The technology that is involve with Space travel and Time travel is something Humans on Earth really know nothing about. However we do have some ideas. There is not, from what I have looked at, much information regarding technology given to us regarding the Plejaren technology. The Plejaren are 8000 years plus, ahead of us in there advancement of technology. Logically we would not understand their technology if we could study it.




Excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" dated 3rd February 1953

2. We fulfill our mission in the strength of Creation, which has not only cosmic but universal significance, because Creation is life and Creation is BEING. 2. In der Kraft der Schöpfung erfüllen wir unsere Mission, die nicht nur einkosmische, sondern alluniverselle Bedeutung hat, denn die Schöpfung ist das Leben, und die Schöpfung ist das SEIN.
3. And to fulfill our mission, we have to neutralize the spacetime connection barrier between our and your universes, so that we can achieve a harmonious passage through without damage to ships and universes. 3. Und um unsere Mission zu erfüllen, haben wir die Raum- und Zeitgefüge-Barriere unseres und eueres Universums zu neutralisieren, damit wir einen harmonischen Durchgang ohne Schaden an Schiffen und Universen zustande bringen können.

English translation of "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" can be found HERE


Firstly here Asket tell Billy that in order to travel from her Universe, DAL Universe, to ours DERN Universe (See pages under "Creation"), that they have to neutralize space time connection barrier between both Universes.


Excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 1" dated 3rd February 1953

9. Made possible through technical developments, an ancient universe barrier was opened again between our (universe) and your universe, that guaranteed us the entrance into your time, after which the knowledge about it, lost many thousands of years ago, was worked out again. 9. Durch technische Entwicklungen ermöglicht, wurde eine uralte Universumsbarriere wieder geöffnet zwischen unserem und eurem Universum, die uns den Einlass in eure Zeit gewährte, nachdem das vor Jahrzigtausenden verlorene Wissen darüber wieder erarbeitet war.


Further Asket explains that technical developments are used as a barrier between the 2 Universes. Clearly here we read evidence of technology being used. Technology that here on Earth we have no knowledge or comprehension about.


Beam Ships


Excerpt from "Contact Report 4" dated February 15, 1975, 1:48 a.m.

My next question refers to what you have already explained during my — that is, "our" - first meeting. People on Earth will never be capable of traveling into the true, deep outer space unless they invent another method of propulsion. I can only imagine what you mean with the term propulsion, e.g. that it must involve a form of beam drive - a hyperdrive, so to speak. In my opinion it would need to consist of a drive that alters matter in some way, probably while the speed of light is exceeded. In the process, the beamship is hurled into hyperspace, in which space and time are paralyzed, as you have already explained. I assume that space and time collapse in a manner whereby they are somehow completely nullified.
30. You would make a great scientist.
31. This is really phenomenal considering that all of your knowledge is based on autodidactic work.
32. You are completely correct in your assumptions.
33. To travel through real outer space, one needs a drive that surpasses the speed of light many times over.
34. This propulsion can only become activated, however, when the speed of light has already been reached.
35. As a result, another drive is needed to regulate the normal speed up to that of light.
36. This means then that a beamship needs two propulsion systems: first, a normal drive which permits acceleration up to and below the speed of light and, second, a hyperdrive as you call it.
37. A drive, therefore, which generates a velocity a million and billion times that of light; the hyperspeed, which enables us to enter hyperspace.
38. A space in which every mass expands in proportion to the increase in speed.
39. Consequently, time and space collapse and they become null-time and null-space.
40. That is to say:
41. Space and time simply cease to exist.
42. And exactly by this manner is created the fact that distances of countless light-years can be traversed in a fraction of a second without causing a shift in time.

English translation of "Contact Report 4" can be found HERE


Here Semjase explains that in order to travel long distances in Space we need a technology of Propulsion that can make our craft go faster then the speed of light. Also mentions null-time and null space. Where Time and Space collapse and do not exist.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 4" dated February 15, 1975, 1:48 a.m.

Does this mean then that the same amount of time passes for a beamship and its passengers as it would on the home planet or on some other planet or star?
43. Surely.
44. For example, when we leave our Pleiades and require about seven hours to get to Earth, then seven hours pass on our own planet and on Earth, as well.
45. It takes us this long because we must first fly with the normal drive beyond the reach of the planets; only then, faraway in space, can we convert to hyperspeed.
46. A long way from your solar system, we exit hyperspace and convert to normal propulsion as we continue to fly here.
47. We are never allowed to penetrate hyperspace too close to a planet.


