Standardizing, Stereotyping of the Human Being

Symbol   Geist

When one sits and observes the Human Being with no prejudice, thoughts of indifference and with a clear opened mind it should become apparent that each Human Being is different. This difference can be seen in the Human Being’s body shape and figure, their character, their personality and their actions. Truly, Human Beings have the same body parts with the only different being between male and female, the reproductive organs and breasts. Further Human Beings on Earth have different coloured skin, eyes and hair. However the same body parts as Human Beings of a different skin, eye and hair colour. Therefore Human Beings have the same bodies but in different variations for example the pre-mentioned different coloured skin, eyes and hair and also height, weight, body shape, hand size, feet size and so on. This happened naturally within Creation and there exist no Law of Creation whereby a Human Being is designed, grown or meant to be one skin type, or body size and one body shape. The reincarnating Spirit-form, along with the material consciousness block, is responsible for the early development of each Human Being using the coarse-material supplied by the mother and father. This is a Law of Creation which further allows for the difference in Human Beings as mentioned before. There is no standardizing of the Human Being within Creation or its Laws, not here on Earth or any of the numerous Planets in the Material Belt, the coarse-material universe, which support life.

Here on Earth the Human Being has been made to think and believe that one type of Human Being is more important, worthy, beautiful, special and favoured than another type of Human Being. This is especially noticeable among the females. On Television, in Magazines and in Shops of all kinds so called beautiful women are used to sell products from cosmetics, to cars, to the simplest of things. This type of standardizing and stereotyping of women is in the framework of how a woman should look like and accepted by males and also females in society. Mostly this standardizing and stereotyping of women portrays a woman with lots of cosmetics painted on her face, big breasts, slimish figure and wearing fashionable clothing. This fakery of women does however damage women within their world of thoughts, feelings and actions. Women who lack self-confidence or have been treated less than a Human Being in their lives look at these fake, made to look good, images of women and start to think that they themselves should look like this to be more noticed, accepted, confident and worthy in society. Truly, a woman should never allow themselves to be tricked and manipulated like this by images of fakery as truly, all women are beautiful. No woman is ugly within Creation and Creation does not one iota favour one woman more than the other, simply on how they look, how their bodies are shaped and sized. Only Human Beings create this indifference and use it to gain profits from women who have a different body size and shape to the fake ones they use to sell products.

Further, here on Earth there exist many thoughts within women on their Breast size. Again on Television, in Magazines and in Shops women are portrayed to have what is standardized and stereotyped as medium or large Breasts. Truly there is nothing wrong, shameful, indifferent, ugly, unattractive or displeasing, to men, with a woman who’s Breasts are smaller. Breasts are on a woman to provide milk for a baby, this is their sole purpose. Indeed men are attracted to a woman’s Breasts, this is a natural attractive impulse. However men favour different women with different sized Breasts along with different sized and shaped bodies. Women with smaller Breasts must never allow it to come into their thoughts and feelings that they are unattractive, not appealing or never will be liked or accepted by men and society simply because of Breast size. It must be said that women with larger breasts must never allow themselves to be manipulated, deceived or think and feel that they are more beautiful, accepted and more worthy, important, than women with smaller Breasts. Truly, this type of egoism is noticeable among women and truly is not worthy, indeed this type of self-importance, simply because a woman has herself larger Breasts, is an error in thinking and feeling and will never bring true inner peace, harmony and happiness

Truly, Creation does not favour Human Beings over Human Beings and it does not favour one type of woman from another. Only Human Beings, with their primitive thinking, favours themselves and other Human Beings simply on Breast size, body size and shape. Each woman, therefore, is equal to the next woman and is equally beautiful to the next.

Standardizing and stereotyping of the Human Being is not solely arranged and used because of the Human Body. How Human Beings think and the actions resulting from the thoughts is also standardized and stereotyped. This happens in education, work places, among social statuses, health care, religious institutes and false doctrines, police and security services, military and even among friends and families. Each Human Being creates their own thoughts and no Human Being as the same thoughts as the next Human Being. It happens that two or more Human Beings can think the same ideas, have the same conclusions, however each Human Being would have first had thoughts, thought about what was needed to attain the idea and conclusion. Thoughts are created within the Human Being’s consciousness, part of the Human Being’s material consciousness block. Impulses from the sub consciousness, part of the Human Being’s material consciousness block, are transferred into the consciousness, whereby the Human Being as the ability to create both correct and incorrect thoughts. There is a point in the Human Being’s consciousness related evolution, through manifold reincarnations of the Spirit-form, that he/she is consciously evolved to a point whereby he/she is able to control mostly or completely the thoughts they create and discard quickly the incorrect thoughts. The more consciously evolved a Human Being is the faster he/she is able to think and process thoughts.

