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On this page is a look into the facts and information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. I am going to go through what has been said and given to us in regard to the current Earths Climate and Weather. What facts have been given to us about our Ozone and any problems or damaged that has or is occurring to our Atmosphere and Planet from natural or Human activity.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 215 - The Henoch Prophesies" dated February 28, 1987

Worldwide natural catastrophes
As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousandfold deaths, destruction and annihilation. America's largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery. Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also belong to that time, and these will cause much suffering and misery and deaths besides enormous destruction and devastation, as all of nature and the planet itself will rise up against the insanity of human beings on Earth. However, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will not only rage in America, but also in Europe and in the rest of the world.
These activities have already begun at the present time, also during the past decades—with the exception that they will become increasingly more devastating in the future. And man of Earth is guilty for the most part today, as also in the future it is man who will destroy the entire environment—all of nature, the atmosphere, water and all the resources of the planet. And through this, a shifting of weight inside the Earth takes place, caused for example by the creation of gigantic lakes by damming and by creating hollow caverns due to the exploitation of petroleum and gas, etc. And thereby unnatural inner-Earth movements are created, which also lead to unnatural tectonic effects and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which also in turn cause enormous climatic changes, resulting in horrendous tornadoes of devastating proportions which in the end will set their destructive energies free on the entire world. All of this will lead to increasingly horrible floods and unusually massive snowfalls which will advance to the southern countries and finally even to the equatorial regions, because through the insanity of human beings the Earth has begun unnoticeably to spin [strangely] as a consequence of atomic explosions inside and on the surface of the Earth. And this will be the reason that the planet will slowly but surely enter an extraordinary spinning orbit around the Sun, while the first phase is already occurring, which causes a change in climate, leading to a new ice age.

English translation of "Contact Report 215" can be found HERE

First off here I wanted to touch on the a few Henoch prophesies (see page "His Life" under Billy Meier.) Here is mentioned about Earthquakes and Volcanoes and the unbalancing of the tectonic plates. This in turn causes enormous climatic changes. So there is a connection between the unnatural shifting of the tectonic plates and our climate changes and weather. Another prophesy here is the fact that atomic explosions will move the Earth into a extraordinary orbit around the Sun. This is already accruing due to the testing of atomic weapons since the mid 1940's. This change in Earths orbit changes the Earth climate and the seasons are disrupted and shifted.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 249" dated June 13th, 1994

I am certain that your thoughts led you to the correct conclusion. All devices dependent upon radio waves which are worn near, or on, the body are extremely harmful to a person's health. Under certain circumstances they can even be destructive to the body or its organs, indeed dangerous to the person's life. Even a radio wristwatch is sufficient to cause this harm, as you yourself have experienced.
Such time pieces, or telephones and cordless radio systems, are not advisable; in fact they are very dangerous if not secured and screened to the point where the radio waves cannot harm the human body. Radio waves are electro-magnetic waves, or rather electro-magnetic oscillations, that are dangerous to all life should they strike it at too high a rate. This danger applies not only to radio waves, but also to high tension wires, electric generators and transformers. The physical harm caused by such waves, or rather oscillations that manifest themselves with Man and animal, can be of a purely physical or conscious nature. Anything, from eczemas and allergies to cancer, destruction of the psyche and total imbecility, is possible.
Furthermore, all species of plants, insects and micro organisms right down to microbes and others are affected by disease and destruction if they are subjected to the aforementioned conditions. Some degree of damage is sustained in every case, although it may not always be immediately recognized. The genuine cause of such health damage, as a rule, is not recognized and, therefore, is attributed to other, unrelated causes. However, prior to any damage becoming apparent, and due to these dangerous electro-magnetic influences, a person's magnetic sense of orientation is upset and possibly even destroyed soon after. This magnetic sense, inherent to human beings, animals and insects, has already been largely destroyed within Man on Earth. For decades now he has been under the steady, greatly enhanced influence of artificial electro-magnetic waves, or rather oscillations, which greatly exceed the normal, planet-related measurements and are generated by Man's own thoughtlessness. As a consequence, he is now, and has been for some time, incapable of applying and relying on his magnetic sense. Hence, he can no longer recognize, grasp and perceive many items and events in nature in the manner that animals are able to, although their magnetic sense is increasingly harmed also through the irresponsibility of mankind on Earth. Birds and animals, for instance, are guided by their magnetic sense during their annual migrations or flights from one region to another when they frequently traverse many thousands of kilometers. The longer they are exposed to this electromagnetism, the more the magnetic sense of orientation of these migratory animals and birds is upset and causes their death for many of them. Whales, for instance, lose their orientation and become stranded somewhere on river banks or in the rivers, where they die a terrible death; a situation that is increasingly becoming more common even for other aquatic wildlife forms. With increasing frequency, herds of many wild animals are losing their sense of orientation because their magnetic sense is upset. This causes them to flee and plunge, panic-stricken, over cliffs and crevasses to their death, etc. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as other great calamities of nature's elements also produce increased magnetic waves or oscillations. Animals and birds sense these increased electro-magnetic oscillations and behave accordingly. They flee or seek sanctuary elsewhere.
The same also applies to Man, and will continue to, for as long as his magnetic sense is unimpaired. Unfortunately, terrestrial Man lost the use of this capability a long time ago. The loss can be traced back to his spinelessness, which began very early in his development and continues to advance even now, for he increasingly withdraws from a coexistence with nature and Creation's laws and directives. As a result, he continues to unlearn many of the things he previously learned.

