The Pasts Belongs In The Past

Symbol   Geist

Human beings who drag up the past and live in the past truly do themselves and those around them no form of any good. For the past is the past and can only stay in the past. The past cannot be changed or the facts altered regardless of how many times a human being tries to change it.  Once the past has happened then learning can come about from it if the human being thinks over all that has happened and comes to a truthful and logical conclusion. Once a logical conclusion has been made then it is possible, which should be strived for, a future without a dragging up the past and continuing to go over and over the same old hat. When a continuing of dragging up the past to go over and over what has happened, once a learning and conclusion has be made, a stagnation comes about which rarely bares any good fruits, an ever increasing circle of nothingness.

A worsening is when a human being continues to drag up the past of another human being in which the human being was either not present at the past event and had nothing to do with it. This is illogical and serves only to damage the human being who is enduring their past others are dragging up. This damage is in the form of the thoughts and feelings of the human being who is continuingly being reminded of a past event that he or she has processed and move on from. Further, again, this bares no good fruits and results in an endless circle of nothingness.

As we move into our own futures as a human being and as a part of a human race on earth we are all creating our past. If we want a better past then the human being must create a better future. There is no present, only the future and the past, cause and effect. Therefore if human beings want to progress then one should avoid dragging up the past which cannot be useful in the future. Only that which a human being has learnt and processed from a past event has a possibility to be useful if such knowledge is needed. This does not required a dragging up of past events continually to achieve.

Human beings would progress quicker and lives would improve if the human being thinks about and works towards the future, which is changeable, whereby everything can progress in a logical way, taking with the human being that which has been learnt and processed from the past if this is needed to create a fruitful future. This is truly true for all things in life not only as a single human being but as a race of human beings on earth, to create a better past by creating a better future.

Stephen Moore - 02-11-2021