From the Contact Notes of Billy's mission and any other writings from Billy I am going to look into the Origins of the various contact persons. There is no real information from any Earth sources so there cannot be any real verification into the Origins mentioned in the information from the Billy Meier case so this is going to be a look into the information from the case.

Sfath, Semjase, Quetzal, Ptaah


Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

Sfath Sfath
141. Then the point in time will come when these lying and slanderous events apply, when your material is thus stolen and many swindlers report worldwide in regard to alleged meetings with me and my successors, and they appear with false and fraudulent messages and even claim the impossibility that they are in telepathic connection with me or my successors, then these false contact persons, as you will then call them, will already thereby be recognizable as they assert that their physical or telepathic meetings and connections exist with beings from the Pleiades system of this space-time configuration, whereby, indeed, these are supposed to be my successors and I. 141. Kommt dann der Zeitpunkt, dass diese lügnerischen und verleumderischen Geschehen zutreffen, wenn also dein Material gestohlen wird und sich viele Betrüger und Betrügerinnen hinsichtlich angeblicher Begegnungen mit mir und meinen Nachfolgenden weltweit melden und diese mit falschen und betrügerischen Botschaften in Erscheinung treten und gar die Unmöglichkeit für sich in Anspruch nehmen werden, dass sie in telepathischer Verbindung mit mir oder meinen Nachfolgenden stünden, dann werden diese falschen Kontaktpersonen, wie ihr sie dann nennen werdet, schon dadurch zu erkennen sein, dass sie behaupten, ihre physischen oder telepathischen Begegnungen und Verbindungen bestünden mit Wesenheiten vom Plejadensystem dieses Raum-Zeit-Gefüges, womit allerdings ich und meine Nachfolgenden dies sein sollen.
142. But we do not belong to this space-time configuration and thereby also not to this Pleiades system which is still very young in its existence and is little more than 60,000,000 years old, and is absolutely uninhabited and uninhabitable in every regard, when thermo-bacterial life is disregarded which will disappear again in some tens of millions of years without higher life of some kind ever being able to exist there, subsequently spiritual beings will also never exist on these Pleiades stars. 142. Wir aber gehören nicht in dieses Raum-Zeit-Gefüge und damit auch nicht zu diesem Plejadensystem, das in seiner Existenz noch sehr jung ist und wenig mehr als 60 Millionen Jahre aufweist, in jeder Beziehung absolut unbewohnt und unbewohnbar ist, wenn von thermobakteriellem Leben abgesehen wird, das in einigen Jahrzehnmillionen von Jahren wieder vergehen wird, ohne dass dort jemals höheres Leben irgendwelcher Form zu entstehen vermag, folglich auf diesen Plejadengestirnen auch niemals geistige Wesen existent sein werden.
143. And in order to unmask the future swindlers, my successors and you will not name our origins according to our own language-term, Plejaren, rather by the terrestrial-human term, Pleiades, in order that the swindlers will then use this term, whereby they will expose their own fraud and lies as well as slander. 143. Und um die zukünftigen Betrügerinnen und Betrüger zu entlarven, werden meine Nachfolgenden und du unsere Herkunft nicht nach unserem eigenen Sprachbegriff Plejaren benennen, sondern nach dem erden menschlichen Begriff Plejaden, demgemäss die Betrüger und Betrügerinnen dann diese Bezeichnung benutzen werden, wodurch sie sich selbst des Betruges und der Lüge sowie der Verleumdung entlarven.
144. If this then happens in greater measure, then you, just as much as my successors, will reveal the truth and set everything right. 144. Geschieht dies dann in grösserem Masse, dann wirst du ebenso wie auch meine Nachfolgenden die Wahrheit offenbaren und alles richtigstellen.

English translation of "Sfath's Explanation" can be found HERE

Sfath, the very 1st contact person Billy met, is telling Billy of a little deception that they will purposely use. They will tell the Humans of Earth that they are from the Pleiades system. Sfath then goes on to say that this system is still very young and cannot support life, both material or spiritual. The purpose for this little deception will be to unmask future people who say they are having contacts from the Pleiades system, either physical or telepathic, and then expose them as frauds by revealing their true Origin, the Plejares System.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 2" dated February 3, 1975, 10:10 p.m.