English translation of "Contact Report 249" can be found HERE

Ptaah here gives Billy lots of information in this contact. In connection with the above excerpt of the Henoch prophesies Ptaah here tells us that "Thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as other great calamities of nature's elements also produce increased magnetic waves or oscillations." From my point of view of the facts here climate is being disturbed by more frequent Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which then disrupt or give off magnetic waves into Earth's atmosphere. These magnetic waves change the natural cycle of the Earths weather systems causing more powerful storms etc. The root problem to this is once again overpopulation (see pages "Overpopulation" and "Earthquakes" under this section).

Another element to the change in Earths climate is Earth Humans technology in respect of telephones, cordless radio systems, high tension wires, electric generators and transformers. These all give off electromagnetic waves which disrupt the natural balance of Earth's natural magnetic waves. Ptaah explains that these waves are also harmful to animals and Humans. In Humans they can cause eczemas, allergies, cancer, destruction of the psyche and total imbecility. In animals, quoting Ptaah "Birds and animals, for instance, are guided by their magnetic sense during their annual migrations or flights from one region to another when they frequently traverse many thousands of kilometers. The longer they are exposed to this electromagnetism, the more the magnetic sense of orientation of these migratory animals and birds is upset and causes their death for many of them." So our use of these devices is causing many problems not only to animals and other life forms on Earth but also to Humans.

The following links are from Earth sources with information from studies of electromagnetic waves before and during Earthquakes


Excerpts from ""Open Letter to all Human Beings of Europe (1958)"

100.) Also, when nature defends itself against the human madness of planetary destruction, the Earth becomes ever more naked and less fruitful, and through the fault of humans the air will burn, because the ozone shield will slowly be destroyed.
124.) And through the fault of humans, chlorofluorocarbons sluice through the atmosphere, the Earth will burn, and melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer will take hold and demand many deaths, and all that because, through human irrationality, the majority of the ozone shield, which protects against the rays of the sun, will be destroyed, whereby the atmosphere will be like a curtain full of holes and the strong and burning light of the sun will burn the skin, and the eyes of many people will be permanently blinded.

English translation of "Open Letter to all Human Beings of Europe (1958)" can be found HERE

In 1951 Billy gave specific predictions about the Ozone layer and the damage Earth Humans will cause. Chlorofluorocarbons is mentioned here as a factor to the Ozone damaging.

So what is the Ozone layer around our Planet and what is it purpose?


Excerpt from "FIGU Bulletin 008" August 1996 (English Edition: February 1998)

Ozone Layer Ozone is derived from molecular oxygen and accumulates in the ozone layer of the atmosphere through the influence of the sun's shortwave ultraviolet (UV) rays. By absorbing the UV rays, ozone immediately disintegrates again; but the released oxygen atoms enrich themselves with molecular oxygen, and thereby generate a balance in the ozone layer by way of the ozone's synthesis and disintegration. The ozone layer is extremely important since it prevents most solar UV rays from penetrating the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, only a small portion of these damaging rays reaches this planet's surface. Ultraviolet rays in small dosages are vital to every life form, but in large doses they are harmful. For instance, exposure to strong UV rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer, while normal dosages are essential for the body to function properly. These normal functions include the body's ability to produce Vitamin D.
High ozone concentrations in layers of air close to the ground may occur particularly in those areas where a great deal of emission gases are produced, and where nitric oxides and sulfur oxides produce ozone through the influence of sunlight. Ozone in large dosages is toxic to humans, fauna and flora. With humans and animals the harmful effects upon their health appear to be mainly irritations of the mucous membranes; however, significant damages are also possible. In the early stages of exposure, plants mainly react to high ozone concentrations with bleach blemishes that can later result in further damage. Organic substances such as textiles, leather and paints, among others, are also damaged by their exposure to ozone.

