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From the Billy Meier information I am going to look into what our (Human) Spirit is, its relation to Creation and how it evolves. Also any other information regarding our Spirit. Please see pages "Whats The Creation" and "Life Cycles" to better understand what Creation is. This page is divided into 3 sections, Our Spirit, Force of Spirit and Storage Banks

Our Spirit


Excerpt from "FIGU- related terms" dated March 5th 2006

Spirit: Being of creative energy and Creation itself. The all-becoming, all-creative and all-stimulating. The Ur-Energy of all BEING = Spiritenergy = Spiritform = immortal.
Also known as Spiritbody = Astralform = Astralbody.
The spirit is an idea itself, concentrated to spiritual-energy in itself.
The spirit is a Creation of the Creation itself in order help itself to evolve to a higher level.
The spirit is also reffered to spiritform, indestructable, eternally living, loving entity, always developing, it resides in the human brain, exactly in the 'Superior Colliculus' of the big brain or Cerebrum, the comphrensive consciousness-block (personality) resides mainly in the frontal cerebral-cortex.
Even though the 'size' of the spirit is no larger then a needle-point, its energy is enormous and spreads out evenly like a filligrain web over all parts of the human body inside and out, without losing one iota of its power, with its spirit-energy it brings life to every cell in the human body.

Full article "FIGU- related terms" can be found HERE


The Spirit is the Being of Creation and is a creation of Creation. Creation creates our Spirits. Creation creates our Spirits in order to perfect itself in the evolution cycle, evolve. Here we see that our Spirit is indestructible, eternally living, loving entity and always developing. The spirit resides in the Human Brain and is situated in the 'Superior Colliculus' (Fig 1 and Fig 2) part of our Brain. Our personality which is better known as Consciousness Block is at the frontal cerebral-cortex. Also here it states that our Spirit is the size of a needle point and that its energy is enormous. The Spirit gives life to every cell in the Human Body.


Spirit_Location1 Soirit_location2
Fig. 1 The Superior Colliculus Fig. 2 The Superior Colliculus


Excerpt from "FIGU- related terms" dated March 5th 2006

This spirit-energy stays for about 3 hours in the remains of a human body after the spirit and there by the central spiritenergy itself has left the body, thats why some bodyparts still can be used in organ donation. The spirit-energy that stays behind in the human body could be reffered to residual-spiritenergy, and is absorbed by Nature in the course of 3 hours. (somewhat similar like warmth is absorbed by its surrounding enviroment)
A human Spirit(form) can ONLY incarnate into an OMEDAM lifeform, which means any lifeform classified as human, this means when a spacetraveller dies on a spaceship and his spiritform wanders off to find a planet, it will incarnate into a human lifeform even when this human life has nothing to do with the previous humanrace from which the spacetraveller spiritform came, as long as the human race has a similar and therefore compatible level of evolution compaired to the incoming spiritform.
Human spiritforms incarnate exclusively into human bodies, never into insects, plants or animals of any kind.


From the information here we can start to understand a bit about death. From my own understanding when a person dies the Spirit leaves the body. What is left is the material body and its spirit energy or residual-spiritual energy. This residual-spiritual energy stays in the body for about 3 hours and then Nature absorbs this residual-spiritual energy.

Also from the information here we see that Human Spirit Forms (our Spirits) can only incarnate into OMEDAM life forms. Our Spirits can only incarnate into a Human body. We cannot incarnate into a Plant, Animal or Insect as this is against a Law of Creation and is illogical. Mentioned here also is that if you die on a space craft then your Spirit wonders off in the Fine Matter (Spiritual Energy) of our Material Belt (Universe) until it finds a Planet that holds Human life. All though the Human life of this Planet must be of the same level of evolution. Thus, for example, if you or I was to travel far out into Space and was unfortunately killed our Spirit will travel the Universe until it finds a suitable Planet for incarnation.