Interesting information here. There is on Earth many theories that pertain to light speed travel that the closer the speed of light you get to the slower time becomes for you. Thus people on the Planet you left would be much older if you return a year later for example. Here from Semjase's explanation we read that there is no time difference between the Beam Ship and of both Erra and Earth during the journey.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 4" dated February 15, 1975, 1:48 a.m.

I understand. The penetration into hyperspace would likely draw one or more planets into hyperspace and eject them as deadly projectiles when the beamship breaks free from hyperspace. Maybe that's how various huge comets turned into storming and dangerous cosmic speedsters — through the fault of irresponsible star travelers?
48. You are partially correct:
49. Actually, hyperspace may only be penetrated very far in outer space, otherwise, planets would be pulled in.
50. Also, concerning the exit from hyperspace, you figured it out entirely correct.
51. It is also a fact that some comets originated in this manner, but only a few; most of them were guided on their dangerous path by other natural events.
52. In this case you are only partly right when you assume that all comets originated in this manner, as you perhaps suspected.
53. But the fact is, such events are caused by irresponsibility, because it exists throughout outer space, not only on Earth.
54. Irresponsibility is evident also when new highly developed intelligences perform their first ventures into hyperspace too close to other planets.
55. The safety rule is calculable and states that hyperspeed is only to be initiated 153 million kilometers (95,625,000 miles) away from the nearest planet.


Here Semjase talks about the problems of going into Hyperspace to close to a Planet, that in fact the Planet would be pulled into Hyperspace along with the Beam Ship then pulled out of Hyperspace when the Beam Ship slows down.

We can get from Semjase's information here that for Earth Humans to travel far distances in Space we first need to understand Null-Time and Null-Space, what Null-Time and Null-Space really is. Then we need to build a Propulsion system that can produce enough energy to move us far times greater then the speed of light.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 4" dated February 15, 1975, 1:48 a.m.

This is very interesting, but I did not suspect that all comets resulted in the manner you mentioned. But how does such a hyperdrive work, and what about the normal drive?
56. I am not at liberty to give you specifics on this, unfortunately.
57. If scientists on Earth obtained more details, they would resolve their propulsion problems in a very short time.
58. This is neither in our nor the cosmic interest, for the Earth human is still not liberated and mature enough to fly into space.
59. But at the given time, which isn't very far off, he will find the solution to his problem himself.
60. I am only permitted to tell you that many of your scientists are already on the right track and are theoretically working at and researching the necessary propulsion systems.
61. I may tell you also that, in some basic form, these propulsion systems are already known in outline form to your scientific community as light-emission and tachyon drives.
62. The light-emission drive serves as normal propulsion and has the function of propelling the beamship onto planets or within their vicinity, up to the 153 millionkilometer distance – the safe distance, that is.
63. Then the tachyon drive, among others, is activated when greater distances need to be traversed.
64. This is one of the hyperdrives which are capable of conquering hyperspace and space and time.
65. We call both of these propulsion systems by other names, but the meaning is the same.
66. We have a different language than people on Earth, and for this reason I need to explain it to you in terms you can understand.


Wise words from Semjase, She is not allowed to give Billy any information on how the Beam Ship Hyperspace drive works. She mentions here that our scientist are working on Tachyon Drives


Excerpt from "The Tachyon Drive" dated 3/14/93

The theoretical work on tachyons in the 1960's by Feinberg and others, particularly Sudarshan and Recami, prompted a "gold rush" among experimentalists seeking to be the first to discover tachyons in the real world. They studied the kinematics of high energy particle reactions at large accelerators, they built timing experiments that used cosmic rays, and they probed many radioactive decay processes for some hint of tachyon emission. Although there were a few false "discoveries" among these results, all of the believable experimental results were negative in the decade or so after the initial theoretical work. Some cold water was also thrown on the tachyon concept from the theoretical direction when it was demonstrated (by physicist and SF author Gregory Benford, among others) that tachyons could be used to construct an "anti-telephone" capable of sending information backwards in time in violation of the principle of causality, one of the most fundamental and mysterious laws of physics. Tachyons were therefore metaphorically placed on a dusty shelf in the museum of might-be particles for which there is no experimental evidence, and there they have languished for the past 25 years. But this may now be changing: a new and growing body of evidence from an unexpected direction supports the possible existence of tachyons.

Full article can be found HERE


From the article "The Tachyon Drive" we read that scientist in the 1960's were working on the theory of Tachyon's and the use of Tachyons to be used as a form of Propulsion.