English translation of "FIGU Bulletin 008" can be found HERE

From FIGU Bulletin 008 Billy is asked a question - "According to recent statements, the hole in the ozone layer has once again stabilized itself. Is this true or is it still increasing annually by 5% as Ptaah declared it to be?" The above excerpt is part of Billy's answer to this question. From Billy's writing here we have some good information of what the Ozone is in respect of how it is made or what the Ozone is made up of. Billy's answer here speaks for its self. To try and summarize from my own understanding. The Ozone is made up of molecular oxygen and this molecular oxygen accumulates in the Ozone layer due to the influence of the Sun's shortwave UV rays. So the Ozone needs oxygen as part of its natural existence. The molecular oxygen then disintegrates by way of absorbing the Sun's UV rays. So there is a process possibly that when the molecular oxygen absorbs a certain amount of the Sun's UV rays they disintegrate. When the molecular oxygen disintegrates they release oxygen atoms. These oxygen atoms enrich them selves with more molecular oxygen and thus the Ozone is recycled so to speak and always exists.

Also from Billy's answer we have information on what the purpose of the Ozone is. Billy's writes "The ozone layer is extremely important since it prevents most solar UV rays from penetrating the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, only a small portion of these damaging rays reaches this planet's surface. Ultraviolet rays in small dosages are vital to every life form, but in large doses they are harmful." Clearly the purpose of the Ozone is to protect all life on Earth from the harmful UV rays from our Sun and other UV rays from Space. It is well known on Earth that all life needs a certain amount of the Sun's UV rays or light. The Ozone keeps a balance of the UV rays/light coming into the Earth's Atmosphere thus sustaining life on Earth through filtered UV rays/light. In Billy's answer he writes that to much or high exposure to UV rays from the Sun and/or Space can cause "sunburn and skin cancer, while normal dosages are essential for the body to function properly. These normal functions include the body's ability to produce Vitamin D." The UV rays also help our bodies to produce vitamin D.


Excerpt from "FIGU Bulletin 008" August 1996 (English Edition: February 1998)

The Ozone Hole: This term is applied to the destroyed ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere above Antarctica. The destruction of the ozone layer is primarily the result of the terrestrial population's utilization of materials which wreak negative chemical and physical effects. The leading cause for the ozone layer's destruction is the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Once released, they slowly rise into the atmosphere and reach the stratosphere over a ten to fifteen year period. There they break down, releasing highly reactive chlorine atoms and chlorine oxides which, in turn, react with the ozone and split it into oxygen. The ozone hole above the Antarctic was discovered in 1985 -- approximately ten years, therefore, after I notified terrestrial scientists of the ozone layer's destruction on behalf of the Pleiadians/Plejarans (see Semjase Contact Notes Block #1, page 64a). By the end of 1992 further evaluations revealed that the hole was even larger than before. Over an expanse of nearly 23 million square kilometers [approximately 9 million square miles] above the South Pole, the ozone layer in the atmosphere by this time had already decreased by more than 50 percent. In comparison to 1991 figures, the ozone hole not only had expanded by 15 percent but the ozone had become thinner. These facts were the result of the interaction of the CFCs with halogens and sulfuric acid aerosols, which reached the atmosphere through the volcanic outbreaks of Pinatubo (June 1991) and Mount Hudson (August 1991). The aerosols seize nitrogen compounds and release reactive chlorine compounds that lead to the breakdown of the ozone. Strong evidence exists which reveals that the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere is greatly damaged and is also thinning.
Damage to the ozone layer, among other things, produces severe biological consequences such as the increased mutation rates and a rapid escalation of cancerous skin diseases. Now it is mandatory that we also take into account the negative and harmful effects of ozone depletion on our climate.

This excerpt is another part to Billy's answer to the question - "According to recent statements, the hole in the ozone layer has once again stabilized itself. Is this true or is it still increasing annually by 5% as Ptaah declared it to be?" Here Billy explains one of the most primarily causes of Ozone destruction, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). From my own understanding these are released into the Atmosphere by Humans use of CFC's in our chemical industry as well as others. Once released they move into the Stratosphere for ten to fifteen years. Then the Chlorofluorocarbons break down and release highly reactive chlorine atoms and chlorine oxides. The chlorine atoms and chlorine oxides split the Ozone into Oxygen which then breaks the natural cycle, explained above, of the Ozone's "recycling" process.

Also from Billy's answer we see that in 1992 the Ozone Hole over Antarctica was about 23 million square kilometers [approximately 9 million square miles] and the Ozone layer had decreased by more than 50%. Also the Ozone layer over the North Pole is in 1992 is damaged and thinning.


Excerpt from "NASA's AURA Satellite Peers Into Earth's Ozone Hole" dated Dec. 8, 2005

NASA's 2005 assessment of the size and thickness of the ozone layer was the first based on observations from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on the agency's Aura spacecraft. Aura was launched in 2004.
This year's ozone hole measured 9.4 million square miles at its peak between September and mid-October, which was slightly larger than last year's peak. The size of the ozone hole in 1998, the largest ever recorded, averaged 10.1 million square miles. For 10 of the past 12 years, the Antarctic ozone hole has been larger than 7.7 million square miles. Before 1985, it measured less than 4 million square miles.