Excerpt from "Interview with Billy (1998)"

How did human beings on Earth originate? Did they really evolve from the ape?
The purely terrestrial Man, the one who truly originated on Earth, is a natural product of the Earth's planetary evolution. First came the most primitive forms of flora, the lichen and the like, which exuded material that transformed into amino acids. These, in turn, generated new compounds from which higher plants originated that also embarked on the path of evolution. Ultimately, additional amino acid compounds derived from this process and resulted in yet higher life forms, such as fauna, the animal kingdom. All continued to develop and were subject to this waxing and waning process just as the plants were. They lived and died and from their remains and subsequent mutations/transformations, still newer amino acid compounds and such resulted, which ultimately led to the humanoid life form, the human lineage. These beings were not a purely human race at the beginning but were a form from which several lineages could develop - and this is precisely what transpired. The first humanoid life form split into several species from which developed the humanoid life form as well as other distinct classifications. However, the base lineage was initially human. Through evolutionary processes it slowly transformed to the point where fundamental differences began appearing. While the purely animalistic life forms continued the development of their own species, the humanoid life forms separated - one line continued its evolution as the human form in the natural, predominant form; the others split into various species from which the ape being came into existence with a multitude of variations. And yet, variations emerged even among these archetypal human beings, and one can actually say that several human races existed even at this early stage of development. This, then, contradicts Darwin's theory since Man did not derive from the apes but that the apes derived from Man and are by-products of the ancient, archetypal human evolution.

Full article "Interview with Billy (1998)" can be found HERE


Here Billy is asked a question on how did Humans originate on Earth. From his answer we have information stating that the pure Earth Humans originated naturally as the Earth evolve. First was primitive Flora (Planet life). Then Amino Acids produced more higher evolved Plants which then evolved Fauna (Animals). Animals came from the higher evolvement of Plants. Here Billy says "All continued to develop and were subject to this waxing and waning process just as the plants were. They lived and died and from their remains and subsequent mutations/transformations, still newer amino acid compounds and such resulted, which ultimately led to the humanoid life form, the human lineage". So from this we can understand that from dead animal tissues and the newer formed Amino Acids mutations and transformation underwent that evolved into the Human. Billy continues " These beings were not a purely human race at the beginning but were a form from which several lineages could develop - and this is precisely what transpired". So here we understand that these newly developed forms was not totally Human but was the basis of the Human form.

So did we come from Apes? Looking at the facts here clearly not. Billy continues "Through evolutionary processes it slowly transformed to the point where fundamental differences began appearing. While the purely animalistic life forms continued the development of their own species, the humanoid life forms separated - one line continued its evolution as the human form in the natural, predominant form; the others split into various species from which the ape being came into existence with a multitude of variations". So from Billy here the Human (Humanoid) life forms separated from the animalistic life forms and went their own way. One line of these Humanoid life forms went its own way in evolution and developed into Humans and the rest of these very first Humanoids evolved into the various Apes we have on Earth.


Excerpt from "Interview with Billy (1998)"

Is it true that humans have more than one life?
That is correct. Humans are subject to the law of reincarnation; hence, they are born again. This also applies to all other life forms that possess both a consciousness and a spirit form capable of evolving. Therefore, when human beings die, their spirit form leaves their physical bodies in the current realm and crosses over into the spiritual realm of the Beyond, where the spirit form rests and learns until it is able to reincarnate into another material body. The purpose for having reincarnation and numerous lives is to allow both the human spirit form - which is part of Creation - and the comprehensive consciousness to evolve to the point where together they enter into and become one with Creation, which Itself evolves at the same time. This constant process of reincarnation facilitates the evolution of the person's spirit and the comprehensive consciousness, from which the individual's actual personality and the actual consciousness originate. Many lifetimes are necessary and so are the reincarnations, respectively rebirths, to bring the spirit to its fullest capacity of knowledge, wisdom, harmony, etc., so it may later attain the highest possible perfection, relatively speaking. It would be absolutely impossible to develop the spirit, or spirit form, to such a level of relative perfection in merely one single lifetime.


Here Billy explains why we need to reincarnate and to summarize here from my own understanding. Our Spirits reincarnated to evolve. This evolvement cannot take place from just one material life so we reincarnate to further our Spirits evolvement. Our personality and consciousness is different in every life, it has to be to evolve. If we had the same consciousness and personality in every reincarnation we would not evolve. When our Spirit leaves our Body at death it goes into the spiritual realms of the beyond where it rests and learns, the same happens when Creation has its sleep periods. Then the Spirit awaits reincarnation. The Spirit does not go into another Belt of Creation but stays in the spiritual energy of the Material Belt (our Universe). The purpose of our Spirit evolving is to gain knowledge, love, wisdom etc to evolve to the point when we leave the reincarnation cycle and eventually become one with Creation.


