longer. Here on Earth the average time between reincarnations of the Spirit-form and the newly programmed Material Consciousness Block is around 152 years (1.5 x last reincarnation). However the longer you live as a Human Being during a material reincarnation the longer your Spirit-form will spend in the beyond and vice versa. Each Spirit-form is bound to a planet which it reincarnates onto until such time that it is not possible anymore to reincarnate into a Human Being through the destruction of the planet caused by war or natural causes. In this case where the Spirit-form is incapable of reincarnating onto a planet it will search out within the Material Universe another suitable planet to continue its reincarnation, thus continue to evolve. Each Spirit-form when not in a Human Being rests around the planet where it prepares for the next reincarnation. The Spirit-form and the Overall Consciousness Block reprograms the Material Consciousness Block ready for the next reincarnation. This reprogramming is based from the knowledge and wisdom of all past reincarnations and a new Material Consciousness Block is therefore programmed for the next reincarnation based also on what is still to learn and also what sex best fits your next reincarnation. The Spirit-form is like a battery in which its spirit energy engulfs the Human Body and powers every cell. The location of the Spirit-form within the Human Body is deep within the Brain, the part called The Superior Colliculus. The Spirit-form cannot be destroyed and is immortal. It is the only part of the Human Being that is immortal. The Spirit-form and Material Consciousness Block enters into the Foetus at the 21st day after conception. Before this the Foetus is not a Human Being. Only when the Spirit-form and Material Consciousness Block enter into the Foetus does a new Human Being exist and the heart starts to pump. Once this reincarnation of the Spirit-form and Material Consciousness Block has processed the Spirit-form is then responsible for developing the new Human Being, the Brain, the sex (male, female) and so on. The mother and father of the new Human Being only provide the material in which the Spirit-form then uses to develop into a human being. Therefore the personality, character, consciousness and so forth from the mother and father are not passed onto the new Human Being as the new Human Being has his/her own.

The development of the Brain, the Brain Quotient is the amount of the Brain that will be capable to be used by the Material Consciousness. The Brain Quotient is therefore the percentage of the Brain that is in use. The rest of the Brain once developed goes to waste. A Brain Quotient of 10% simply means 10% of the total Brain capacity is capable of being used. The more the Human Being consciously develops and evolves through reincarnations the more the Human Being is capable of using more Brain Quotient. The Spiritual Consciousness and the capability of the Spirit-form to use more Brain Quotient exists but as a safe guard the Brain Quotient is always lower than that which the Spiritual Consciousness and the capability of the Spirit-form is capable of using. If a normal evolution is attained then the Brain Quotient of the Human Being will increase 1% for every 1000 years. However this is rarely possible as evolution and de-evolution exists and the Brain Quotient fluctuates in percentage over 1000's of years. A female Human Being, as a rule, uses more equal amounts of both sides of the Brain whereby the male Human Being uses more of one side. This enables the female Human Being to better cope and adjust to changes in life, for example child birth and the bonding between mother and child during upbringing. This is not to say that males do not possess this ability to bond, however the females are able to adapt more and easier. This is also the case for the relationship between male and female adults. The female is able to adapt more to relationships and personal circumstances then the male within the relationship.

So what does all this reincarnating, development and conscious related evolution mean and what is it leading to?

Truly, the purpose of the Human Being is to evolve to help the Creation evolve. The Spirit-form reincarnates million fold times into new Human Beings in the first stage of this evolution and development of the consciousness. The first stage is the only stage where the Spirit-form reincarnates into material Human Bodies. The following is a list of the different stages and times of the development/consciousness-related evolution of the Spirit-form.

Material Life

The Material Life is the time in which it takes for the Human Being to develop 100% inteligence Brain Quotient. The average time for the Human Being to develop 100% inteligence Brain Quotient is 50 000 000 with a minimum of 40 000 000 years. For the Earth Human a 60 million year maximum time span is calculated to which the Spirit-form spends 18 000 000 years in a Human Body and 42 000 000 years inbetween reincarnations. Once an 100% inteligence Brain Quotient is reach the Spirit-form enters into the next level, High Council

High Council

The reincarnation of the Spirit-form ends and dwells within a human body which is half material and the material/body becomes more finer as time passes. This level leads up to the level of Arahat Athersata-level.

Pure Spirit Levels

The seven pure spirit levels are Arahat Athersata, Lantano-Bodhivar, Absaly, Darman, Euchare, Logon and Petale. In these levels no material body or fine material body is needed to further evolve in a consciouss related manner. Therefore no reincarnation is present. In each level there consisted 7 sub levels which further contain 7 sub levels.


Pure Material Life
40-60 Million years

Spirit-form reincarnation into new human bodies. From first incarnation up to the level of High Council. This time includes times when the Spirit-form is not reincarnated into a human body.

High Council
56 Million years

The reincarnation of the Spirit-form ends and dwells within a human body which is half material and the material/body becomes more finer as time passes. This level leads up to the level of Arahat Athersata-level

Arahat Athersata-level
52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

First pure spirit level. Spirit-forms no longer requires a material body to evolve. The Overall Consciousness Block merges with the Spirit-form. Arahat Athersata means valuable level, the level that inspects time.