Full Article can be found HERE

According to NASA's AURA satellite the hole in the Ozone layer in 2005 was 9.4 million square miles. I cannot confirm that this figure is true as I myself am always skeptical about information from Government Agencies including NASA as NASA airbrushes Photos taken in Space to remove Anomalies and UFO's etc. In Billy's answer above he says that in 1992 the hole in the Ozone layer was about 9 million square miles. So if the information from NASA is correct then the Hole has not got any bigger or smaller but only has fluctuated very slightly.

The following link is to the Environment Protection Agency and in the article it lays out the banning of CFC's in our industry and products. Not all CFC use has been banned and in some cases CFC is still being used today. Also there is a possibility that there are still CFC containing products and use that is not mentioned in the article or in the ban. So from my point of view we still have not solved the problem of CFC's and the Ozone destruction. Not until a total global banning of all types of CFC is in place and strictly adhered to.

051207105911 200px-160658main2_OZONE_large_350
Ozone Hole over Antarctica 2005 Ozone Hole over Antarctica 2006


Excerpts from "The Unknown Dangers of HAARP" by Billy Meier

These capabilities present, however, merely one facet of HAARP's technology. Possible side effects that are just as frightening must also be considered. The fact is that, to date, no one completely understands how the ionosphere will react when it is impacted by these energy-rays. We must bear in mind that the ionosphere is very fragile. Together with the ozone layer, it protects the planet Earth and all life forms from the deadly rays of outer space. It is definitely possible that the additional energy-beams emitted by the HAARP program will not only disturb but actually destroy this sensitive system and the protective ozone layer.
The bombardment of the ionosphere presents many dangerous, destructive and deadly possibilities but those in charge do not give this matter even a second thought. As a result, they are forging ahead at full speed with this secret armament project to blast holes through the ozone and heat up the ionosphere.
Ray-guns and microwave wars are almost a reality yet man cannot afford to lose the ozone layer or any other stratum enveloping the world, let alone his own life and that of the plants and animals. Humanity cannot afford to jab away at the atmosphere with gigantic giga-watt devices that gouge the Earth's surrounding atmospheres, let alone to disturb, even destroy their harmony. At the very least, the wounds inflicted to these atmospheres through this insanity will never heal and will put all Earthly life into jeopardy, perhaps forever.
The HAARP program is considered one of the greatest threats to the ozone layer by those scientists who still possess a sense of responsibility. Moreover, the HAARP program can affect many aspects on Earth including its outer spheres and all life forms. The possibilities range form skin cancer to alterations in the climatic zones, from violent storms and droughts to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is obvious that all of this is a daily part of living even now, brought about by the insanity of overpopulation and its consequences like, for example, the destruction and pollution of our environment, resulting global warming and the shifting of weight in the Earth's upper layer.

Full article can be found HERE

The use of HAARP should be shut down and all research abandoned and destroyed so no further damage from illogical, war mongering and delutional human beings can come about.

Mentioned above is the fact that the insanity of overpopulation has one consequence of global warming through the destruction and pollution of the environment. The following is a look into the problems of overpopulation but more over, global warming/climate change.