Excerpt from "Interview with Billy (1998)"

In fact, many millions of lifetimes and reincarnations are required to achieve this goal of perfection. Just to free themselves from the physical human body in order to enter the purely bodiless spirit world takes human beings somewhere between 60 and 80 billion years - which is six to seven times longer than what terrestrial scientists claim is the age of the universe. Something else must be clarified: Absolutely erroneous and inaccurate are those views and teachings which assert and declare that the human being is able to reincarnate as an animal, for instance. The fact is humans are always reborn as humans because of the Creational particle within each of them that is capable of evolving. Humans, therefore, can never reincarnate as animals or anything else except as human entities; and what's more, as a rule, they always do so in accordance with their race although, naturally, it is possible for deviations to occur. But such events only occur in special circumstances. To address these issues now would, however, take too much time. By the same token, animals can never be reborn as humans because the animals' spirit form is neither focused in this direction nor is it intended to evolve toward knowledge and wisdom as is the case with human spirit forms or the spirit, respectively.


The second part of Billy's answer, Here Billy clearly states that we do not reincarnate into an animals body nor does a animals Spirit Form (which is not the same as our Spirit Form) reincarnate into a Human body. Our spiritual evolvement takes between 60 - 80 billion years.


Excerpt from "Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being" by Billy Meier

A human being is produced from two material elements, namely the female's egg and the male's sperm. From the union of egg and sperm in the female's womb, a tiny embryo develops; the common fruit of two human beings—man
and woman, the parents. The material, parental substances merge into a combination of egg-cell and sperm through the execution of the procreative act and they continue to develop in the embryo which lives initially only as an
impulse-based naturally instinctive small body with no consciousness and personality of its own. This tiny body stems from two other fully-grown bodies and is just as material as they are, because the procreative act alone is just the consummation of a material process where the consciousness-form of one or even both parents is not transferred when the sperm and egg cell combine.

Full article "Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being" can be found HERE


Ok, here is a excerpt from a English translation of a article Billy wrote. Billy says here, which most people already know, that a Human Being is produced from the a single sperm and a egg. This develops an impulse based naturally instinctive small body. This instinctive small body has no consciousness and no personality. the consciousness and personality from the Mother and Father is not transferred to the newly developing impulse based instinctive body.


Excerpt from "Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being" by Billy Meier

What appears to be different forms of consciousness and different personalities in human beings are the products of a single consciousness whose functioning through an illness like schizophrenia is negatively affected causing delusions which manifest as other and foreign personalities. These conditions of sick forms of consciousness are well known since time
immemorial under the incorrect term 'possession'. In truth it is not a question of other personalities and forms of consciousness besides the normal personality and the normal consciousness, but rather of a developed psychophysical
state of excitement which is normally connected with conditions of cramps and delusions. It is not the influence from some god, angel or spirits and demons, as wrongly claimed by religions and sects who want to drive out such spirits, demons or additional personalities through exorcism.


Here Billy explains that no 2 consciousnesses or personalities can exist in one Human Body. If people have a split personality then they are suffering from an illness like Schizophrenia. So when Humans class someone as being possessed by Demons or other Spirits then that is not so. Exorcism is purely religious nonsense.


Excerpt from "Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being" by Billy Meier

On the 21st day the embryo is then 'spiritually' animated when the spirit-form reincarnates into the embryo along with the
consciousness and personality which incarnate through the comprehensive consciousness block. So the spirit-form and the comprehensive consciousness block's created part, the consciousness and personality, become the self of the conceived life form as its inseparable part. If the reincarnation of the spirit-form as well as the incarnation of the new consciousness and personality into the embryo has taken place, then the embryo is transformed from a pulsing natural instinct-based state of life into a conscious living process. This means, that the embryo no longer exists, but from now on the foetus whose tiny heart then starts to beat and to work. So the conscious life of the consciousness begins which exists in the foetus and in this form develops into a human being. The essential material components of the growing foetus come from both parents, but the forms of the spirit and of the comprehensive consciousness block, the consciousness and personality
have nothing to do with the material components since they are of a completely different nature which the human being is incapable of influencing and determining.


On the 21st day the spirit enters the impulse based instinctive body and animates the body. The Spirit has now reincarnated along with a new consciousness and personality. At this point the heart starts to beat. The fetus now from this point develops into the Human Body form.