What about this claim by so-called UFO contactees who pretend their friends from the stars only communicate telepathically amongst themselves?
28. Certainly there are such beings who communicate only telepathically.
29. However, their method of communication was telepathic from the very beginning, or else, they simply allowed their spoken language to become neglected.
30. But as far as we know, no beings who communicate only telepathically have ever come into terrestrial space.
31. On the other hand, it must be noted that these so-called UFO contactees who claim such things, with certainty, have never had contact with human or other beings from outer space.
32. They are simply frauds and charlatans.
I have been thinking over the notion that most of these so-called UFO contactees are only frauds and charlatans. On what fact do you base your statement?
33. On pure facts that may be proven anytime:
34. All of those would-be contactees are implying that we are on a mission for God and the Christian religion; a malicious lie without a trace of truth.
What about the other contactees?
35. Although many frauds exist, there are many who really have had, and continue to have, contact with us.
36. But a great many of those have never had more than just visual contact with us.
37. Contactees, therefore, who have only seen our beamships from a distance and were often able to take pictures as well.
38. Only very few of them have had personal contact with us, which is the case even now.
39. Most of them wrap themselves in silence, in fear of their fellowmen.

English translation of "Contact Report 2" can be found HERE


Semjase clearly tells Billy here on their 2nd physical contact about frauds and charlatans who claim to be in contact with Beings, she mentions that some people have seen their Beam Ships (See "Technology" page). Also mentions contacts but none come forth and tell anyone.

There clearly seems to be a problem with people claiming contact with the Plejaren and that it was necessary to firstly say that the Plejaren was from the Pleiades. I have looked over the internet and found a few people who claim they have been "Channeling" or receiving telepathic communications from Pleiadiens or beings from the Pleiades. Many people have written books on these "so called" contacts but from the information from the Billy Meier contacts there is no life on in the Pleiades system. So now the Frauds and charlatans have been exposed.

Also there is no real evidence of the "Channeling" claim. It has not been scientifically proven from my own search for information so this "Channeling" may well be a fraudulent claim.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 424" dated June 17th 2006, 5:03 pm

Billy Very well, then if unidentified flying objects were seen in earth's space, then they belonged to you, your federation or to your later federation and in two cases to the foreigners that you could not contact, if I include Roswell. And as to contacts through extraterrestrials with earth humans, then all but one case lead back to your federation, and all of the contact persons have died and none of the ones that have for years been saying that they were having contacts with you or with other extraterrestrials belong to them, and that they also call you Pleiadiens, because at the beginning we said as a precaution that you called yourselves Pleiadiens to then later uncover the lies of such persons. Then, when the lies had multiplied, and the world was full of such claims of persons who said they were having contacts with you, we came out into the open and revealed from where you really come from, and how you call yourselves in fact Plejarens and not Pleiadiens. All the liars have in this way exposed themselves, even though they are still trying to save face by weaving more lies. At what stage is the general control as to further flights of beings foreign to earth?
Ptaah Should further flights take place, although we do not expect any, we would of course inform you. And what has to be said and can only be said again and again and has often been said, regarding contacts between earth humans and foreigners to earth, is that you are the only person in the whole world who is capable of having contacts with us Plejarens and those belonging to our federation. And also in this respect, no other contacts of any kind are taking place between other beings foreign to earth and earth's human beings, because no other beings foreign to earth exist, apart from us, who are operating in this way in earth's space. And no more in conjunction with us has to be said regarding the tissue of lies of the alleged contact persons because the facts tell the whole story.

English translation of "Contact Report 424" can be found HERE


Ptaah tells Billy that he is the only person on Earth that is having contacts with the Plejaren in the way that he is and that no other Beings are having contacts with anyone on Earth in the same way. Billy talks about the fact that they are Plejarens and not Pleiadiens and that when this truth was revealed the people claiming they was in contacts with Pleiadiens still continue to tell lies about the contacts. We have from "Contact Report 424" dated June 17th 2006, 5:03 pm confirmation that the Plejaren are not Pleiadiens or from the Pleiades.