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 51" dated January 2010

Extract from the 482nd official contact conversation of November 22nd, 2009 Auszug aus dem offiziellen 482. Kontaktgespräch vom 22. November 2009
. .
Billy Billy
All that can certainly not simply pass over one without a trace. With the whole matter I simply find the stupid and stubborn behaviour of the human beings of the Earth extremely regrettable. Under no circumstances do they want to perceive, recognise or understand the actual truth, namely, that all evil, and the climate change with its natural catastrophes, is only their very own fault, which is founded in the rampant overpopulation. Admittedly, worldwide, there is talk about climate change; also at the climate conferences, as will also be the case again in December in Copenhagen. But nothing intelligent ever comes out of it. That will also be the case in Copenhagen where great and senseless words will be spoken and decisions, which are even more senseless, will be made by all those in positions of responsibility who shut their eyes and senses to the truth. There, stupid and silly speeches will be the order of the day, along with the fact that, as a result of this entire Copenhagen senselessness, enormous amounts of CO2 will be created through which the stock of oxygen on Earth will be even more impaired than it already, catastrophically, has been up until now. And, also, naturally, with the whole idiotic and dim-witted climate protection conference palaver, great masses of crazies from all over the world will organise demonstrations, and the required travel to Copenhagen will blow further enormous amounts of poison gas into the atmosphere, as is the case with the actual conference participants. Just in this regard alone both groups are equally stupid and daft and do not think at all about what they do just with their travel to make the climate catastrophe even worse. But, just as the conference participants will make dim-witted speeches and will decide on completely idiotic and ineffective measures, so are the demands of the demonstrators also dim-witted and idiotic, because they scream just as much for senseless and daft measures which are supposed to be decided by the conference participants and carried out by the countries. The demonstrators are just as stupid and daft as are the conference attendees themselves, in that they only scream for senseless measures, however they utter not a word relating to what the reason for the climate catastrophe is and what must be done about it Es kann ja nicht alles einfach spurlos an einem vorübergehen. Beim Ganzen finde ich einfach das dumme und sture Verhalten der Menschen der Erde äusserst bedauerlich. Unter keinen Umständen wollen sie die wirkliche Wahrheit wahrnehmen, sie nicht erkennen und nicht verstehen, nämlich dass alle Übel und die Klimaveränderung mit ihren Naturkatastrophen nur ihre ureigene Schuld ist, die in der grassierenden Überbevölkerung fundiert. Zwar wird weltweit über die Klimaveränderung geredet, auch bei den Klimakonferenzen, wie das auch im Dezember in Kopenhagen wieder der Fall sein wird, dabei kommt jedoch nie etwas Intelligentes heraus. Das wird auch in Kopenhagen der Fall sein, wo grosse und sinnlose Worte geführt und noch sinnlosere Entschlüsse gefasst werden durch all die Verantwortlichen, die ihre Augen und Sinne vor der Wahrheit verschliessen. Dummes und blödes Gerede gehört dabei zur Tagesordnung, nebst dem, dass durch diese ganze Kopenhagener Sinnlosigkeit Unmengen CO2 geschaffen werden, durch die der Sauerstoffbestand der Erde noch mehr geschädigt wird, als dies bisher schon katastrophal der Fall ist. Und natürlich werden beim ganzen idiotischen und schwachsinnigen Klimaschutzkonferenztheater auch wieder aus aller Welt grosse Massen Verrückte für Demonstrationen sorgen, durch deren Anreise nach Kopenhagen abermals Unmengen Giftgase in die Atmosphäre geblasen werden, wie im Fall der eigentlichen Konferenzteilnehmer. Allein schon in dieser Beziehung sind beide Gruppierungen gleich blöd und dämlich und machen sich keine Gedanken darüber, was sie allein mit ihrer Anreise tun, um die Klimakatastrophe noch zu verschlimmern. Wie aber die Konferenzteilnehmer schwachsinnige Reden führen und völlig idiotische und unwirksame Massnahmen beschliessen werden, so sind auch die Forderungen der Demonstrierenden schwachsinnig und idiotisch, weil sie gleichermassen nach unsinnigen und dämlichen Massnahmen schreien, die von den Konferenzteilnehmern beschlossen und durch die Staaten durchgeführt werden sollen. Wie die Konferenzler selbst, sind auch die Demonstranten derart dumm und dämlich, dass sie nur nach sinnlosen Massnahmen schreien, jedoch kein Wort in bezug darauf verlieren, was der Grund der Klimakatastrophe ist und was dagegen getan werden muss.

English Translation of "FIGU Special Bulletin 51" can be found HERE

Here Billy talks with Ptaah about global warming and the fact that overpopulation is not being spoken about or tackled at climate conferences. Indeed the transportation of persons to climate conferences adds to climate change with their use of transportation. Including to this are all those demonstrators who flock to demonstrate outside conferences. Here Billy states that "Under no circumstances do they want to perceive, recognise or understand the actual truth, namely, that all evil, and the climate change with its natural catastrophes, is only their very own fault, which is founded in the rampant overpopulation". Therefore all the speeches and argueing over who is more to blame for climate change and who should do what to combat it is just a farse and nothing will be solved. Until overpopulation is tackled and a birth stop and reduction is implemented all the so called solutions, for example carbon tax and carbon reduction, will not solve the climate problem. Carbon is not the only pollutant and cause of climate change which needs to be looked at. Overpopulation is the root cause.