To summarize so far, Our Spirit is the creation of Creation. In order for Creation to perfect itself it creates Humans and the Human Spirit. The Human spirit then reincarnates into a Human body to learn. The Spirit is situated in the Superior Colliculus part of our Brain and is the life force of our Body. The Spirit is only the size of a needle point but is enormously powerful and aluminates all the Cells in our Body. Without the Spirit present in our Body the Body doesn't work. The incarnation of our Spirit into the material life happens 21 day after the Sperm has entered the Egg. Then once this has happened the Heart starts to beat and the Human Body starts to develop. Our consciousness/personality is also in the new Body at the 21st day and is not part of the Mother's or the Father's consciousness. When the Human Body dies the Spirit leaves the Body but left behind for about 3 hours is spiritual energy or spiritual residual. This is then absorbed by Nature. The Spirit once having left the Body does not travel into another Belt of Creation. It stays in our Material Belt (Universe) in the spiritual or fine matter. There is learns from its experiences from the material life it just had and also rests. Then it awaits for reincarnation.


Excerpt from "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" By Christian Frehner, FIGU Core Member

Since Creation, the Universal Consciousness of our DERN Universe, is not a person or some personification (quite contrary to the belief in God, The Father by various religions), but an impersonal spiritual energy or power, It (Creation) never enacted any commandments that stipulate or dictate to the human beings to do or not do this or that. A commandment ("You shall ...") is valid only in the material realm, and it (the commandment) can only stem or emerge from a "source" where certain individual aspects and a direct reference to the "coarse matter" human being-who owns a consciousness capable
of evolution-exist. (The latter indicates that commandments are not applied within the realm of flora and fauna.)

Full article "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" can be found HERE


Here is a article by FIGU Core Member Christian Frehner. Here in the article it states that Commandments are only valid in the material realm, the material life. Creation is a impersonal spiritual energy and never enacted any commandments for Human life. Also commandments are not for Flora and Fauna (Plants and Animals)


Excerpt from "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" By Christian Frehner, FIGU Core Member

Firstly, commandments can be enacted or established by human beings (also those representing society, state or religious groups), and secondly by half- or pure-spirit levels (or planes), within which certain individual vibrational structures or aspects still exist, at least as long as the fusion with the Universal Consciousness (Creation) has not yet occurred.


Quite simply Commandments are enacted by Human Beings or by half or pure spirit levels (I will go into these spirit levels later in this page). These spirit level have not yet become one with the Creation Spirit.


Excerpt from "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" By Christian Frehner, FIGU Core Member

While commandments leave it up to the individual whether or not they will follow/observe them, it is quite different with respect to Creative laws which can also be called laws of nature where phenomena and events etc. within the material Universal belt are concerned. In order for Creation to exist and evolve, and also everything that exists within Its entire universe, it is necessary that laws exist which secure an order and which make the entire "system" possible and continuing.


From the information here we can get an idea that while Commandments are Human guidelines for the material life, Creative Laws (Creational Laws) are laws of Nature within the seven Belts. These Creation Laws secure order and make the system of life work.


Excerpt from "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" By Christian Frehner, FIGU Core Member

For a better understanding, or as an aid, some examples are listed below:
Laws of Creation:
- Structure of the seven belts of the Universe (there are seven, not four or ten, etc.)
- Formation (creation) of new-spirit forms during the Universe's expansion phase (number, composition, situation, etc.)
- The existence of love (in its highest form as universal love) - Striving (the fundamental law of all evolution; without striving there is no life)
- The bipolar structure/composition of everything that exists (the positive and the negative etc.)
- etc.
Laws of Creation with special impact on the material realm (laws of nature):
- Law of causality (cause and effect)
- Laws of reincarnation
- Seven-step construction of matter
- Interactions within chemistry
- Effects of thoughts: force of sending and force of "beating/striking" upon its return (may be compared to a boomerang)
- Origin and vanishing of planets, galaxies, etc.
- Effects of light on the growth of plants
- etc.


Here we are given a brief list of some of the Laws of Creation (Creation Laws, Creational Laws). From my own understanding, behind these Laws is the knowledge and wisdom that makes up the Universe and all of the workings of Creation (the seven different Belts). These are the Laws that Creation strictly adheres to and does not chance to suit anyone or anything. To understand the knowledge and wisdom behind these Laws is part of our evolution. We have to evolve partly to understand the knowledge and wisdom behind these laws to further become one with Creation. These Laws pertain to the spiritual side of life.


Excerpt from "SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT" By Christian Frehner, FIGU Core Member

Commandments for the personal benefit of human beings:
To observe these commandments guarantees to the human being that he may rapidly progress on the path of his evolution. Additionally, human beings who observe these commandments are a good example to their fellowmen.
1. You shall have no powers and gods, idols and saints other than Creation.
2. You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.
3. You shall make every day into a day of celebration and keep it holy (control it).
4. You shall not break your bond with Creation, including this: You shall not commit adultery.
5. You shall honor Creation just as you honor, respect and love your father and mother.
6. You shall not kill in depravity.
7. You shall not rob and expropriate.
8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, Creation and life.
9. You shall never, never speak an untruth.
10. You shall not greedily covet material wealth and your neighbor's possessions.
11. Do not curse the truth.
12. Never, never put Creation's commandments and Creation's laws into unworthy cults.