Excerpt from "Scientific Experts’ Comments on Meier’s Evidence"

David Froning: At the time, Dr. Froning had already spent 25 years as an astronautical engineer at McDonnell Douglas in highly classified military defense and, in 1979, became interested in Meier's accounts of Plejaren starship travel, which mentioned tachyon propulsion. Dr. Froning found Meier's account of tachyon propulsion (which was only beginning to be discussed by a very small and select group of theoretical physicists), and his calculations for above light speed travel to be amazing.

Full article can be found HERE


This article reports on a group of scientists looking into the Billy Meier case and Tachyon Propulsion. Semjase was right in 1975 that Earth scientist were already looking into Tachyons and Tachyon drives.


Excerpt from "Contact Report 4" dated February 15, 1975, 1:48 a.m.

Thanks, that'll do, as I don't want to pressure you. One thing still interests me, though: As I assess and ponder it carefully, the form of the beamship plays no decisive role, and yet a disk-like ship would be the ideal shape because surely, in the atmosphere, it offers the least aerodynamic resistance, which might also be the case in water.
68. Certainly. You have hit the nail on the head again.
69. Basically, though, the form really makes no difference.
70. However, the disk shape ensures the least resistance in an atmosphere, and besides, it offers the largest surface and best shape that allows the drives on them — or through them — to become fully effective.
This seems clear to me, but how is it possible for a beamship to attain immense speeds within the gravity field of a planet or in its atmosphere without burning up, or having the passengers succumb to the immense pressure?
71. This is very easy to explain and no secret any longer to the Earth human, at least not to the scientists:
72. The beamship is surrounded by a radiation protection shield that causes every little current of air to glide off without pushing against it.
73. The same thing also occurs in outer space, which simply swarms with inconspicuous particles.
74. Thus, this radiation protection shield has the purpose of protecting the beamship against extraneous influences and resistance, without destroying or pushing against anything that collides with the shield.
75. Anything that penetrates or offers resistance is simply deflected without pushing against it.
76. Pushing against it would mean resistance and would remove the possibility of unlimited speed.
77. Through the deflective quality of the radiation shield, another important effect is triggered which is of great and vital importance to the passengers.
78. The deflection technique of the radiation shield simultaneously neutralizes the gravitational force of a planet.
79. But this does not mean that gravity is simply destroyed, pushed aside or nullified.
80. The air, as well as some rays or particles and magnetism, etc., are simply deflected in the same way; as a result, its own normal gravitational and attraction forces prevail within the beamship.
81. This means, therefore, that a beamship bears the exact same gravitational force onboard as also prevails on the Earth.
82. Besides, the gravitational pull of a planet is not always equally intense, but it also undergoes a certain change, a fact your scientists will discover in the near future.
83. By gliding off the radiation protection shield—that is, the sliding off of gravity and magnetism, respectively—the beamshippractically becomes a miniature independent planet which can travel without risk through any atmosphere at nearly the speed of light.
84. Due to the fact that the gravity of the planet involved no longer has an influence on the beamship, the passengers feel as normal and unhampered as if they were on the planet, assuming, of course, that the planet corresponds with their anatomical capacities and is not subject to greater attractive forces (gravitational forces).
85. The attraction force inside the beamship is adjusted to suit the passengers, of course, and is absolutely controllable.
86. When beamship passengers from other worlds move about on foreign planets with a hostile atmosphere or hostile gravitational forces, they use spacesuits and small portable devices that generate for the entities the identical radiation protection shield as that on their own beamship.


A good explanation of how a Beam Ship can travel in our atmosphere at high speeds and turn, for example 90 degrees in a second or two, without the passengers feeling G gravity effects. This is something we Earth Humans must understand and build to be able to truly fly in space also. As Semjase explained there are particles in Space. Logically if you are traveling 5000 miles per hour for example an object the size of a pea would cause much damage to your craft upon impact due to your own speed velocity.


Time Travel


Time travel is possibly one of the most hardest concept for Earth Humans to understand at our present spiritual and technological level of evolvement. This is partly due to our lack of knowledge about how time works in our material universe and our still very primitive technology. Not until we start to explore space and start using our technology to better our evolution and understanding of Creation and how Creation Laws work we will be able to start to become time travelers or at least look into the concept and start to truly understand time travel. The following is a insight into time travel from the Meier case.


Excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 3" dated 7th February 1953

Asket Asket
40. Then we can start. 40. Dann können wir starten.
41. First we will fly out to a great height, in order to, from there, effect a transmission into the past. 41. Wir fliegen erst in grosse Höhe hinaus, um dann dort in die Vergangenheit zu transmissionieren.
(And already the ship took off and shot ragingly fast into the sky, out of the Earth's atmosphere, ever higher up, up into open space, where suddenly a multitude of stars sparkled. (Und schon hob das Schiff ab und schoss rasend schnell in den Himmel, hinaus aus der Erdatmosphäre, immer höher hinaus bis in den freien Raum, wo plötzlich mannigfache Sterne blinkten.
I saw Jitschi who had become as pale as chalk, and grasped for a vessel in his pack, into which he surrendered himself to coughing up. Ich sah Jitschi, der kreidebleich geworden war und nach einem Gefäss in seinem Gepäck griff, in das er sich hustend übergab.
Obviously it was all too much for him. Offenbar war ihm alles zuviel.
Already, Asket's voice could also be heard again.) Da ertönte auch schon wieder Askets Stimme.)
Asket Asket
42. We will be that far along in a moment. The transmission takes only a split second. 42. Wir sind gleich soweit, die Transmission dauert nur einen Sekundenbruchteil
(Asket busied herself with her apparatuses and quite suddenly I seemed, for a split second, to no longer physically exist. (Asket hantierte an ihren Apparaturen herum, und ganz plötzlich schien ich für einen Sekundenbruchteil physisch nicht mehr zu existieren.
I suddenly seemed to have been simply "extinguished" corporally. Ich schien körperlich plötzlich einfach <erloschen> zu sein.
But then already Asket's voice rang out again.) Da klang aber schon wieder Askets Stimme auf.)
Asket Asket
43, We are presently in the past of the Thirteenth Century. 43. Wir sind in der Gegenwart der Vergangenheit des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts.
44. Here, Eduard, take this device and fasten it onto your belt. 44. Hier, Eduard, nimm nun dieses Gerät und schnalle es dir an den Gürtel.

English translation of "Asket's Explanations - Part 3" can be found HERE


In this excerpt from "Asket's Explanations - Part 3" Billy and another man named Jitschi is taken back in time to the 13th century. Asket explains to Billy and Jitschi in line 42 that the transition only takes a few seconds. The time it took to travel from the 20th century to the 13th century using Askets technology and the understanding of the Creation Laws of time took a split second.

Billy comments here that for a split second he seemed no longer to physically exist. Possibly, in my view, to travel through time the material mater has to be converted to spiritual/fine energy from the origin and then converted back to material mater at the destination. It is not mentioned here this is what happens.

The following information is from an anonymous contributor. The contributor has studied the Meier case since around 1990. The sources for the following information is from the book "Existing Life in the Universe" and several of the contact notes.

Please note the information may contain errors due to misunderstanding.


As you may or may not know, the smallest unit of time is a unit called a chronon which has a fixed wavelength (and yes it is a wave though still a 'unit'). These chronons move at whatever the current speed of light is. The reason I say "whatever it currently is" is because, due to the expansion of the universe, the speed of light is decreasing, and with that decrease in speed, the chronons at any given moment have the same speed as the current speed of light. Although it is not explained so far in my readings what the source of the chronos are, it is stated that once a chronon is created, it continues to exist in the past. This is because as time moves forward, new, slower chronons are created and the older, faster ones continue to exist but in there own proper hyperspace area. Once a chronon has "slipped into the past" it is properly called a tachyon due to its faster than light speed.
In order to travel backward or forward through time to a desired point, it is necessary to surround the ship and crew with a field of chronons having the same speed as those at the desired moment in time. As this occurs, the ship and occupants change over from our current time-space area to the time-space area desired. It should be noted that a change in time will occur but not a change in the relative position of the craft and crew so it is necessary to adjust for that factor since the different hyperspaces are coesxistant with ours and still have actual spacial distances to be travelled. For example if you are in orbit around Earth and you travel backward a long time into the past or future, when you reappear in that time, the Earth will not be with you because it will have been at a different spacial location at that moment than the one at the time you started from.


From the information given here we can start to understand how time travel is possible and how Creation creates time in the material universe. Mentioned here is that that when traveling in time it is important to adjust for the relative position of the craft. In line 41 and Billy's comment that Asket flew out of Earths atmosphere and even to open space. From my understanding this is to compensate for the relative position of Earth in the 13th century. The position of Earth and all other objects in our solar system will be in different positions then the 20th century. From the information here we can start to understand the Creation's law of time. Chronon's are fixed wavelengths that move at what ever the current speed of light is. So light speed is not constant in the material universe. The older the Chronon the faster they travel due to the expansion of the universe and are then called Tachyons. I cannot summarize the rest of the information given here by the contributor as the information speaks for itself.