Also here Billy mentions "enormous amounts of CO2 will be created through which the stock of oxygen on Earth will be even more impaired than it already, catastrophically, has been up until now". The following is from a contact Billy had with Ptaah on Wednesday, October 14, 2009.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 481" dated Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Regarding A Planetary Oxygen Collapse Regarding A Planetary Oxygen Collapse
. .
Billy Billy
... But now a question regarding the oxygen collapse, respectively, the atmospheric collapse, on the planet Akart, of which you spoke on February 3rd of this year in the 476th official contact conversation. What must I understand "oxygen collapse" and "atmospheric collapse" to mean? ... Doch nun eine Frage bezüglich des Sauerstoffkollapses resp. Atmosphärenkollapses auf dem Planeten Akart, von dem du am 3. Februar dieses Jahres beim 476. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch gesprochen hast. Was muss ich unter Sauerstoff- und Atmosphärenkollaps verstehen?
. .
Ptaah Ptaah
An oxygen collapse, respectively, an atmospheric collapse, arises as a result of a massive over-impregnation of the atmosphere by the molecule CO2, which enters the atmosphere, as well as the oceans and other bodies of water, as well as the soil of the Earth, and radically alters the climate. An oxygen and atmospheric collapse would be evoked by a massive excess of CO2, which means a bad fate for the entire Earth humanity. It would evoke a threatening catastrophe consisting of the destruction of life itself. This is caused by the incessantly growing overpopulation, through which constantly more monstrous amounts of CO2 are produced and, with that, not only the air is impregnated, but actually everything up to the highest heights of the mountains and the deepest depths of the oceans is impregnated. The molecule already exists in dangerous amounts everywhere on the entire Earth and unfolds its dangerousness which does not only express itself in the destructive manner, being climate change, with all the natural catastrophes which more and more take the upper hand, which always demand more and more human lives and cause destruction which cannot again be repaired in a practical amount of time. And actually, all of that is founded singly and alone in the overpopulation of the Earth humans, who senselessly multiply like noxious vermin and thereby also produce more damaging material of all kinds, and CO2, and thereby impregnate the atmosphere and reduce the oxygen content - this, along with all other destructive machinations like the logging and clearing of the rainforests - the green lungs of the Earth - and, bound to that, the creation of infertile desert areas. Naturally the Earth has always contained the molecule CO2, but the CO2 content has drastically risen through the irrational pushing ahead of the overpopulation which constantly burns more fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum and gas, principally through the internal combustion engines of road and marine vehicles, work machinery, and aircraft engines, as well as through nonsensical kinds of motor sports. In addition to that is still the enormous overproduction of animals, which are bred as means of nourishment for the humans and which exhale, and release from the colon, horrendous amounts of methane and other gasses. But also, due to the thawing of the permafrost, enormous amounts of all kinds of dangerous gasses are released which enter the air. Further, it is also the Earth human himself who puts CO2 in the air through his exhalation, and indeed already in dangerous amounts, as a result of the monstrous overpopulation. Every year, in this way, the Earth human is to blame that millions of tonnes of dangerous materials are produced, along with other poisons, and are blown into the air, and that increases as the incessantly growing overpopulation increases. And actually today Earth humanity stands on the brink of the serious threat that everything is leading to a collapse, as was the case with Akart. And if a stop, in a rational way, is not finally ordered to the overpopulation then it all increases more and more, and faster, whereby, finally, nothing more can be saved. If, therefore, the CO2 content continues rising unabated, then the catastrophe is no longer avoidable. And a rapid reduction can, singly and alone, only come about through the prevention of overpopulation, because actually only in that way does all the nonsensical production