Here we have, based on the facts, the true commandments for Human life. As you can see these are totally different from the religious commandments on Earth, which the religious leaders do not follow anyway. These commandments are for the benefit of social life and helping us along with our spiritual development. On a thought if everyone followed these commandments and not the religious commandments then the Earth would probably be a better place to live. No wars, greed, killing, religious enslavement through false teachings, no one using and abusing a fellow Human, a truly peaceful and loving Human race.


So what are the higher Spirit levels?


Excerpt from "FIGU- related terms" dated March 5th 2006

Pure Spiritlevels:
7. Petale-level = Blooming level of Creation, Crown of Creation
6. Logon-level = Level of causes (causal-level)
5. Euchare-level = Level of Thankfulness
4. Darman-level = Level of Knowledge and Wisdom (knowledge-wisdom-level)
3. Absaly-level = Level of Peace and Love (peace-love-level)
2. Lantano-level = Level of Freedom and disengagement. (Bridge of Freedom)
1. Arahat Athersata-level = Valuable level, which inspects time. (The valuable, which inspects time)


Ok, here is a list of the pure spiritual levels. From my understanding is once we evolve to a certain level we no longer need the material incarnation cycle, therefore we no longer need a Human body to help in our evolvement. Here number one (Arahat Athersata) is the lowest level of the seven Spirit levels, the first level where a Human Body is no longer needed. At this level the Spirit is still not evolved enough to become one with Creation so it further needs to evolve. The highest level of the pure Spirit levels is the Petale level. This is the last level of evolvement for the Spirit. At this level once the Spirit has Evolved to the point where is it all knowing and all wise and there is nothing more to know or understand about life, love, Creation and how all aspect of Creation works then you become one with Creation.


Excerpt from "The Jschwjsch is Human" by Billy Meier

The introduction to OM (the book of books, the book of truth, produced by Billy Meier during the period that the Plejaren were officially involved in his mission here on Earth), explains that JHWH expresses the written form of the title JSCHWJSCH, which is a word from Lyrian, one of the Earth's longest forgotten languages. This language was not created on Earth but originated on a far star system and was brought to Earth by space travelers. The word JSCHWJSCH is a title that translates as "king of wisdom". This means that this title was carried by a human who was developed in the highest possible knowledge, interpretations and adherence to the Laws and Directives of Creation. An JHWH is an absolute model to any who must still be taught, and who have not yet obtained, through their own effort, the level of knowledge, ability, wisdom, love and logic of a king of wisdom.

Full article "The Jschwjsch is Human" can be found HERE


Here is a English translation from a article which came from the "OM" book which Billy wrote. Here we see the JHWH and JSCHWJSCH mean the same thing and both mean "King of Wisdom". The JHWH is from an old Lyrian language brought here by space travelers. From the facts here it clearly states that a JHWH is carried by a Human, not a pure Spirit Form. The JHWH is developed to the highest possible knowledge, interpretations and adheres to the Laws and Directives of Creation.


Excerpt from "The Jschwjsch is Human" by Billy Meier

OM, takes several canons to explain in no uncertain terms that the role of the JHWH is as a teacher and instructor of the people and of the prophet, that he is not a ruler, nor is he all-knowing, and he is certainly not the Creator. He tolerates no worship. Adoration, worship and prayer are never appropriate to direct at the JHWH, or to the prophet, but only to Creation.


Here we read that a JHWH does not tolerate worship or prayer towards him. So we should not put a name on him as God and either make a religion based on him or and cult rituals before him. Also here clearly that he is not the creator and is a teacher and instructor of the people and prophet (Billy Meier).


Excerpt from "The Jschwjsch is Human" by Billy Meier

The JHWH is not worthy of worship and adoration, as these are exclusively intended for Creation. The prophet is not worthy of worship and adoration, as these are exclusively intended for Creation. The prophet's highly evolved spiritual guides are not worthy of worship and adoration for, once again, these are exclusively intended for Creation.