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Second pure spirit level. Level of freedom and disengagement

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Third pure spirit level. Level of peace and love

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Fourth pure spirit level. Level of knowledge and wisdom

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Fifth pure spirit level. Level of thankfulness

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Sixth pure spirit level. Level of causes

52 Million years + (7x7=49 Sub Levels)= (49x7.4 Million =362.6 Million years)

Seventh pure spirit level. Blooming level of Creation. The crown of Creation

Life in BEING of the Creation
50 Million + 56 Million + (7 x 52 Million = 364 Million) + (7 x 362.6 = 2538.2 Million) = 3008.2 Million years

The Spirit-form has evolved to the point whereby it is capable of merging back with the Creation 3008.2 Million years after the first incarnation of the Spirit-form.


As can be seen from the table above the evolution of the Spirit-form and consciousness takes 3008.2 Million years to complete. Below is different stages of development and learning.

  • Primary Life
  • Life of Reason
  • Intellect Life
  • Realist Life
  • Creative Life
  • Spiritual Life
  • Creation Life

The first 5 learning levels pertain to the Human Being. The 6th learning level pertains to the pure spirit levels and the last level pertains to the Spirit-form once it has merged with the Creation. The recolection of past lives does not happen until the required knowledge and wisdom has been attained up to the sub level of Creative Life. The average Earth Human stands at the last stages of Life of Reason. Highly educated Earth Humans are just after the beginning of Intellect Life where as very few are at the end stage of Intellect Life. The following is a list of the 7 sub levels to the above sub levels.

Primary Life
1. Primary development of the intellect and the consciousness.
2. Primary intellect and conscious thinking.
3. Primary rational thinking.
4. Primary intellect and Consciousness-force utilisation.
5. Primary reasonable actions.
6. Primary wilful thinking and acting.
7. Rational conduct of life.

Life of Reason
1. Primary development of reason.
2. Effective realisation of reason and its application.
3. Primarydetection and recognition of higher influences.
4. Belief in higher impacts without possessing knowledge.
5. Belief in higher powers, delusional beliefs, fear of evil, of devotion to good germination time for religions, etc.
6. Primary recognition of the true reality: Moderate level of scientific development. Research, first consciousness-related developments and there use: 'spiritual healing', telepathy, etc. (current level of the average Earth Human Being)
7. Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.

Intellect Life
1. Higher development of the intellect. High tech­nology, second consciousness-related power usage with initial findings. Primary conception of life forms.
2. Implementation and application of knowledge, truth, and wisdom. Slow degradation of beliefs. (current level of educated people = Earth scientist etc.)
3. First use of knowledge and wisdom.
4. Recognition and utilization of natural laws. Creation of hyperspace technology. Second generation of life forms.
5. Natural application of knowledge and wisdom in recogni­tion of mental powers. Further reduction of beliefs.
6. Life in the knowledge and wisdom, truth, and logic.
7. Primary recognition of reality as real Absolutum. (current level of a few scientist.)

Realist Life
1. Clear understanding of reality as real Absolutum.
2. Recognition of the spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
3. Utilization of spirit of knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
4. Recognition of the reality of the Creation and its laws.
5. Life after the creative laws. Clarification of the spirit and the intellect. Recognition of the task and the real power of the spirit. Total dismantling of all beliefs.
6. Targeted and controlled utilization of spiritual and consciousness-related forces and abilities.
7. First generation of viable life forms.

Creative Life
1. Generation and control of life forms.
2. Creation of mechanical viable life forms.
3. Spiritual and consciousness-related power development to control material and organic life forms.
4. Wilful control of life and all its forms and types.
5. Level of recognitions, Recollections of past lives, etc.
6. Kingdom of wisdom = JHWH. Last second highest power of knowl­edge.
7. Recognition of spiritual peace, universal love and creative harmony.

Spirit Life
1. Recognition and realization of spiritual peace, universal love, and creative harmony.
2. Life in purely spiritual forms.
3. Spiritual creations.
4. Disembodiment of the spirit of organic bodies.
5. First spiritual existence.
6. Final spiritual existence.
7. Transition into the Creation.

Creation Life
1. Slumber over seven periods (ages).
2. Awakening and creation in the beginning of Creation as a creation during seven periods/ages.
3. Creation of life forms.
4. Creation of new-spirit in the perfection of Creation.
5. Creation of spiritual greatness within the Creation.
6. Perfection of Creation in the Creation.
7. Highest perfection in the seventh period/eternity.

The true purpose of our lives is to learn and develop in a material and consciousness-related manner. To learn the truth about life, the Creation, Creation Natural Laws and how the Creation truly works. As one can see this process of learning cannot take place during one life time. The goal of the Spirit-form is to become evolved to perfection whereby the Spirit-form can transition into the Creation itself, with all knowledge and wisdom learnt and understood.

By Stephen Moore - 2011
Further corrections by Stephen Moore - September 2012