of CO2 also rapidly decrease. But if that is given no heed then the oxygen content and the atmosphere of the Earth would be so overburdened by CO2 that a collapse would unavoidably result. And if the concentration of the molecules climbs in this manner then the respiration of all relevant life forms on the Earth would be so impaired that it would no longer be possible for them to take up sufficient oxygen. When inhaled, the CO2 concentration already becomes deadly for Earth humans, and for the other actual oxygen-breathers, when it only amounts to eight percent. Ein Sauerstoff- resp. ein Atmosphärenkollaps entsteht durch eine massive Überschwängerung der Atmosphäre durch das Molekül CO2, das in die Atmosphäre sowie in die Meere und sonstigen Gewässer sowie in das Erdreich gelangt und radikal das Klima verändert. In massivem Übermass wird dadurch ein Sauerstoff- und Atmosphärenkollaps hervorgerufen, der ein schlimmes Schicksal für die ganze Erdenmenschheit bedeutet, die eine drohende Katastrophe eines Untergangs des Lebens selbst heraufbeschwört. Dies durch die unaufhaltsam wachsende Überbevölkerung, durch die stetig mehr an ungeheuren Mengen CO2 produziert und damit nicht nur die Luft geschwängert wird, sondern selbst alles bis auf die höchsten Höhen der Berge und in die tiefsten Tiefen der Ozeane. Das Molekül ist bereits in gefährlichem Masse allüberall auf der ganzen Erde und entfaltet seine Gefährlichkeit, die nicht nur in der zerstörenden Weise des Klimawandels zum Ausdruck kommt, mit all den immer mehr überhandnehmenden Naturkatastrophen, die immer mehr Menschenleben fordern und Zerstörungen anrichten, die in zweckdienlicher Zeit nicht wieder behoben werden können. Und tatsächlich fundiert all das einzig und allein in der Überbevölkerung der Erdenmenschen, die sich wie Ungeziefer sinnlos vermehren und dadurch auch mehr Schadstoffe aller Art und CO2 produzieren und damit die Atmosphäre schwängern und den Sauerstoffgehalt vermindern. Dies nebst allen anderen zerstörerischen Machenschaften, wie dem Abholzen und Roden der Regenwälder, den grünen Lungen der Erde, und dem damit verbundenen Schaffen von fruchtlosen Wüstengebieten. Natürlich hat die Erde schon immer das Molekül CO2 enthalten, doch durch das vernunftlose Vorantreiben der Überbevölkerung, die stetig mehr an Fossilbrennstoffen wie Kohle, Erd-petroleum und Gase verbrennt, hauptsächlich durch Explosionsmotoren von Strassenfahrzeugen, Arbeitsmaschinen, Schiffsmotoren und durch Antriebsaggregate von Flugzeugen sowie durch die unsinnigen Motorsportarten, hat sich der CO2-Gehalt drastisch erhöht. Dazu kommt noch die ungeheure Überproduktion von Tieren, die als Nahrungsmittel für den Menschen gezüchtet werden und die Unmengen von Methan und anderen Gasen ausatmen und durch Winde ablassen. Aber auch durch das Auftauen des Permafrostes werden Unmengen von allerlei gefährlichen Gasen freigesetzt, die in die Luft gelangen. Weiter ist es auch der Erdenmensch selbst, der durch sein Ausatmen CO2 in die Luft absetzt, und zwar durch die ungeheure Überbevölkerung in bereits gefährlichen Mengen. Jedes Jahr werden so durch die Schuld des Erdenmenschen Millionen von Tonnen des gefährlichen Stoffes nebst anderen Giften produziert und in die Luft geblasen, und das je länger je mehr durch die unaufhaltsam wachsende Überbevölkerung. Und tatsächlich steht heute die Erdenmenschheit am Rande einer schweren Bedrohung bezüglich dessen, dass alles auf einen Kollaps hinausläuft, wie das bei Akart der Fall war. Und wird der Überbevölkerung nicht endlich in vernünftiger Weise Einhalt geboten, dann steigert sich das Ganze immer mehr und schneller, wobei dann letztlich nichts mehr zu retten ist. Wenn also der CO2-Gehalt weiterhin unvermindert steigt, dann ist die Katastrophe nicht mehr abwendbar. Und eine rapide Verminderung kann einzig und allein nur durch die Unterbindung der Überbevölkerung zustande kommen, weil nämlich nur dadurch sich auch all die unsinnigen CO2-Produktionen rapide vermindern. Wird dem aber keine Beachtung geschenkt, dann wird der Sauerstoffgehalt und die Atmosphäre der Erde durch CO2 derart überlagert, dass unweigerlich ein Kollaps erfolgt. Und steigt die Konzentration des Moleküls in dieser Weise an, dann wird dadurch die Atmung aller Lebensformen auf der Erde derart beeinträchtigt, dass nicht mehr genug Sauerstoff aufgenommen werden kann. Tödlich wird für den Erdenmenschen und für die anderen eigentlichen Sauerstoff -atmer die CO2-Konzentration bereits, wenn diese gerade mal acht Prozent beträgt und eingeatmet wird.