Only Creation its worthy of adoration and worship but as we have seen in the facts of the 12 Commandments for Humans, "12. Never, never put Creation's commandments and Creation's laws into unworthy cults". So we should never make a religion based on Creation.


Excerpt from "The Jschwjsch is Human" by Billy Meier

OM explains that the role of the genuine JHWH is in accord with the laws and directives of Creation, because one of the laws of Creation, as explained in canon 6, is that every herd requires a lead animal, every army needs a leader, and every people requires a wise leadership. And so every human kind requires a wise, knowing king - a king of wisdom - who is developed in love, obligation, cognizance and advice giving.


Here we can understand that a Law and Directive is that every Humankind requires a King of Wisdom" leader because their role is genuine in accordance to the Laws and Directives of Creation. From looking into the Billy Meier information we see Ptaah is the JHWH over the Earth and he through Billy is our teacher and instructor. On analyzing the powerful ones on Earth too there is not one person in power that comes close to a JHWH.


Excerpt from "The Jschwjsch is Human" by Billy Meier

People express frustration or cynicism at the fact that, although hundreds of day time photos and film clips exist of the extraterrestrial craft visiting Billy Meier, the current Plejaran do not let themselves be seen or photographed. The Plejaran have explained to Billy Meier why this is, and reasons are also laid out in OM. Because the JHWH is a physical human being he can, of course, be touched and seen, but he guards against being seen or felt by any people who still require instruction in the laws and directives of Creation. This is because he does not tolerate worship and adoration, nor does he desire it. There are people who erroneously seek to worship and adore the JHWH, the prophet and their helpers, and so the prophet and the guards and helpers of the JHWH also refrain from moving about directly among the people.


Here in the information is given a reason why JHWH Ptaah never shows himself to the people. People on Earth still want some one, thing, to worship and a JHWH does not tolerate worship of him/her. So we can understand that possibly people will raise him up higher then he truly is and worship him as a God and possibly people will create another fasle religion to add to all the religions of Earth.


In Conclusion

From the facts shown here we can clearly see that the purpose of our Humans lives it to evolve our Spirit. Creation created our Spirits in order to perfect itself. We reincarnate into millions/billions of material lives in order to develop our spirit in regard to true love, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, true freedom and the acceptance of Creation and the Creative Laws and Commandments. The 12 commandments are made for the material life as to guide us on the correct path of peace and love and correct path to Creation. These Laws and Directives including the 12 commandments should never be made into religious cults or corrupted because they are the truth.

From my own understanding is that a JHWH is the highest Human form of evolution that can be attained in a material body. As we have seen that an JHWH is still not perfect. The next level after a JHWH is the Arahat Athersata level which is the lowest level of of the pure Spirit levels up to the level of Petale. Then once at the Pelate level when you have evolved to perfection you become one with Creation.


Force of Spirit


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

Reader question
What essentially is to be understood by the term "supernatural"? What exactly is that, and how exactly does it function?
One always hears so much about this supernatural, especially that, through it, one can see spirits and hear the dead talk or one can be called by the dying, and so forth. What is one to make of that?
Nothing of that kind has every happened to me yet, but acquaintances have told me that it has already been the case with them.
Can you tell me something more exact about that?
R. Strässler, Switzerland
The answer to this question turns out to be quite extensive since the whole matter cannot simply be made clear with a few words.
So I will satisfy your interest with part of a lesson from the spiritual teaching in which the following is explained:
supernatural, respectively, of fine-matter, respectively, fluidal forces
The term supernatural is an incorrect word which is utilized to describe something perceptible which, for the human, lies beyond that of the normal, material, that is to say, beyond the coarse material realm, and thereby beyond the material observation capabilities, therefore, rather, in the realm of the fine-material.
To designate that which is of fine matter - the fluidal - as supernatural is fundamentally wrong because, truthfully, there is nothing which lies beyond the perception of the human's senses, rather only something which belongs outside the coarse material realm, in the realm of fine-matter.

English translation of "FIGU Special Bulletin 38" can be found HERE


Ok, here is a question to Billy regarding the term Supernatural. Billy here says that the term Supernatural is a incorrect term because there is nothing outside the senses of Humans besides the Fine Mater (Spiritual Energy) or Fluidal forces.


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

In particular the talk is thereby in regard to the effect of fine-matter thought-vibrations which, in their fine-matter form, are designated as fluidal energies and fluidal forces, and which, engendered through the thoughts and feelings, also yield, outside of the brain, various effects which can also be perceived by other humans.
These fluidal energies and their forces are not only the energies relating to telepathy, levitation and teleportation, rather also those of clairvoyance and remote viewing, whereby, for every particular factor, forms of phenomena occur which are individually different for each human.