The following is a document which tell us what Planet the Plejaren are from and a little bit about the Planet and the life style of the Plejaren


Excerpt from "Erra" by Billy Meier

Erra is the home-world of Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, Sfath and 550,000,000 others.
Star System
Plejara or Plejares (alternative names)
About 500 light years away from Earth on the other side of the Pleiades star cluster
The Milky Way
DERN Universe
Space-time Configuration
A few seconds difference to our space-time configuration (space-time configuration has the same meaning as dimension).
Physical Characteristics
Gravity: 3% higher than 1 Earth-g
Diameter: Almost the same as the Earth

Full document can be found HERE

We see that Billy, in his own words, says that the Plejaren are from a Planet called Erra and its situated about 500 light years from Earth on the other side of the Pleiades star system. Confirming again that the Plejaren are not from the Pleiades.


Asket is a woman and Billy's second contact person and also was teacher for him before fully starting his mission.


Excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" dated 3rd February 1953

3. And to fulfill our mission, we have to neutralize the spacetime connection barrier between our and your universes, so that we can achieve a harmonious passage through without damage to ships and universes. 3. Und um unsere Mission zu erfüllen, haben wir die Raum- und Zeitgefüge-Barriere unseres und eueres Universums zu neutralisieren, damit wir einen harmonischen Durchgang ohne Schaden an Schiffen und Universen zustande bringen können.
4. Because our home world lies in the DAL universe, in the AKON system, in a system foreign to you Earth humans, of a universe just as foreign to you, of which several surround the universe known to you, on the seventh outer belt. 4. Denn unsere Heimatwelt liegt im DAL-Universum, im System AKON, in einem euch Erdenmenschen fremden System eines euch ebenso fremden Universums, von denen mehrere das euch bekannte Universum am siebenten äusseren Gürtel umschliessen.
5. Many of these universes lie in other time planes, and in, for you, expanses of utter foreignness. 5. Viele dieser Universen liegen in anderen Zeitebenen und in euch völlig fremdartigen Räumen.
6. Our universe is a parallel sister universe to yours, respectively a twin universe, and, calculated according to your concepts, it lies in a similar plane. 6. Unser Universum ist ein Parallel-Schwester-Universum zu dem euren resp. ein Zwillings-Universum, und es liegt nach euren Begriffen berechnet in einer gleichen Ebene.

English translation of "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" can be found HERE


Asket explains to Billy that she comes from the Akon system in a parallel Universe to ours called the DAL universe (see pages under "Creation" for more information).


Excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" dated 3rd February 1953

43. This obligation is incumbent on all life forms of all universes, because it is based within a creational law. 43. Diese Pflicht obliegt allen Lebensformen aller Universen, denn sie beruht in einem schöpferischen Gesetz.
44. And when we are here now from what to you is a foreign universe, this obligation is also incumbent upon us equally with the Earth human, so for that reason, at a given time, we will enter into official contact with more of this universe\'s own non-terrestrial and highly developed life forms. 44. Und wenn wir nun aus einem euch fremden Universum hier sind, obliegt auch uns diese Pflicht eben auch beim Erdenmenschen, weshalb wir zur gegebenen Zeit mit weiteren, diesem Universum eigenen nichtirdischen und hochentwickelten Lebensformen in offiziellen Kontakt treten werden.
45. But this will first be that far along in some years to come, when I return to my universe, after which then another contact will be taken up with you. 45. Dies wird jedoch erst in einigen Jahren soweit sein, wenn ich in mein Universum zurückkehre, wonach dann anderweitig Kontakt mit dir aufgenommen wird.
46. As already highly developed life forms, we have recognized very many things in this your own universe which require an alteration. 46. Als bereits hochentwickelte Lebensformen haben wir in diesem euch eigenen Universum sehr viele Dinge erkannt, die einer Änderung bedürfen.


Here Asket explains to Billy that her Universe (DAL) is foreign to us and that in some years to come she will return to her own universe.


In Conclusion

There was many more contacts that Billy had (see "The Contact Persons" page) but I have only looked into the main contacts of the Billy Meier case. From the facts shown here its is clear that the Plejaren are from the Plejares system which is behind the Pleiades system some 500 light years from Earth and from a Planet called Erra. Asket is from a parallel universe called the DAL universe and from a planetary system called Akon.