English translation of "Contact Report 481" can be found HERE

Here Ptaah explains that an Oxygen collapse can be brought about by an excess of the CO2 molecule which builds up in Earth atmosphere, land and oceans. From my understanding, this increas in CO2 is brought about on Earth by human actions. Through our use of fossil fuels we are pumping enormous amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere which then penertrate the land and also the oceans. To add to this the melting ice in the polar regions aswell and ice caps on mountains releasing stored CO2. Also on top of this we are removing the lungs of the Earth, rain forests which absorb CO2 and produce Oxygen.

All this is due not only to our use of fossil fuels but also our overpopulation. As more and more humans live on Earth the more Oxygen we use and the more CO2 we exhale.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 489" dated Monday, March 1st, 2010.

Billy Billy
...Actually I have something which still requires an explanation from your side. Christian Frehner brought me a question from Michael Horn and Professor James Deardorff regarding the current CO2 content of the terrestrial atmosphere. ...Tatsächlich habe ich etwas, das noch einer Erklärung deinerseits bedürfte: Christian Frehner brachte mir eine Frage von Michael Horn und Professor James Deardorff bezüglich des gegenwärtigen CO2-Gehaltes in der irdischen Atmosphäre.
But since I was not quite sure in regard to an answer, I asked Florena on February 25th for an explanation. Da ich aber nicht ganz sicher war in bezug auf eine Antwort, fragte ich am 25. Februar Florena um eine Erklärung.
Both obviously thought that the current content is not yet dangerous and that it also does not climb so quickly. Beide meinten offenbar, dass der gegenwärtige Gehalt noch nicht gefährlich sei und dieser auch nicht so schnell ansteige.
Besides that, they spoke of a 4 percent CO2 content, which is not, however, what was mentioned in our conversation of October 14th last year in regard to CO2. Ausserdem sprachen sie von 4 Prozent CO2-Gehalt, wovon bei unserem Gespräch bezüglich des CO2 am 14. Oktober letzten Jahres aber nicht die Rede war.
Florena answered my question by quoting the exact current content as 0.046 percent. Florena beantwortete meine Frage damit, dass der genaue gegenwärtige Gehalt mit 0,046 Prozent anzugeben sei.
This is in contrast to the claims of the terrestrial scientists who, with inexact calculations, would only calculate a value of 0.039 percent. Dies stehe gegensätzlich zu den Behauptungen der irdischen Wissenschaftler, die mit ungenauen Berechnungen nur einen Wert von 0,039 Prozent berechnen würden.
I assume, concerning that, that a misunderstanding probably exists with the two and they took the terrestrial scientists' lower value as the starting point and that this is not yet dangerous and for which reason it is also not to be evaluated as grave. Dazu nehme ich an, dass wohl ein Missverständnis bei den beiden vorliegt und sie von dem niedrigeren Wert der irdischen Wissenschaftler ausgingen und dass dieser noch nicht gefährlich und deshalb auch nicht als gravierend einzustufen sei.
However, how they arrived at 4 percent is a puzzle to me because neither of us mentioned this number in our conversation. Wie sie allerdings auf 4 Prozent kamen, ist mir ein Rätsel, denn wir beide haben diese Zahl bei unserem Gespräch nicht erwähnt.
What is to be said about that? Was ist dazu zu sagen?
. .
Ptaah Ptaah
It is correct that the current CO2 content on the Earth amounts to 0.046 percent, respectively 460 ppm [parts per million] which is truly quite a lot more than the terrestrial scientists register with their inadequate apparatuses. Es entspricht der Richtigkeit, dass der gegenwärtige CO2-Gehalt auf der Erde 0,046 Prozent resp. 460 ppm beträgt, das wahrheitlich einiges mehr ist, als die irdischen Wissenschaftler mit ihren mangelhaften Geräten registrieren.
This CO2 content of 0.046 percent is not yet very grave for the life forms, but, with humans who are more susceptible than others regarding CO2, it leads to very frequent migraines, with nausea and dizziness. Dieser CO2-Gehalt von 0,046 Prozent ist für die Lebensformen noch nicht sehr gravierend, doch führt es bei Menschen, die in bezug auf CO2 mehr anfällig sind als andere, zu sehr häufigen Migräneanfällen mit Übelkeit und Schwindel.
But, among diverse other factors, the molecule also strongly influences the climate and therefore contributes to climate change. Doch das Molekül beeinflusst unter diversen anderen Faktoren auch stark das Klima und hilft also beim Klimawandel mit.
The content of 460 ppm is therefore not harmless. Instead, it has already, for a long time, shown certain effects with humans who are susceptible to it, as it also has in regard to climate change, through which natural catastrophes take the lives of many humans. Der Gehalt von 460 ppm ist also nicht harmlos, sondern zeitigt schon seit geraumer Zeit gewisse Wirkungen bei dafür anfälligen Menschen, wie aber auch hinsichtlich des Klimawandels, durch dessen Naturkatastrophen viele Menschen ihr Leben verlieren
The named 0.046 percentage of CO2 impregnates the atmosphere whereby however this says nothing about the CO2 which has accumulated and continues to accumulate in the soil and in the oceans and other bodies of water, and which is freed, by and by, as a result of various processes and also enters the atmosphere this way. Der genannte 0,046-Prozentsatz CO2 schwängert die Atmosphäre, wobei dies aber noch nichts über das CO2 aussagt, das sich im Erdreich und in den Ozeanen und sonstigen Gewässern angesammelt hat, sich weiter ansammelt und sich nach und nach durch verschiedene Vorgänge befreit und so auch in die Atmosphäre gelangt.
It also says nothing about how the CO2 damages all seas and other bodies of water in that it acidifies them. Auch sagt es nichts darüber aus, dass das CO2 allen Meeren und sonstigen Gewässern schadet, indem es diese versäuert.
The gas will be poisonous for the humans when, in the air, it reaches a content of approximately one percent which will then already lead generally to headaches and chronic tiredness. Giftig für die Menschen wird das Gas, wenn es in der Luft einen Gehalt von etwa einem Prozent erreicht, was dann bereits allgemein zu Kopf schmerzen und chronischer Müdigkeit führt.
It has an absolutely deadly effect when it reaches a content of 8 percent in the air. Absolut tödlich wirkt es, wenn es einen Gehalt von 8 Prozent in der Luft erreicht.
Naturally the entire thing still corresponds to a longer process and will not take effect overnight, but the whole thing will not be stopped if the Earth humans proceed with their uncontrollable reproduction and continue to produce the gas in excessive amounts as they have until now. Natürlich entspricht das Ganze noch einem längeren Prozess und wirkt sich nicht von heute auf morgen aus, doch ist das Ganze nicht aufzuhalten, wenn die Erdenmenschen in ihrer unkontrollierbaren Vermehrung weiterfahren und weiterhin im Übermass das Gas so produzieren wie bis anhin.

English translation of "Contact Report 489" can be found HERE


Ptaah tells Billy that the true figure for the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is 0.046% - 460 ppm


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