Here Billy explains that Fluidal forces are vibrations in fine mater form. These Fluidal forces are related to Telepathy, Levitation etc. So from my understanding our Brain can create these Fluidal force vibrations and use them for Telepathy and Levitation etc.


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

With the reading of thoughts and with actual telepathy and all other neurophysiological factors, alpha waves play a big role, as with mediation, because these flow, in the thought-current, synchronously through both hemispheres of the brain, whereby they are also active with the processing of pictures and pictorial imaginings, as is also the case under hypnosis and in trance when the brain switches to the so-called alpha mode.
Thoughts and feelings do not only course through the brain, rather they also work beyond it and can be "transmitted", in the form of telepathy, across three light-seconds (around 900,000 kilometers) and be received and understood by another suitable brain.
And because feelings also arise from thoughts, for this reason humans can also feel it when they suddenly lose, or have lost, someone who they love, in the same way that they also suddenly know that they are needed by a human who lives far away or in the vicinity.


Very interesting information. Here Billy explains that our thoughts and feeling can travel through our Brain. From my understanding Telepathy is based on this sending and receiving of thoughts and feelings and these can travel up to 900,000 kilometers. Also here we can understand that in order for Telepathy to work the receiving Brain has to be suitable in regard the frequency of the incoming thought or feeling along the Fluidal vibration.


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

As a rule, the reason for that is a particular human's strong thought-currents and the fine-matter-electromagnetic light-speed vibrations, respectively, fluidal energies, that come from them. The human momentarily directs his strong thoughts at a certain person (or persons) who then perceives these vibrations and recognises what is transmitted thereby.
So, fluidal energies free themselves from a human through strong thought-currents which are perceived by certain connected humans and are grasped as a hunch or are correctly interpreted.
And every human is capable of that and indeed through the correct function of the pineal gland (the gland; epiphysis cerebri [pineal body], which is situated on the upper section of the diencephalon [mid-brain or between brain]) which perceives visual stimulus, and so forth, in the centre of the brain, whereby however the precondition must always be that the human has not allowed the capacity of this factor to atrophy.


Billy goes on to explain that all Humans have the capability of this sending and receiving of Fluidal force vibrations and that it is the Pineal gland (Fig 3.) that makes this possible. But to this we on Earth have not allowed the use of this and we do not have the technology to prove the existence of Fine Mater or Fluidal vibrational forces.

Fig. 3 The Pineal Gland


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

Thoughts and feelings break through all boundaries of space and time and penetrate into the brain of anyone who is "spoken to" and perceptively perceives the "call".
The whole thing is thereby a form of telepathy, respectively, a form of reading of thoughts, at a great distance, which reach up to 900,000 kilometres in the primary state but which can be very greatly overtaken by the so-called secondary, respectively, higher telepathy, as well as through spiritual telepathy, and it has practically an infinite range.
That which is fine-matter still conceals energies within it other than telepathy, and so forth, because the transmission of the consciousness's energy, through the thoughts and feelings, also appertains to it, whereby we then speak of a "journey of the consciousness".
Thereby, however, the consciousness is not sent out, rather the facility of clairvoyance of the consciousness energy in connection with the thoughts and feelings.
In this state of clairvoyance the human is able - through his energies and powers which are engendered by the energy of the consciousness - to steer his thoughts and feelings in such a way that he is able to look into the future or the past, or that he apparently is suspended above the ground and, moving forward, sees and recognises everything which passes and occurs below him.


Here Billy explains the concept of Clairvoyance. That in a state of Clairvoyance its our thoughts and feeling that enables us to see into the future or the past. By using our powers and energies this can be done. Also from Billy's explanation we see that when we are in a state of Clairvoyance we can see outside our bodies. From my own interpretation this is like the out of body experiences people have.


Excerpt from "FIGU Special Bulletin 38"

Such is known by humans, for example, who have lain in bed and suddenly apparently rose up, floating, over it and saw themselves lying below in the bed - or on an operating table.
Likewise, however, it can be that in such states - pertaining to the consciousness - of floating, other humans and their fate are seen or events are observed which play out down on the ground, and so forth.
In this way, that which is experienced in such moments can be repeated, exactly, jot for jot.
Fundamentally, the pineal gland is the critical factor which, through the thoughts and feelings, forms the realm and center of the fine-material sense.