Therefore, each Human Being has their own thoughts in-which the Human Being’s feelings and actions arise. Further each Human Being is on his/her own path of learning, developing, evolving consciously and no Human Being must be standardized against another Human Being, ideology, social status, importance, knowledge, education, job, their ideas, their understanding of a subject and even to which lifelong partner they should be with. Standardizing of Human Being’s creates confusion within one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions because the Human Being is being manipulated through force to be someone they truly are not and/or could never be. A false image of ones self, self-lying and delusion comes about whereby the Human Being loses his/her individuality, control of their lives and their evolution and further their ability to learn, develop and understand, to form conclusions, cognitions. Each Human Being is bound by the given Law of Creation of freewill. Without freewill the Human Being is stagnated in his/her evolution due to not being able to follow their own thoughts, ideas, realisations and dreams, to further learn and develop understandings and cognitions.

The standardizing of Human Being’s in an attempt to manipulate, deceive and by use of force is truly a negative, damaging and degenerate form. Each Human Being must be allowed to use their own freewill, thoughts, ideas, dreams, conclusions, understandings, cognitions as this is how a Human Being can further develop and consciously evolve. Mistakes are made by every Human Being, however it is important that the mistake is recognised, thought upon and further learnt from. A Human being can make the same/similar mistake many times over. However each time the mistake is repeated the Human Being will think, feel and act differently to the previous mistake made until a point is reach whereby the Human Being thinks, feels and acts in the correct way due to having completed experience, knowledge, development, understanding, conclusion and cognition of the mistake and how to never make that mistake again. Standardizing and stereotyping of the Human Being is therefore counter active, negative to this process, which the Human Being must go through uncountable times during one and all reincarnations of the Spirit-form. Simply, the Human Being is not allowed freewill through standardizing to further develop in a conscious related evolutional way.

Materialistic Standardizing is rampant among Human Beings of Earth and starts at an early age in education. Children are taught that they must be successful and to be successful they need to get a good job that pays a lot of money, to which they can buy excessive material possessions from cars, clothes, gadgets of all kinds, more than one house or apartment, take expensive holidays, get married with an expensive big wedding, have more than a maximum of 3 children and live a life of carefreeness and luxury. Children are bombarded with this materialistic standardization and force to succeed above all else. And if the child is having problems with keeping up with the bombardment he/she is standardized as having learning difficulties, not performing well, under achieving and so on. Indeed, Human Beings can suffer brain damage and problems within their own material consciousness block, which then impairs their ability to learn, however this should never be looked upon as being unsuccessful or as under achieving. The same must be said to children’s learning abilities in education whereby the use of fear of not being able to succeed in life to achieve the fore mentioned materialistic lifestyle and failing in life. Indeed, Human Beings are material beings and each Human Being needs material things, items to live and survive. However, the standardizing of having to succeed to excessively get money to buy excessive amounts of material things, items truly creates problems for the Human Being.

Religious false beliefs, teachings, ideologies and doctrines truly are standardizations whereby they pull the Human Being, who allows himself to be, away from their own responsibility for their lives, their responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. This happens through the standardization of convincing Human Beings how to think, act and live their lives and further that they must worship a god, tin god or idol. Standardizing Human Beings to think and act within a religious framework, cult. Stealing freewill from the Human Being and creating fear within them that if they should not follow the framework as prescribed by the religious teaching and the belief in a god, tin god or idol then they are sinners and need to repent, pray for forgiveness to a none existent god, tin god or idol or face eternal pain and suffering in a hell. This nonsense has no reality attached to it and truly there does not exist in Creation a heaven, hell or any gods, tins gods or idols that the Human Being should worship or fear.

Truly, Human beings are as they are and must never be placed in standardization whereby damaging their inner and outer selves, their consciousness related evolution , friendships and relationships and their lives.

Stephen Moore - 18/08/2015