Billy continues here and explains that the visions of the out of body experience then takes place on the ground. So you are first looking down from above in the vision and then when the vision becomes reality it play out on the ground. Also here we understand that the Pineal gland is also responsible for Clairvoyance through thoughts and feelings and the fine matter sense.


In Conclusion

From the information here we can get an understanding that the Pineal gland is a receiver and sender of Fluidal forces or vibrations that enable the use of Telepathy. The Fluidal vibrations or forces penetrate through the Brain and go on journeys. A Brain of another Human is the able, if suitable, to receive the Fluidal vibrations and understand the message within the vibrations. The Fluidal vibrations are of fine matter (spiritual energy) and not material matter. We have no technology on Earth that can prove this use of Fluidal vibrations.

The Pineal glad is also responsible for future and past visions and out of body visions. By using our thoughts and feelings the Pineal gland can be used as in Clairvoyance. When having these visions our Spirit does not leave the Body. Our Spirit Forms only leave the body when our Body is not longer usable and dies.


Consciousness Block


Excerpt from "Lecture for the General Assembly of the Passive Members" dated 24 May 2008

After death, the spirit-form and consciousness-block pass over into their respective planes in order to assimilate the accumulated data. I will omit the assimilation process of the spirit-form, although this naturally is just as important, because the spirit-form determines the exact time-point of the incarnation of the consciousness-block, though in
some ways its assimilation and reincarnation process, as I see it, is easier to understand. When the consciousness-block enters the comprehensive consciousness block—which is external and not in our head—everything that was ever begun but not entirely completed is reviewed in a matter of seconds. You mustn't envisage this as some tremendous feat. Compared to the material life, it would be similar to someone remembering, that he forgot to say thank you and no longer gets around to doing so.

English translation of "Lecture for the General Assembly of the Passive Members" can be found HERE


Here we have an excerpt from a lecture by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria who has contributed to some of Billy Meier's books. Here is a document with information taken from the Spiritual Teachings of Billy Meier. From the information here, when we die our consciousness-block (our personality, memory, who we are in the present incarnation etc) go into the comprehensive consciousness-block which out side of our body. Our consciousness-block does not die with our Body.


Excerpt from "Lecture for the General Assembly of the Passive Members" dated 24 May 2008

This is then simply added. Once that happens, the content of the consciousness-block is discharged into the storage of the comprehensive consciousness-block. All data—in reality these are impulses—of the consciousness-block-components, such as consciousness, memory of the consciousness and of the subconsciousness, ego/self, subconsciousness, mentality, character, personality, thoughts, feelings, psyche, unconscious-forms, senses, etc., pass into the storage-banks of the comprehensive consciousness-block.


From the information here we see that the consciousness-block (most recent incarnation consciousness) is impulsed into the comprehensive consciousness block all to known as the Storage Banks.


Excerpt from "Lecture for the General Assembly of the Passive Members" dated 24 May 2008

After the impulses are discharged into the storage-banks of the comprehensive consciousness-block, the consciousness-block is completely dissolved into neutral energy, which means, it becomes pure energy of the Creation. From this creational energy, the comprehensive consciousness-block then programs the consciousness-block-components all over again. At first, everything is empty, only the foundation is laid.
The essence of all knowledge, experience and wisdom from our predecessor-personalities is charged into the new memory of the subconsciousness, which means the highest value of every single consciousness-form is transferred from the storage of the comprehensive consciousness-block into the new memory of the subconsciousness. Everything else is
empty; only the consciousness-block-component-programs are existent—however in a completely neutral form. The former, enormous knowledge of our predecessor personalities is therefore hidden as essence in the memory of our subconsciousness and as data in the external storage-banks.


Lots of information here, To try and summarize, After all the data from our consciousness-block is impulsed it then turns into neutral pure energy of the Creation. The Storage Banks are were all the information from everyone's total life, is stored and topped up with new information after each incarnation and death in a material Human body. When our spirit enters a new material body 21 days after the sperm has enter the egg all the stored information in the Storage Banks of all our previous incarnations is transferred into our sub consciousness. This information is also kept in the Storage Banks. The storage Banks them self are pure energy of the Creation. They are not anything material or anything to do with technology. They are pure energy (spiritual energy) of Creation. This is how Creation perfects itself and how we evolve over numerous life times. Everything is stored and then given back to us in each incarnation into a Human Body.


In Conclusion

Please read the whole document "Lecture for the General Assembly of the Passive Members" as it contains lots more information about the Storage Banks and our consciousness.